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A word about your ever growing signatures.....please read

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Just an FYI.......it would  help if folks didnt have such huge signatures.  The text size on many is like 18pt and the pictures are huge.  I have started editing members with offensively large and long signatures.  It just takes up too much space and makes reading a log more difficult too.  And I dont really have the time to contact them via private email to tell them.   So please be warned.


I just edited the signature of one member that was 26 lines long.   Crazy.   You shouldnt be so needy for clicks that you have to a link to every topic, build log and gallery entry you ever made.   The signature is just too distracting and by nature should be only a few lines long.   Maybe it includes your current build logs.   But please give us a break.


This member I am referencing posts a lot of "good job" and "attaboy" posts on other build logs but then his signature is 25 times as large as the post content itself.  Its ridiculous.    :angry:  


Remember...its a signature....not a biography.


If you are listing the names of your builds......dont write out the name on one line and post the link under it.


Instead make the line with the name an active link to save space.


like this


see this post for directions.


Not like this


see this post for directions




Hope that makes sense!!!!!



This is the actual rule for signatures.


-   Limit your signature to four or five lines of text or links.   No links to commercial sites with an exception for site sponsors.  Limit of one image no larger than 40 x 40 pixels.   Keep your signature clean and non religious or political.  No text larger than 12 pt.

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I'm giving this topic a bump because I'm seeing members who still haven't acted on this request.

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Chris Coyle
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When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
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