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Need advice - what should I build after the AVS?

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Hi Forum,

I need advice from folks who have completed admiralty-style model builds, including maybe the Triton or any of the Swan-class ships based on Admiralty Model's plans and the SeaWatch book series.


I'm about to complete my Model Shipways AVS, and I'd like input on what to build next. My ultimate goal is to be capable of taking fully framed plans and produce admiralty models, and/or fully rigged models. I have the 4 book set of Swan class books from SeaWatch, as well as the budget, time and patience required to undertake such a model, though perhaps not the depth of experience required.


I've been eyeing the Echo cross section as a possible next build, but if I'm going to attempt the Echo cross section, should I just spring for the full Swan build instead?


I also really like BlueJacket's 1/4" scale America Yatch, because it appears to be the same full-on plank on frame concept, but with less complexity than the Swan class.


Any input from the members here concerning kits, builds and build logs would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much in advance. :) Although I don't post much, I thoroughly enjoy reading through the build models and advice threads found on this website. This is a really great community!


Happy Holidays!


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Landlubber Mike

Landlubber Mike
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My first build was the Caldercraft Badger, and I moved onto the Amati Pegasus.  If you have the TFFM books, I would think about either the Pegasus or Fly, or scratching your own.  Lots of great logs on here, and the TFFM series is top notch.

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On the shelf:  Euromodel Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde


Future scratch builds:  HMS Lyme (from NMM plans); Le Gros Ventre (from Ancre monographs)


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If you are to go with the BlueJacket's America, I like to get the first and best seat in the house.

That lady is one I really want to build someday.

Oh, a WARM :sign:,

 along with a Happy ending and Happy New Year!

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Per aka Dr. Per


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    Bilge Rat

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Personally... I'd go with the Triton or Echo Cross-Section to get a feel for full-framed builds.    Echo is a bit more complex than the Triton so that's a toss up.

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"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

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Be aware that with the Bluejacket kit, you won't be building frames. They start with a solid hull and slice it like a loaf of bread to make the "frames" that you will get in the kit. Take a look at their video of the Jefferson Davis kit and you'll see how they do the frames.


You might consider Hannah from The Lumberyard - http://dlumberyard.com/shipkits.html

It uses the Hahn style of making frames, which is different from something like the Echo cross section, but still quite challenging. I started Hannah many years ago and never finished it, but there are some pictures on my website that show what I accomplished and what it's like to build using the Hahn method. http://modelboatyard.com/hannah.html


Cheers -


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Hi everyone, and happy new year. :)


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question! I've decided to pursue the Echo cross section as my next project.  I appreciate all of your input!



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