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Build a POF model of the Medway Longboat (1742). The group is building a kit which will be fully rigged with an option to add sails. The kit can be purchased from Syren Ship Model Company.

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MSW Online Group Project
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  2. Thanks, Ryland, and thanks for all the likes! I wish I lived close enough to Hampton Roads to meet with y’all - I think I’ve met some of your members at the Mariners Museum. There’s only a couple of other people who do this kind of stuff around Birmingham. Don
  3. Thank you Jean-Paul and Chuck, I really appreciate the kind words and it means a lot! Chuck, got the order I placed recently in just a couple of days after you shipped it - have been following your shipping challenges, but no problems here in the wilderness of northern Alabama. Will be starting a Winnie build log shortly. Thanks again, Don
  4. Don, Congratulations on completing your Longboat. You did a great job on building it and I look forward to following your Winchelsea build.
  5. Thank you Jean-Paul and Chuck, I really appreciate the kind words and it means a lot! Chuck, got the order I placed recently in just a couple of days after you shipped it - have been following your shipping challenges, but no problems here in the wilderness of northern Alabama. Will be starting a Winnie build log shortly. Thanks again, Don
  6. really nice work.....I am glad you enjoyed the project. You did an exceptional job on it!!!
  7. Superb ! What a magnificent Longboat model. You have done a very nice job. I wish you much pleasure with the frigate Winchelsea. I will follow your progress carefully.
  8. Beautiful, Don! Congratulations, she's gorgeous. I agree with you about learning so much in building this boat and I appreciate the high quality of the Syren kit even more now that I grappling my way through the AL Pen Duick. Wow, you've completed two big builds with the Calypso and the Medway Longboat in the span of a couple of weeks. You're on a roll and it looks like you tipped your hand as to what you'll be building next. Man, the Winnie is BIG. I don't think I'm brave enough to attempt her yet with my mediocre skills. I look forward to seeing you build the Winnie if that is indeed your next project. Be sure to edit your build log title and put "FINISHED" on the end of it. There are a lot of Medway Longboat build logs but only a few that are finished and yours is one of them now. I hope we see more. Best regards,
  9. Have pretty much finished the Medway Longboat with the exception of some trimming and a bit of touch up painting. This has been a real learning experience overall and I’ve done several things for the first time, but with Chucks excellent tutorial and the many posts in this group, I think it’s been successful. A special thanks to BobG for his wonderful posts and encouragement - that helped a lot. Don
  10. It's nice to see you back working on your longboat, Don, and it's looking great. I was really apprehensive about my first go at rigging but it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the entire build. The finish line is in sight for you!
  11. After a bit of a timeout working on another project, have jumped back into the Longboat and hope to get her finished in the next week or so. This is my first time rigging at this scale and there’s more than one goof but am learning a lot. Don
  12. Just a quick note to say the build is on hold. We finally have some decent weather and its time to service the gardens and do some minor repairs around the house. Its been a long winter and we can not let the little things get ahead of us. Stay safe everyone. Bob
  13. I see that you list the Cheerful as your current build. I hope you will make a build log. I will certainly follow along. The Cheerful is on my short list of builds of future builds and I know you will build a beautiful model of her judging by your other builds. I have a few models that are in line for me but I'm not quite sure of the order in which I will build them yet. I will continue with the Pen Duick for now. The Lady Isabella from Vanguard is scheduled to arrive today. I am also looking forward to the Flirt by Vanguard when Chris finally has it ready for the public and the Cheerful will be my first attempt at semi-scratch building. I want to get a Byrnes table saw before attempting to build the Cheerful and they are currently out of stock until more 120V motors are available. So the Lady Isabella, Flirt and Cheerful are the models that I hope to build after I complete the Pen Duick. That should keep me busy for a very long time...
  14. Thanks for your comment, Captain and also for the tip on getting clean painted edges. I enjoyed your AVS build log and it is one of the best constructed AVS models that I have seen.
  15. Thank you Rusty and Captain Hook for your kind comments and thank you to all the 'Likes'. The coloring work continues slowly. In parallel, I made progress on the installation of the windlass. Just follow the steps described in the instruction manual. The windlass templates are glued on the 4 sides of the cedar stick. I took advantage of having a perfectly horizontal seat to drill the 8 holes provided for the windlass bars. The superfluous wood is removed using a cutter then the whole is refined with sandpaper The angles of the 8 holes were squared using a mini chisel. The paper is moistened and easily removed. Finally the ends are gradually shaped and the right length for inserting the windlass in the brackets is reached. The windlass temporarily positioned.
  16. Haven‘t decided yet. I have a 1/48 POB swan class or the 1/48 Cheerful in my mind.
  17. Very nice and clean build! I‘ve learned that if you use tape, it may be helpful to paint the edge of the tape with a little thinned clear vanish first to secure that no colour will accidentally soak under the tape and you get very clean edges in the end, especially on parts with endgrain.
  18. Thanks Captain! I enjoyed building her and I learned a whole lot in the process. I just took a look at your fantastic AVS build and it looks like perfection to me. Congratulations on building one of the best AVS models ever seen on MSW! Do you have another ship model in mind for your next build?
  19. You‘re doing a great job. The deep red colour is a nice contrast to the AYC.
  20. The work on the cockpit seats continues. The center bracket on the transom has been added. To make it easier to put the knees on each side, I used a small structure created from some scraps. Wood filler is then used to seal the inevitable small interstices. It's time to get my brush back...
  21. Thank you Michael and Bob for your kind words and thank you to all the 'Likes'. Bob, I'm just trying to give back a little bit of everything I get from this forum 😉 The central seat is ready. But first I'm going to give it few coats of paint.
  22. Wonderful work, Jean-Paul. This is going to be one of the finest Medway Longboat builds ever completed here on MSW and your build log will be of great assistance to many other modelers in the future.
  23. looks great! I definitely follow those rules as well esp #2 as seeing others build logs helps me immensely

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