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  2. Welcome to MSW "FDSMAN". All the best, Geoff
  3. Ed, believe us all, this topic is for all of us we are interested!
  4. и еще несколько фотографий ... Я полагаю, что работа деталей займет не менее 3-4 месяцев ...
  5. That's a good question, Rick, for which I don't have a good answer. I do believe that the shipwrights would use what they had or could get at the time as they were, if nothing else, practical. If we look at photographs of such ships a Victory, Wasa, Constitution, etc. it sometimes seems like the hull planking is all over the map. We should take those photos with a grain of salt though, as except for Wasa (way earlier than we're talking about), the others have been replanked more a few times.
  6. Hello Charter

    How are you?

    I saw your beautiful build log of the victory :)

    now im going to start building the same ship god willing


    I will be more than happy if we will make a contact by Facebook or other way to chat online :)


    best regards


  7. Mark - you were commenting on the importing of wood for decks, I'm wondering about minimum lengths of planking for hulls. With something like a 50ft cutter trying to get a good shift pattern on the hull would be quite hard without using lengths down to 10ft (5ft would be nice but I'd think not particularly effective). Rick
  8. The wood work on the yards may be finished but there's a lot of fiddly stuff left to do on them. Today I started making the studdingsail boom irons
  9. Thank you Bill. Arthur, your model is unsurpassable and Bob here is doing a great job! One thing I was not happy of how it ended up was the serving. I used very thin line and after taring the rope the serving is barely visible. You can only noticed on portions of the stays but not on the shrouds. Experience for the next one I guess.
  10. Today
  11. Hello Greg, Thanks, yes all sanding only.
  12. I like what you have done so far keep it up
  13. Many thanks for the welcome
  14. From what I understand, they went for a ship pattern. As for length... if the designer said (I'm going to be arbitrary) 30' long, and the yard only had 25-footers, that's what they used. The other thing is beams don't seem to be evenly spaced so the plank length would vary some. The problem was that at certain times, most notably the late 1780's and 90's on, the English were importing the wood for decks due to shortages.
  15. Jerry, Short answer.... you can delete photos. Hover over the thumbnail and on the lower right side of the thumbnail, you'll see "Delete" and small trashcan icon. Click it.b
  16. Hi, Since I I don't have the appropriate tools and and I don't want to spend the money to buy the milled wood (because I'm saving to buy the a table saw and a lathe) I decided that for now I'm doing the frames as by the plans. Since I was planing to completely plank the cross section it won't make a difference. As soon as I have the tools I will make another with no planking to show the internal construction. So today I brought back the pieces I had already cut, and assembled the two half of frame 0 (having some difficulties adding images using the IPad)
  17. Couple of times I have been using the key entry but reversed, so I say press "2 for further contact with real person", then bouncing them around asking to press buttons.
  18. Something like that.
  19. I'm not sure if I just can't find it, but.... Seems that now you must upload our pictures to the forum rather than uploading them to a third party such as Imgur, then posting them here. Is this correct, or is there a way to post my pictures from Imgur rather than upload them to the forum? Many moons ago, I lost a lot of pictures at this forum because I uploaded them here, only. I don't want to make that mistake again.
  20. If you are referring to the 24 gun sixth rate Lizard of 1697 there is an excellent article on the building of it in Model Shipwright no. 93. The builder, Philip Reed, built his model based on his study of the contemporary model in the Pitt River Museum, Oxford, as well as the plan of Peregrine Falcon, a very similar ship of the same period. Good luck with your project. It's a beautiful little ship.
  21. In my Gazela thread I wanted to replace a black-and-white image with a color one. I can remove the old image from the post, but it's still attached to the post and still shows up after editing. I'd give you the post number, but that's not showing either. This is the attachment I'm trying to get rid of... At the bottom are "Uploaded Images" There used to be a "delete" selection, now there isn't. When I look at the list of all my attachments, there's no option to delete from there either. But I do like the "Insert Existing Attachment" option under "Insert Other Media."
  22. Hi, can someone confirm if the picture settings have changed since Friday. On Friday I made a post in my Borodino log and worked as usual in that I uploaded the photos and they were fine and showed up in the log as usual. I went to make another post today as usual and the uploaded photos looked like this; As can be seen they are all blurry. They also appear as tiny 10 x 8 pixels in the log. Here is an example from someone elses. Clicking on the image opens it up to full size but easily missed in the text as tiny boxes. Like I said Fridays post was normal, todays is now as shown above. Cheers Slog
  23. Planking! And look at a bit of the damage. I am loathe to remake the transom piece I'll just glue it together when I get to that section of planking.
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