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The "What have you done today?" thread.

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You wouldn't be left with a table at all ... But you should try 90% or some % a like ... can't imagine you drinking that ... you would still be in a stupor ...

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Ever clear. 190 proof. This is how you consume it. You put a pan beside your bed for the morning, make sure the door to the porcelain god is open and the path is clear, it in bed, drink 2 shots and go to sleep.

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Today has been day 1 or a big sort out. Having had a long modelling hiatus I currently have most of my modelling stuff shoved in a shed full of old airplane and motorcycle parts. Long story but it all arrived there after being dumped in a caravan for a couple of years, the caravan had to go so the shed got filled up with it all.


So, I start on my first ship model in the front room while making trips to the shed for much needed tools etc.... ....it's not working, front room is full of dust and have allergies to everything from dust to adhesives so have to take care when modelling. Space, the front room is filling up with boxes, plastic drawer thingies are growing in every corner, I'm having to pack everything away each night... ...but I am really enjoying being back to modelling!!! but it is all getting to be a bit of a pain.


So I have a cunning plan. Day 1 saw the front room cleaned out so my allergy thing isn't a problem and the rest of the family don't have to sit watching the telly surrounded by modelling paraphernalia. Spare room is becoming the indoor modelling room, there I can leave my building board out and have room for all the plastic drawer thingies stuffed full of modelling goodies. Small table in there already for minor cutting and construction. So tomorrow is sorting out the spare room ready for the move into it.


Day 3 will be facing the shed it needs a massive sort out and tidy up. I want to do the major sanding and stuff out there to stop the allergy problem, airbrushing etc too.  So hopefully by the middle of next week I'll be back in model heaven, committed indoor area whilst the weather is cold  for small detail jobs, hand painting etc, shed back in use for all the really mucky stuff!

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Good for you Gemma.  I work like that also... spare bedroom as a workshop, office, computer place.   If I may suggest, get an air filter for the workshop aire.  and a small shop vac for use when using any power tools or sanding, etc.  I run my air filter just about every day that actually working on the model and it does get the airborne particles out of the air.

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