Announcement: New Search Feature for Build Logs

Hi, friends!


I want to give you a preview of a new feature we are adding to the build logs section. Right now we are in the process of adding the word "FINISHED" to each completed build log immediately after the builder's username. Titles of finished logs will now look something like this:


HMS Doohickey by allthumbs - FINISHED - 1/50 scale


Why are we doing this? Because it makes it easier for you to use our search feature to find only finished models if you wish to do so. Plus, it eliminates the need for a separate forum for finished models. Here's how to do it:


1) Start in the Build Logs for Ship Model Kits forum.

2) Up by the search window in the upper right corner, click the little gear symbol to pull up the advanced search options.

3) Enter the name of the ship you're looking for and the word 'finished'.

4) Select the "all words" and "only search in titles" options.

5) Hit the SEARCH NOW button

6) Presto! You'll get a list of finished models.


Wanna test drive? Try searching the term Constitution using the above directions. If you want to see all finished models, just search the term 'finished' by itself.


Narrowing your search to finished builds is useful for finding builds that illustrate later steps of construction, such as rigging. That way you can skip past builds that end at earlier stages of construction.


Once we get all the kit builds tagged appropriately, we will add the finished tag to the scratch build section as well. We added the word in all caps so that finished build logs will stand out if you decide to browse logs the old-fashioned way.



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oh how I wish I could change a build log title of mine to include the word FINISHED  :(


You can ! Open the log to the first entry, click EDIT (in first post) , then click on USE FULL EDITOR, that opens a window with the log title in it. Just type the word into the title. Then click SAVE

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