small CNC laser and router for carving and engraving by cristikc

I saw questions about CNC (computer numeric control) router bought from china

This days arrived the order for my CNC

It is CNC 2418 with laser of 500mw, used for carving and engraving

I will show how it arrived, beacause you have to assemble (it is a DIY kit), and thje first results


This is how it is find on online shops from china



the unpacking process




electronic for the command




stepper motors




small parts




cutting tools



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The first tests with the laser (hope to have time this days to post some pictures with the carving)




from a picture with my granddaughter i started a new test

the quality of this picture is not ok, but hope it is ok to you, to see what i can do with laser CNC




For carving, i still have to learn a little about GRBL and some additional software.

See you soon to all that watched this


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I had a little time to try carving with my new CNC

you can see the results.

It take some time to see the software adjustments, so i can "link" some draw and carving software

detail look while is working


final result of carving


oposite way of carving

The wood is not the best, because i wanted jut to make some tests



Hope it is useful for the one that want to work with CNC for making small parts for shipmodels


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CNC and Laser cutter in one - that seems an awfully useful machine Christi - great pick-up mate.  I hope it lives up to its claims and you get good use out of it - it certainly looks promising.


Does it require any specialised software?





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Hi Pat.

For the laser printing it came with a basic software, very, good. For carving,it came with the "sending commands software - GRBL) and you have to prepare what to carve. Also for carving, you have two software that came with the CNC. One to prepare "leter carving" and one more sophisticated , ArtCam, for better work. You also have on DVD a program for carving on PCB. It is ok for the start, and if you want to do more things, you have to use some other. I work on graphics on computer, and i think that for most of us it is ok with what it is on DVD

If you need more info, just write

all the best to all Cristi

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A large PAUSE with the Christmas hollydays

Just some small tests with the carving soft




Looks ok, but i learned how the wood has to be, before starting a project


I wish to all people from MSW a HAPPY NEW YEAR !

And a lot of good thoughts from me


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Hi Pat.

A Happy new year to you, and all from MSW.

The software it is not hard for me, and you find a lot of examples and lessons on youtube

All the best, Cristi

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