Optical visor

Many of us are using optical visor to get an enlarge view of the work we are doing.

Quite few of them also comes with light of some kind.

My OptiVisor had a bad single bulb, not even led but a regular mini lightbulb, which didn't project much light.

Most of the time I have been using my optivisor without the light, but many times I have been in need of more focused light on the work I am doing.

So, today I removed the light unit and added on with a regular led light used for outdoor use.

Turned out so much better. Now I have the light that the OptiVisor should have had from the beginning.

I used CA gel to attach the light unit.



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Hi Nirvana. OptiVisor is a specific brand of headband magnifiers and it doesn't look at all like the one you have.


The company that makes OptiVisor only makes a single-bulb light add-on, but as Jaager points out, there are third-party add-ons.


In your case, it looks like you found the best solution!

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I am short-sighted so I mostly replace my normal glasses with either simple protective glasses or with a pair that has a 3.5x magnification, but I have also one of those visor-type head-band loupes. The protective glasses could be combined with a head-band lamp. I would go for a version that has the lamp and the battery-pack in two different units, i.e. the lamp at the front (obviously) and the battery-pack at the rear. This arrangement would balance the weight, particularly when you work with the head down. The head-band lights and visor-type magnifiers probably cannot be worn at the same time, but perhaps one can cannibalise the former and fit lamp and battery-pack to the latter.


One could even think of making something tailormade oneself, considering how cheap LEDs are these days.

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The visor you see in the picture is two products becoming one.

There's very slight weight difference as the led uses one AA battery (better light output) while the original uses two AA batteries.

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