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  1. I have been reading on the proper way to plank the hull and am about to start. Before I start, should I do the transom first or does it matter? The other question I have regards the shape of the stern blocks. As far as I can tell from the plans and the practicum I am following, this is the correct shape. It looks right to me. Can anyone confirm this? Much appreciated, Jeff
  2. I started this build before I joined the forum, and unfortunately, did not take any photos to post. The following photos are current to where I have progressed thus far. I have encountered a problem at the stern and transom that you can see in the last photo. You can also see my solution to it. I am currently attaching the caprails and will have photos in my next post. I would appreciate any comments to the build so far. Jeff Betcher
  3. Hello everyone, This will be my first complete build of a wooden ship model kit; the Lively of Baltimore 1813. It is a 1/48 scale kit by the Lumberyard. I am calling it my first complete build because I started building the Artesenia Latina kit for the Bluenose II in 1/75 scale a number of years ago. The partially completed hull is now put away. I hope to either return to it or start over again one day when I have some more experience in wooden ship model building. I chose this kit because it had a favorable review in "Ships in Scale" magazine which was followed with a build practicum series by Kurt Van Dahm. As this is my first post for the build I will keep it brief. Here is a photo of the box:
  4. Thanks everyone for your words of welcome and helpful advice. I am looking forward to learning from everyone here. I think I will start a build log of Lively as soon as I take some photos of my progress to date. Jeff
  5. Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I have been, with the exception of a few short periods for university and a young family, a modeler for most of my life. My interests are eclectic. I am involved in model railroading as well as in building plastic scale models; aircraft mostly, but I have some plastic ship models in my collection of unbuilt models. I have dabbled with wooden ship modelling as well, but it has always seemed to be beyond my abilities. I have recently completed a scratchbuild of a sternwheeler in 1/87 scale based on the drawings of sternwheelers that sailed on Kootenay Lake in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I am currently working on the "Lively" kit from The Lumberyard using both the kit instructions and the practicum published in "Ships in Scale" magazine. I hope through this forum to better understand the techniques and better my skills of wooden model ship building. Jeff

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