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Latina USS Independence

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As a new member to NGR I have gone through numerous forms to get a feel for my first build. I have noted that the LAT22414 is considered a build for  beginners and would appreciate comment from anyone that has completed this model and the ease or complexity that might have been encountered    Thank You

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It all depends on what you plan to do with it!  Built out of the box, it is a beginner/intermediate level model.  The bluff bow will provide some planking challenges.  I'm currently kit-bashing the AL kit.  That is upgrading the complexity of the build somewhat.  Check my build log for some details.

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-Independence 1775 by DocBlake - Artesania Latina - 5/16" scale






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http://modelshipworl...virginia +sloop


-Virginia Pilot Boat "Swift", 1805, 1/50 scale




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http://modelshipworl...battle +station


-Armed Virginia Sloop 1768 "Patrick Henry", 1/32 scale, Lauck Street Shipyard, POF, Admiralty Style. 




On Hold:


-Rattlesnake Mamoli 1/64 scale, Bob Hunt's Lauck Street Kit-Bash.







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Welcome aboard,

Can you please tell us your name?

Good luck with your first build.

I wish you smooth sailing and happy modelling.

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welcome to MSW "Ships1100".Please tell us who you are!. All the best, Geoff!

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Thank's for the input. Reading a number of forums and discussions, I have decided to lower my expectations for my first build.  Accordingly I have decided to start with Latina Virginia American Schooner whiich appears to be a good starter. 

Once I get set up I will endeavour to start a log



Dave B

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Hi Dave,



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Hello Dave.  Here's another welcome to the MSW forum, from an old bloke living in one of the westest (and therefore nearest to Canada) bits of the UK.


My own first build was a kit from Artesania Latina.  [The Mare Nostrum].  The instructions were heavily based on photographs (coloured, but not really hi-definition!).  You can follow the instructions to the letter if you want, or you can sometimes (on those occasions when you need a bit of a diversion) look at all those deck fittings and play around with them while you think of where you need to go next!

The kit materials (for my model) were reasonably good.

You'll probably be OK with the American Schooner.  Your original choice (the Independence) looks a shade more demanding to me.  But I don't know where your skill level is.  What's your background?  Do your fingers know about wood?  Have you got a few woodworking tools waiting in your workshop for something to do?


Jump in!  We're here for you!

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Current project: - Constructo "Silhouet" 1893 (Dutch barge) http://modelshipworl...constructo-160/

Some previous builds - HMS Bounty Launch [Model Shipways kit] http://modelshipworl...s-116-smallish/

Corel's Half Moon (lightly 'bashed')  http://modelshipworl...scale-150-wood/

A 1:12 scratch-build of 'Anastasia', my old sailing kayak from back in the 1940s. http://modelshipworl...by-probablynot-a-18-re-build-of-my-1949-kayak/

Next project: - I'm thinking.   Might be Victory Models' HMS Fly.  A pretty ship - miles of rigging ...


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Welcome to MSW Dave! Good to have you with us and best of luck on your first build! I look forward to seeing your work.

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