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Build a plank on bulkhead model of the 32 gun frigate HMS Winchelsea 1764. Download the set of plans which contain all of the parts and information to build the model. A comprehensive monograph detailing all aspects of the project is also available. Some laser cut parts for this project are also available at SyrenShipModelCompany.com

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MSW Online Group Project
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  2. Looks really good Greg. CA is definitely the way to go for the planking. I also edge glued mine with PVA, made quite the mess but made the seams look good. try laying your forward plank and aft planks first and then meet in the middle, it will give you a lot more wiggle room when you intersect the aft planks with the lower counter. I really struggled at first with that joint and decided to try that route and it made it a lot easier when you just have to make a filler plank in the middle instead of the tricky counter seam. JJ
  3. Looks good. Cover the stem with heavy tape or some painters tape to protect it while planking.
  4. Thanks JJ and everyone for the likes. The past few days have been a lesson in creative clamping. This update is more about things I learned than showing much progress. The drop planks fit just about perfect, but I had some troubles with the twist from the bow to bulkhead W. The spring clamps made it a bit more severe than it should have been. What I've found amazing is a couple of drops of water makes the cedar pliable, so I was able to iron out the clinker from the bow. Even when I need a severe bend such as at the stern, soaking the plank for about 10 second
  5. Just finished up the lower framing. What symmetry! Just by putting in those frames one gets a great idea of what the ship's lines will be. Upper frames next! Sorry, not a very big update...I just get enthused
  6. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say thanks for the likes! Not too much to report except for one wee thing...Use a darn level instead of eyeballing it! I started installing the framing and completed the lower frames on one side. Man was I proud of myself! (until I moved it to the dining room table for a different perspective). Long story short, I cut out all the segments and re-did them all using a mini level. Supposed to get wiser as we get older. hehehehe:)
  7. Superb work ! Perfection as usual 😄 What I love is that this rudder is so perfect it could be a kit on its own!
  8. Its grumbacher acrylic in a tube. Just plain crimson. Straight from the tube thinned down with water.
  9. Sorry to be a bit off topic..What red did you use for your Winnie? Gonna hit those two birds with one stone and get paint and monofilament at the same time. Glad to see you back as well. I should have mentioned it before.
  10. Thanks...yes these parts will be in chapter 5. But not the monofilament. You guys should puck some up in various weights. I use Sunset Amnesia black fishing line.
  11. Master ship model designer/builder....talk about an understatement! Yeah I'm blowing smoke but it is well deserved. I'm going to try this out myself as it looks amazing but guaranteed I am destined to fail doing it by hand. Seeing how you made the boxwood hardware will be a treat. Will this be part of Chapter 5? I need to start hiding a few bucks away here and there even though I'm far away yet
  12. Finally an update as life returns to normal....well not exactly during these times but I am back on the project. Since I want I turn the hull over so I can drill the rudder port, I thought I would put the rudder together. This should be the last time we have to turn the hull upside down.... So the rudder. I was originally going to go with a one piece rudder....BUT...I was pleaded with to do a built up version as well. I cant do both because that would be a lot of wood that would end up being tossed. That would be a an incredible waste of 1/4" thick wood. So a built
  13. I’m at a really neat spot in this build. There are about half a dozen things I can work on right now. I have the Old Masters Gel Stain for the resin figures. I’m also starting the roof shingles. The upright details on the Q galleries are a lot more challenging than I expected, so they’re going to take a lot of time and patience. The starboard side gallery is waiting for a replacement part for the lower apron. But I think it’s safe to put the commode in now, so I might do that soon. I’m also working on scraping moldings. It’s fun to have choices on what to do next. Planking was a very s
  14. The planking is done up to the sheer. I cut out and patched in a couple bad joints on the starboard side, gave it a smoothing sand of 100 grit and a coat of WOP. I'm pretty happy with the results and once the planking is complete, I'll smooth it down to 320. Thanks to everyone for the advice and encouragement up to this point. I finally got a travel iron delivered after some delays in transit, so now to start learning to bend planks.
  15. That looks really good Ron, nice curve on the framing battens. Follow it and your gunports will have a nice curved arrangement. JJ
  16. A lightbox to check the fit of your joints. Crikey! That's levels of precision I've never thought about let alone attempted to achieve. Superb work. Fred
  17. My Fair Winnie! Finally finished sanding (and sanding and sanding). Why didn't I read a bit more of Chuck's build logs and that particular conversation where he recommended using light ply over Baltic birch? Anyways, she's looking fairly respectable I ran the stringer from bow to stern on both sides, took some measurements, compared them on both sides and against the plan. I think we're finally ready to start framing! Sorry for the bad photography but I just couldn't wait until daylight to take them so I could finally post a bit of progress.
  18. Nicely done Mike, and beautiful joinery. I'm sure if I had tried to work on a 30" piece like that off the ship I would have broken it about a dozen times.. lol..
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