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HMS Victory Poop Deck arrangement at Trafalgar

Can anyone help in identifying the following features shown on JMW Turners sketches and paintings, their use, and what the rigging arrangements may be?  They look to be some form of fairlead arrangement at the break of the poop, with horizontal sheaves.  There are 4 of them, also shown are a number of sheaves independent of these features.


Turner visited the Victory in December 1805 and January 1806, prior to any refit after Trafalgar, so the provenance is fairly good.  He also shows these in 2 separate views / pictures, looking both fore and aft, these images are taken from the Tate online material – The Battle of Trafalgar as seen from the Mizzen Starboard shrouds of the Victory – the colour painting looking from aft, and The ‘Victory’ from Quarterdeck to Poop.













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Dafi (Daniel) asked the same thing here:


You might click on this link for Dafi's topics on Victory.  He's done a lot of research on her.   His log is filled with how he's incorporating his research into the build.[forums][searchInKey]=&userMode=title

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