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Heller Le Glorieux, what to do about rigging?

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I just acquired the 1/150th Heller Le Glorieux in a model swap involving several other kits.  Upon opening the box I discovered what looks like a fairly well detailed kit, at least from the keel to the main deck.  But while the masts and spars liik adequate the kit doesn't include any rigging blocks.  To my mind it is just too big to tie thread to the appropriate locations like one would for a smaller scale sailing ship.  Plus the rigging instructions are abysmal. So I am thinking of building it as an admiralty model with no masts, spars or rigging.  A couple of things I'm wondering about is that if I build it as an admiralty model should I paint it to look like natural unpainted wood and should I include the armament.  Also, should I leave off the masts entirely or install short stubs?  Any comments will be appreciated.

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Bob DeWoody


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We have a couple of build logs on both the Le Superb and Le GLorieux since both are generally the same kit.  I have the Le Superb.  Having built a number of these kits, I have learned to use aftermarket threads, blocks, and to scratchbuild the upper masts and spars.  Making it an admiralty model is a great idea.  Again, there are a number of build logs where we simulate the plastic to look like wood.  There is a Heller Victory build by Daffy who is doing a lot of what you are asking about,  Look through the section on admiralty models to get a feel as to how they are fitted out.  Good luck.  Scott

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Hey Modlerbob,


Cool you bought this kit. I think the rigging will be difficult yes and if you do this you would have to buy the rigging accesoires from a third company. There are a couple of companies that sell thread and rigging blocks that can be used.






I bought from both companies some materials and both deliver quite fast and deliver good quality. Im new to this hobby so take this in acount when I give an opinion. 


Enjoy your kit and share your result with us I'd love to see how others progress with this kit and im sure the rest of the forum would enjoy too.


Grtz Ray

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I did the superbe kit and made my own rigging plan. Any blocks above 2.5mm I brought but most I made from Styrene plastic lengths.


superbe exp norm fls 1.jpg
It is easy to make blocks down to about 1mm square. All masts are those provided with the kit.




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Bill Morrison

Bill Morrison
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There is a fairly new company out of Czechoslovakia called HISModel that sells aftermarket products such as wood decks, sewn cloth sails, cloth flags,  blocks and tackle, and turned brass cannons for many sailing ship kits, including the Heller Le Glorieux and Le Superbe.  I have tried some of their products and they are outstanding.  The company operates an eBay store, so check them out. You won't regret it!

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