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We have gathered up all of the topics, downloads and info we can find on Rope making and making a ropewalk. All of this content was moved to one central location so all of you could more easily access it.

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  2. Depends on the Gütermann thread you ordered. Synthetics mostly cannot be dyed.
  3. Good evening everyone you lot must be sick of asking stoooooopid questions i ordered the Dormanoff ropewalk and it has been despatched i have read loads of articles and, basically got quite confused, not because of how to make it, but material to use, i have eventually found a source in the UK for Guntermann but although they do the sizes 120, 100, 70 and 30 as per @Chuck article the colours are not i read somewhere that you can get good results by colouring white rope after its made, reason for asking is that i have just ordered some white with that i
  4. I have a need to build some small functioning block and tackle at 1/8" scale. I'm looking for techniques and jigs for fabricating and assembling them.
  5. Great news!!! Just dont go too hot or bake it too long. It will melt your rope into a sloppy liquid goop. it works great and its actually how polyester thread is made and fixed. But on a huge industrial scale of course.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. I was searching to avoid ravelling of rope. Tried with a gas lighter, but that was a pain in the ***, need to be very carefull. This method is much better to cook the rope after turning. I use Serafil from Amann It is 0,12 mm thick (120/2) 100% polyester. This was a helpful topic. this is the rope without cooking I'm Dutch so the 350 degrees are in Fahrenheit I guess? (we use Celcius in our country, 350 degrees Celcius is hot like a flame )
  7. I have no idea...you will need to just pick one. But when you are on the mara 120 screen try and just type in the color code....that sometimes works.
  8. Hello, I could not find Gutermann Mara 120 in 2899. What is the nearest code to that? I can just change all to that color. I should just pick one but colors displayed on a computer are almost never accurate to the actual color.
  9. Gday Mate, the rope walker in your pic is the one I built quite a while ago. I have made many great looking ropes with it since and it is now one of my favourite aspects of the hobby. In answer to your question, I didn’t put a motor at the other end of the Walker, but after I make a length of rope on the walker, I have found that attaching a cheap battery powered screwdriver on a low speed setting to the rear of the bolt on the trolly to which my rope strands are tied and giving it 50 - 100 rotations tightens up the rope even more. The rope still needs to be under pressure i.e the lead we
  10. On some designs, a motor on both sides can be useful, but isn't essential. I suggest you take a look at Syren Ship Model Company's "Rope Rocket." This elegantly designed ropewalk system is powered by any reversible electric hand drill. There are videos on their website that demonstrate the system's use. It's very well made (unlike some cheap copies) and is relatively inexpensive. If your time is worth anything at all, you'd be money ahead to buy this rope maker and not bother with trying to chase down the bits and pieces to make your own. It was designed by forum member Chuck Passaro. See: ht
  11. Not really. It is pretty easy to make a rope walk. It can be made fancy or with whatever scrap or ebay-cheap material. It is easier to have a motor on one side spinning three yarns. On the other side it just needs some king of bearing connected to a weight. As the yarns spin into tension, the other end automatically will spin the opposite side and make the rope. The lines will get shorter as the rope is created and the bearing will move and lift the weight so some kind of pulley is needed there. A spindle is needed to keep the yarns separate-this will also move towards the motor so it needs to
  12. Hi everyone! After making a few kits myself, i found out that the ropes that come with the kits usually are not as good as i would want them. I have researched a bit and found out about ropewalks, even found the Domanoff PL4 and Prosak. Still, i dont have the money right now, and i would like to make a ropewalk myself. I have looked into it and found this post: Which is exactly what i was looking for. However, i have seen other designs in which the moving part also twists the rope in the oposite side. My question is, if anyone has tried both, is it worth it to add a motor t
  13. The best colors from Aurifil for tan rope in my opinion are #2326 Sand #2325 Linen #5010 Beige #6010 Toast. I even purchased the color card from them. The #5011 rope beige is just a little too grey.
  14. I should have mentioned in the previous post that, by eye in indirect sunlight, the actual color to me is a grey-beige. So it's OK for me. I think cameras, monitors and overhead lighting whether at home or in a store can really influence color perception. By now, I'm walking the rope color trials up to the room where I will display the model. Mike
  15. Interesting on the color - I was not happy at all with the light beige color, but the very dark bark looked pretty good. I'm currently torn whether to continue testing other colors (I was interested in the ermine and the rope beige) or deal with the characteristics of Mara (currently leaning towards the latter).
  16. Thank you Chuck. It took hardly any time getting used to the Rope Rocket.. pretty much stuck to your video tips. Well done. I'm running a spreadsheet with about 20 trials so far with a split of about 50/50 cotton/polyester. I finally found some weight 12 Aurifil and twisted it up today: Mako 12 2 t/s x 3s .038" (10 strands/10 method) Mako 12 3 t/s x 3s .047" This color is 5011 Rope Beige. Under the shop lights (LED 5000K) it is grey while under LED 2700K lights it is tan. 🤨 Notwithstanding the price, I currently favor the cotton just to avoid th
  17. Nice work....I missed this topic. Your rope looks great. Keep up the good work. Once you get the hang of using the Syren Rope Rocket it becomes second nature. Remember to make a recipe card as the results will be same each time you use it. Chuck
  18. I wanted to place a note here as a complete novice to rope making. I purchased Syren’s Rope Rocket and some Mara thread and have been trying to get some nice rope. I think I’ve finally found the trick for me and that is to put a lot more initial twists in than you realize. Compared to my first batch I think I may be putting 10x the initial twists in and it has helped significantly with unraveling. There is definitely an art to it, but I think I’m heading in the right direction.
  19. Looks pretty nice; I was looking for a dark brown so I decided to order their "Very Dark Bark" and see if it can pass muster for standing rigging and their "Light Beige" to see what it looks like for running rigging.
  20. Sorry for the delay in responding. Still have trouble getting any notifications. I have had one trial with Aurifil Mako 28, color "Toast", 2 threads/strand x 3 strands, thickness .027" (10 strands/10 method). It twisted nice and tight. I stopped at this trial because the color was too dark for my current build. I've since got another color and will try that soon. Mike
  21. Those samples look quite nice. I noticed the limited colors in my window shopping (I didn’t see anything remotely close to a standing rigging color). The search continues, but the Mara is working as well (simply fun to experiment).
  22. Aurifil is expensive but looks pretty good. Limited colors in 80wt though. here are some of my Aurifil samples. It looks better and behaves well when treated with watered down white pva.
  23. Did you ever give the Aurifil a try? I have some Mara that I have been happily experimenting with but I am interested in giving cotton thread a try as well.
  24. Thank you Ryland. The Rope Rocket pretty much does the work... set it up and follow the videos. I've been making short (7 foot) lengths with Mara polyester thread and am getting consistent results. Also, I found a color that is suitable for my project which was the reason I am trying to make my own rope. Some cotton thread (Aurifil) is on order for comparison so by next week I'm hoping to have the material settled and start making longer whale line. Sorry I did not respond sooner. It looks like my notifications are not coming. I'll have to check that. Best, Mike
  25. Looks like I don't need an an extra hardening step after an untwist/re-twist unless I intend to store the the thread.. which I don't intend at this point. In any case, I have some nice .045" right twist Mara rope with almost no unwinding tendency. Both these samples were heat treated. Up to now I only have 7 foot lengths made so I'll scale that up. Thanks for looking in, Mike
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