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Build a POF model of the Medway Longboat (1742). The group is building a kit which will be fully rigged with an option to add sails. The kit can be purchased from Syren Ship Model Company.

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MSW Online Group Project
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  2. 3rd try's the charm I suppose, I screwed up my first replacement plank but the 3rd plank was.. good enough. I still don't care for the way it lays in the bow, but short of completely tearing the thing apart and starting over, it's gonna have to be good enough as the issue is in the frame itself somehow, but I'm not really sure what's wrong. It's slightly different from side to side. Oh well... forward!
  3. Excellent work. I think I have about 12 recut planks, but that was do more to breakage and inexperience than anything else.
  4. Well, I got planks 1-4 complete on one side, 1-3 on the other side, and then screwed up plank 4. After trying to figure out how to salvage it, I eventually gave up and ripped it off, cleaned up the mess, and this weekend I'll cut out a new one and try again!
  5. I used CA....but it doesnt really matter as long as you make sure it doesnt slip out of position while setting.
  6. Thanks for the likes. A quick question on attaching the second layer of planks, should I use Tite-Bond or CA?
  7. That planking pretty darn good and it should finish up nicely. Good job!
  8. Have had some time in the shop and got the planking done except for the second layer at the wales. Going to need some sanding to smooth out the hull but I am satisfied. I know there is room for improvement in my skills, but this is what it is all about , learning as we progress.
  9. She looks great. I’m work towards having the skills to do justice to this kit. I’m glad you restarted!
  10. Made a slight bit of visible progress on le' boat. In my last post I had started lining out the hull for planking. I finished lining out the hull on both sides, and after this comes the planking. I only took one more picture of the lining out, as it's pretty much all the same. The planking on this kit is different than any kit I've ever done before. All the planks are pre-spiled, meaning that they are cut to match the shape of the hull already (they aren't just straight boards) and all I need to do is stick them on! Lol.. not really. They are pre-shaped, but they
  11. EricWilliamMarshall, Yes Daughter is just fine, locked down. Thanks for the thought. Thank You shipman for your kind comments. BobW
  12. Bob, what a splendid effort, your longboat looks triff. I'm getting a bit jaded with the same old longboats, but I'm impressed with yours. The helmsman figure gives scale to the whole thing and leaving him white is a good way of emphasising the idea of scale without detracting from the model. Not that I know how to sail a boat, but I imagine the rig you have chosen would be too much for one man. Two similar ship mates wouldn't be over doing things.
  13. Not going to put in much text on this update, because nothing here is new or different than what everyone else has shown in these group builds. I faired the other side of the hull but didn't take any pictures, because it just looks like the side I already did! Then I use tick strips and the planking fan to transfer marks to the frames, and then I began the lining out process. I missed the marks on the template on most of my runs, but not too terribly badly, and only had to make minor adjustments on one of the marked frames to get the curve to run smoother. Finished the back half on one sid
  14. When I was drilling holes for the deck on my AVS I used the Dremel with a small drill bit. Instead of putting a piece of wood on it like you are describing, I just used a small piece of Tamiya 1/8" wide masking tape and wrapped it around the drill bit at about the max depth I wanted the holes to be. Since the depth of the holes isn't critical, I simply stopped drilling just before I got to the masking tape, it was a visual reference point, not a hard 'stop' for the bit.
  15. I just noticed that it has been a month since I last updated this log. So here goes! In the pictures below you will see I have installed the molding below the Frieze along each side. I spent some time working out how to scrape the Boxwood, and I am pleased with the outcome. I have completed chapter 3 with the exception of drilling the hull planks for the Black filament. I decided to get to the point of drilling all the pieces at once. I am also trying to work out a reliable method for this drilling. In a previous post I mentioned that I purchased some black art tape from Amazon tha
  16. Next step is the gluing of the frames to the keel. Per the instructions I started with the aft building board, and dry fit repeatedly until I was comfortable with being able to get it all together in a reasonable period of time with the least amount of fuss. It was then left to dry overnight. After work the following day, I glued up the front frame half of the building board, and left the entire glued up frames to dry. The awesome fun part comes after this, fairing the frames. Over a couple of nights interrupted by an attempted insurrection
  17. So after posting the above about this model being packed away, I completed most of the immediate preparation for my big scratch build I plan to start, and found myself with a sudden desire to get back into the shop. It will probably be at least another couple of months before I have everything I want in place to start the scratch build, so I made a few different clamps as prototypes, then for whatever reason since Chuck had posted and brought this back up from the grave after 2 years, I pulled it off the shelf and have continued the build. If I don't finish it before starting the
  18. Thank you Steve. I liked the base you performed on your longboat so much that I used it as a model. Your longboat is truly a superb model !
  19. Thank you Bob and thank you to all the 'Likes'. As my work on the Armed Virginia Sloop is finished, I will be able to focus on the Medway longboat again 🙂
  20. As I prepare the base for the Armed Virginia Sloop, I take this opportunity to add the moldings to the base of the longboat. I created a little jig to cut the angles at 45 degrees. I also extended the table at the back using a small removable stand to make it easier to cut long planks. The base has now received its four moldings. I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy new year 2021 !
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