How to weave a basket for you boat or ship model

I just finished up writing the basket making section of my instructions for the Sea of Galilee boat kits that I sell and I thought that this might make a good topic for this section of the forum.  I can't remember if Thanasis or I came up with this idea but either way it works out really well.


Make a long segment of cable so that you have some material that is fairly thick in diameter.  


Take a US quarter and draw a circle around the perimeter on a piece of wood.  Divide the circle into 13 or 11 equally spaced segments and gently pound the nails into the wood at each of these marks.  Don’t seat the nails too deeply because we will be removing them in a later step.




Put a little CA on the end of one of a Cable piece to stabilize it and cut a clean edge.




Take the cable and weave it in and out between the nails.  An odd number of nails will assure that the weave of each successive row will be “opposite” the row above and below.




Weave 11 rows and make sure that at least a foot of material is left to be woven.  Coat the entire basket in diluted Elmers white school glue (diluted 1:1 with water) and allow to dry.  Once dry use a pliers to gently pull the pins from the wood.  Next coat the final inch of the cable in thin CA glue and allow to dry.  This will make the end very stiff and allow it to be used as a “needle.”  Pull the nail next to the free end and thread the cable through the space vacated by the nail.






Once the basket is fully woven, cut off the end and make a couple of handles with the left over cable.  Coat the basket sides and handle in diluted white glue.  Take a piece of  wax paper and make a coil of rope the size of the basket for the bottom.  Coat the coil in diluted glue.





Once dry, glue the bottom coil onto the basket sides to make a completed basket, use dilited glue to do this.




For more information on the  Sea of Galilee Boat kits please see Mario's post or visit my web page at:


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Hello Scott,


That is a very neat little basket.

Thank you for sharing.



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Hi Scott. Thank you that you mention me and for this basket making.
I had started my baskets with thread and had come up with real reed ...
That basket making of mine, along  with many others, have gone with the previous version of〈=el





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Hey Thanasis, great to hear from you!  I thought it might have been your idea but it has been quite a few years so I was unsure.  It is too bad that most all of our old posts were lost but it looks to me like some were rebuilt in the new MSW.  I've always admired your work and I hope that you are doing well.


BTW to all of you who are up to speed with the new MSW, in the old MSW you were alerted by email if there was a reply to one of your posts.  Is there a way to set that up in the new system?  Thanks!



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Nice to hear from you too Scott...

Thank you for your comment, but your work was and still is, more refined than mine...

Take care buddy.

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Really nice basket! I wonder if this could also be used as a decorative serving around the base of a mast? Similar to a "turkshead" knot?



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