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Tube for soaking wood

wood water pvc tube bending soaking

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I think someone made a similar posting a while back, however I can't find it so here is my version.

Soaking wood to make them softer for bending is always an issue. Some of us has a bathroom or another great nearby facility of water where one can drench the wood without being disturbed.

Here is the material list:

3ft 2" PVC pipe

2" endcap

2" C-clamp

1/4" dual thread bolt.

Two 1/4" nuts (used for tighten the bolt into the wood)


1/4" large wing nut.




To make sure the end was water tight I used silicon both when attaching the end cap to the pie but also around the "thread" line.


I tested the tube, having it filled to the rim with water sitting over night.

No water came out.


The C-clamp literally snaps around the pipe.

Setting the height towards the table, I drilled and attached the bolt.

With the wing nut it is easy to remove when not needed.

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Per aka Dr. Per


Ship modeling is a long lesson in patience - Me

It's better to get something done later than never


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Dan Vadas

Dan Vadas


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Sounds like a lot of work Per (do you REALLY NEED to soak 3-foot lengths??).


Here's my version - a 2 litre plastic bottle, a self-closing tweezers to hold the plank, and a piece of stick to stop the tweezers from falling into the bottle :) . Cost = $0.00 :D .


Good enough for 1-foot lengths of planking, which is longer than I use anyway.


Plank Soaker.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Danny, there is nothing that prevents me from shorten the tube,  but it's sturdy and does its duty.

Besides you never know when I want to build something outrageously big that I can't get out from the shop/office :D 



Per aka Dr. Per


Ship modeling is a long lesson in patience - Me

It's better to get something done later than never


Denial is futile, MSW is here to stay.


 Therapy for Shipaholics


Finished: T37, BB Marie Jeanne - located on a shelf in Sweden

Current: America by Constructo, Harley almost a Harvey , 18th Century Longboat, Solö Ruff

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I use a tall thermos flask - keeps the water hot but sometimes needs the plank reversing if a long plank.






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Patrick Haw

Patrick Haw
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Here's my version.  Yes, I needed to soak 3 foot strips of wood.  My Caldercraft Victory is huge!   Glad I'm done with hull planking now!



Attached Thumbnails

  • Victory 32.JPG

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Ahoy Mates :D


I too am a fan of the PVC pipe soaker, but use 1/2" sprinkler pipe. Its threaded, available in multiple lengths, and is much better for smaller work areas and closet builders like myself.


It should be noted that I cut my planks to length (actually just a bit longer) and only work on one or two at a time.


If that is your style, this is all you need.

Attached Thumbnails

  • Tube.jpg

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Nice ideas for plank soaking I will remember this for my first planking job ... hoping it will be soon  :huh: 

Greetings, Sinan :pirate41:

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    Trying hard

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Hey, JPeet. I hope you are not using that nipple indoors :D

- Tom -

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I built a PVC tub for my 30 inch planks and it works great.

Thanks for the tip


hipexec USS Constitution

Froggy 79

Froggy 79
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Another cheap way is to buy a plastic tub for wallpaper. Much easier to grab wood.
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I've posted this before, but for those who haven't seen it. PVC cut down and mounted on a stand. Tap on the end for easy drainage.


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I built a similar tube to Nirvana's a about 3 decades ago, yes I did need to soak 3 ft lengths at the time. The only differences were that I glued the end cap on one end, and glued on a threaded connection? end on the other.cap on the other. After adding the water and wood, I would screw on a plug to seal the end. I stored it upright, but the couple times it fell over it didn't leak.

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John Allen

John Allen
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Mine was like yours, PVC  with an end cap, other end left open, secured by just 2 plastic ties to the leg of my work table but loose enough when I finish lift it out pour water out slip it in the ties for next time. All leftover stuff on hand cost nothing, time 5 minutes.


Simple is always best Wife calls me Simple Simon hope she was referring to my ingenuity and not mind I hope. :(

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John Allen



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