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CA Glue Residue

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Is there any good way to get rid of CA Glue residue. I can see it after I planked my false deck. I've sanded which helped a lot but I'm afraid to sand further. I'm hoping now there is a chemical solution that is effective

I'm sorry if this has been asked previous but I couldn't find my answer by searching the forum. I looked for about 10 minutes without luck. Sometimes it's easier to simply ask a question, even though it may have been asked a few times in the past.
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Kurt Van Dahm

Kurt Van Dahm
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Do a test on the same kind of wood and C/A as used on the deck but using a solvent based clear coat over the sanded deck does in many cases make the residue disappear - as long as it's not a build up but soaked into the wood. 


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CA can be a friend or your worst enemy, for the stains and depending on the kind of ca you have use the results are different. I have found that when using medium viscosity ca it is best to let it dry before trying to clean. The thin ca tends to soak through the wood, as it is meant to do, and is very hard to get stains out especially on thin planks such as  .5 mm planks.

 Scraping first instead of sanding is paramount, scrape until the shavings are wood coloured and not white(white is the ca), sanding will often hide the stain. 

 Holding your model up to a light at different angles will show you "shiny " areas which are also ca that need to be removed.

 The upshot of it all is to scrape before you sand.

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Acetone is usually recommended to dissolve CA glue, but try not to get it on your skin, it pretty strong stuff. Some will probably still remain in the wood pours.

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