Replica: Poltava, 1712 Russian ship of the line

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Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

About the original ship: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_ship_of_the_line_Poltava_(1712)

Official website: http://poltava1712.ru/

English version: http://poltava1712.ru/node/73

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-9kJyalp7_pm72J4Yb9_Q/videos

Freshest news: http://vk.com/poltavaship

Live video feed from the main construction area: https://www.ivideon.com/tv/camera/200-27795e76f5256934b23c11ba66143f06/393216/?lang=ru




Unfortunately, there is zero information about the project in english. No english videos, news, etc.

But you can open the links mentioned above and just scroll for photos. Some videos are also really informative even without words.

If you visit St.Petersburg - you can easily get in - there are guided tours every day and tickets are very cheap. 

Since I grew up in St.Petersburg, I will try to share the comments and freshest news about the project.


I have no relation to the project, just another curious visitor. But will try to share as much info as possible.

All that info is totally unofficial, and I keep no responsibility for it :)

All the photos in that thread are my own, but you can share them without any questions.


The plan is to launch the hull in mid 2016, and fit it (masts, sails, etc) in mid 2017.

It would serve as a museum, and so far no plans for long-haul sailing trips.

The replica is fully authentic, it will have no motor power. The only changes are: electrical system, automatic fire extinguishing system, using laminated oak for large timbers, and using Larch planks instead of oak, since they are more durable.


The ship construction fully follows typical British design of that period. According to the guides, there is zero difference. Constructors of the replica are using the same books for the reference.


If you have some additional info / photos / etc about this project - please post it here!

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Construction site from the outside:

Oak trees are collected all over the country to build the replica:
It is extremely hard to find large oaks that are healthy enough, so instead the big timers are laminated:
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5 persons are busy drafting all pieces in CAD fulltime. The guide said that they are going to release a set of extra detailed plans for ship modellers! 





And this is how it maps to the "model": 



To help with lofting, the outline of the frame is traced on the floor:



Instead of cardboard templates, builders of the replica use wooden ones:



And instead of a sawdust bucket - they use sawdust shovel:


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Here comes the most interesting part of the tour! Only for shipmodelling geeks, regular visitors are not allowed inside the hull yet - you can fall from the deck beams. 

Follow the guide! He is dressed according to the Ship's period, and is a real enthusiast. 






Knees are made out of laminated oak planks, because it is too hard to find properly bent oak trees:



Mast post and internal planking. Note the ventilation holes, interesting detail:



Gunport sills are made in a simplified manner, without any angled mortises. Cheaters! :D 


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That's all for now...

I will try to visit the project in a 2-3 months and get some extra photos.

Just let me know if you want me to make a detailed photos of some specific parts.

I will try. Unfortunately, some of them are not reachable or covered with layers of scaffolding (like the stern - extremely interesting, but impossible to photo).


Also, turned out I know two people who are friends with the Chief Constructor of the replica. He is the one mentioned in youtubes as the CAD master.

So I can send him a list of questions, if we have any :)

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Google Translate seems to do a fair job of translating.  However there are "issues" with some of it.

I can translate or help to find a specific info. Just let me know.

Would be good to have a list of very specific questions for my next visit to the construction site :)

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No questions here... I just find Google Translate does some interesting stuff particularly to naval terms.  But once you realize it, you can read around it.  I'm just in awe of any of the full-size replicas that have been done or are underway lately.

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Great stuff, Mike. But for some reason that shaky cam made me nauseous. At any rate I am always amazed at how these craftsmen (both ancient and modern) could get such  large baulks of timber to mate perfectly with several surfaces at varying angles. It's crazy difficult to do on a model!

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Well, that was an irony :)

You can see it in one of the videos, how the frame timbers are made on this model. You can hold each timber with two hands!

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Thanks a lot, Mike, for keeping this news going. I presume the cannon barrels are cast in resin -- judging by the way that guy is casually cradling one in his arms.



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Some are real, the ship will participste in parades and need to shoot "empty" shots.

But the rest is fake, to reduce the weight and cost. Not sure what material it is.

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