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  2. Here the color coats have been applied over the preshaded wings. Colors are Tamiya, the mauve color being one mixed in the recommended ratio provided in the painting instructions. A trace of paint slipped past my masking of the lower right wing that will require some touch up. 😕 Maybe I should leave it as-is just to add a human touch.
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  4. just catching up with your project.........she looks super! very nice work all the way around........hull and sails. the rigging is exceptional have you begun the Santa Maria yet?......I'll have to check
  5. I am building the same ship except in wood from "Scientific". There are many similarities and I will print your post. I too live in Florida. Kissimmee, FL. Good luck. donbendix@yahoo.com
  6. putting the cap rails in place, this will never be seen anyway this is a neat approach....no need to taper or bend.
  7. That`s a good question - I don`t see any use for stunsail booms or footropes on the mizzen yard unless there are booms also on the upper yard. I would probably leave them off. I have never seen stunsails on the mizzen. The footropes may or may not be correct. Someone with more knowledge than me about French ships may have a better answer,though. Mark
  8. I'll bet at least in Orlando, you had to keep that car running all day long to keep the A/C on. The heat inside a parked car in Florida is well over 100 degrees and will quickly wilt a person or an animal. I don't envy anyone who has to spend the entire day in a car...that's rough duty.
  9. Thank you kindly denis, yep dentist has always been my weak point - so suffering for it now, were we live there is just the one dentist within a ten mile radius and no transport (also I suffer from an axiety condition making public transport - not possible) I asked are local dentist to please help me under our welfare situation where work can be paid for under low money situations, but he has told me he only does private work - thats just wll beyond our means. I will just have to manage it the best I can that means keeping my mouth constantly sterilised with special mouth washes and I also use salt water a few times each day, the pain level is better at the moment gums are still very tender, have to watch what I eat - hard things are a no no. Still I have my modeling. OC.
  10. I had my tiff over belaying pins.......the ones I got in a kit looked like knewl post tops! considering the scale of the kit, they never would have worked! I fancy the brass ones myself........I changed the way I run the lines too. I thread the rope through the hole and then stick the pin in. it saves on me having to hang clothes pins to keep the lines taught, I'll never forget where they are supposed to go, and if the hole is small enough, I don't have to cement them in place. your ship's look'in good.....keep up the good work!
  11. Mark, You might further qualify your post to say “Ships of the Royal Navy” as the practice for At least one other major naval power, the Dutch was much different. Roger
  12. A carrier??? What's a carrier but another flattop, what's the challenge?
  13. Lawyers, Guns And Money - Warren Zevon
  14. really nice progress Semore.....the hull is coming along wonderfully deck looks swell too.......you'll fill the gap in with no problems
  15. Follow-up on my previous question: If there is no sail in the lower mizzen yard, then there is no use for those stunsails booms and irons, correct? Can (should) I get rid of them? What about the foot ropes?
  16. hello Ferit....I am so amazed with the progress you've made.........the rigging looks absolutely fantastic! I've been play'in with plastic for a bit, but a recent project makes me want to start mak'in sawdust again. she's look'in a top notch vessel......getting better and better with more that you add! great job!
  17. Salutations, Patrick. This is a very friendly collegiate forum, glad to be here. Have a great day.
  18. I'm with Lou, I have a huge collection of audio tapes that run the gamut. When I was heavy into surveillance (WHICH IS EXTREMELY BORING) my day went like this. A drive to B'ham, Huntsville, Biloxi, Tunica MS., Orlando FL. all over a tri-state area for a 2 or 3 day assignment sitting in the car for 8 to 12 hours the only thing that kept me focused were audio tapes and they kept me focused and did make the day go by a lot faster. Between the above and taking a beating in small boats for 25 years I'm surprised I can still walk. I still listen to my tapes when running errands I like the Richard Sharp series by Bernard Cornwell have played over and over waiting for tape to break or get garbled and draggy.
  19. Enjoy a well earned day off! I am Not jealous. No, I am not.... Sam
  20. you've made some really great progress Kevin she's a stunning vessel to be sure! I think that by the time you can truly hang the completed sign on her, someone will be following you with hankies........the feeling of her being finished might be a bit overwhelming. I remember how I felt when I finished my first project........now, after several.........eh, not so much your labor of love really shows....she's a sweet look'in vessel!
  21. Hello, After the historical info about Verrebroek. And what can be found in "my backyard" when you start digging A small update about the model. Because the doors of the main cabin are open. Some furniture and other items must be provided. Drawing a small sketch in advance is always handy. A table and a few beds. Made from scrap wood and paper tissue. Suitcases of the people who are allowed to "live" and work in this cabin. And some old maps downloaded with google and printed. If the visibility in the cabin remains good with the ledlights , additional items will be provided. Thanks for following
  22. Hello my merry friends, a long time passed by... almost four weeks since my last entry. I passed the challenge to fix the wales and to start the second planking in exact curvature according to the wales line. It was tricky to bend the wales especially the stronger ones. But I found a way with a lot of water, a new tool - a bending iron based on a soldering iron with a profile that gives perfect curves - and most of all a huge amount of patience. All in all I think the wales look quite good and the shape is exactly correct to the plans. Indeed it's great if you have a strong hull construction so you can fix the wales with clamps in the right position. I made a pic to show how thick (almost 5 mm) the hull itself is. That gives freally a good basement for further work. In the pictures you will see minor gaps (less than half a millimeter in real - I used a macro lens to take the photos) that will have to be filled up later, and of course the wales have to be mended. But thats just a rainy day job. I stained the wales so the process of mending will not be too critical - just along the surface. Nest step will be to construct all gunports and frames, after this I will start the second planking of the remaining hull. Still it's fun although Iit takes a lot of time - much more as spring starts and later summer will prevent me frm building. As usual I attach some pice to show the progress my interpretation of Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde comes along. Cheerio Max
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