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How I fix Boo-Boos and Oopsies (Mistakes) by Dan Vadas - Share your own "Fixes" here

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John Allen

John Allen
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I had my share of oops, on my Vic (almost finished last page of rigging 13&14) I was a little over my head on this one to begin with. My trials and tribulations were plenty, Start with warped decks out of the box, missing rigging line, and metal furnishings, cat knocked it over repaired, I broke off in succession tip of bowsprit, all tops of fore, main and mizzens at different times, had to drill and pin all main twice, redo rigging on 2,the worst was the ratlines when almost completed they looked really bad, it took me a week and support of all my MSW buddies  to finally take scissors and cut ALL SHROUDS and Ratlines and completely redo if I counted the knots and hours you would have seen a grown man cry.


Actually the bottom line with all your oopsies daisies from what everyone posted is perseverance and patience, patience , patience patience. I have never let anything beat me this one came close when tying ratline knot # 37,152. :10_1_10:

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John Allen



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