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What is the most EPIC kit available???

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To me, it's not so much the ship that makes a kit EPIC, it's the story behind the ship of the history of the ship that makes it epic. Take for instance a ship that started it's life on the open sea as a slave ship during the height of the slave trade, then eventually was captured and turned into a slave ship hunter that actually went out and hunted those bastards down. Like the Amistad, a slave ship, where the cargo (slaves formed a revolt and took control of the ship). Even the HMS Bounty is a ship with a colorful history. But these ships weren't well adorned nor pretty. To me if it's just eye appeal, you can't beat the Sovereign of the Seas or Wasa for prettiness.


To me it's the history of the ship that makes the build come alive. Like the model I'm currently working on now, the Spanish ship Montane's. I liked the history of this ship because the spanish people of the mountain area financed the construction of this ship.



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The epic kit.......that's easy. For me it was Amati's Pegasus then it was Amati's Revenge then it was MarisStella's Trabaccolo then it was MarisStella's Barque Stefano.......................and the list goes on. The first rule in this hobby is "Thou shalt hoard kits" second rule "if you like it buy it"

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Dupree Allen

Dupree Allen
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"Epic" kits are something that I would not have the knowledge to comment on. But in my opinion the HMS Naiad 1797 1/48 by Albert would certainly be a strong candidate for an epic build.

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"A slow steady hand conquers a fast shaky mind" - me



HMS Triton 1:32 Cross Section


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I have 3 'epics' to date:


My first wooden model build, Emma C Berry

My current, Chaperon

And my next, I don't know what that is, I like the larger scale, working boats, the old eyes are not what they used to be so I avoid intricate rigging. This riverboat is a blast.



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