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This is an intro to carving. Basic stuff with no fully round carving such as figureheads. This group area is set up for folks who have never tried carving before. Laser cut blanks are available from Syren Ship Model Company so everyone can compare notes and techniques while carving the same design.

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MSW Online Group Project
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  2. Thanks Chuck. Just ordered mine from the link you posted. It's a great way to learn to carve and will help me carve the flower on the stern of my Mayflower build.
  3. Yes it is still ongoing and yes the carving blanks are still available here. I encourage all members to join this group and give it a try. https://syrenshipmodelcompany.com/royal-barge-kit.php#!/Extra-Boxwood-Carving-Blanks-One-full-set-of-the-seven-decorations-needed/p/98399892/category=25581355 It would be great to have many members revive and join this group....its a short project and a great way to learn this important skill. Please do also click on the other tabs above in this group area where the "tutorials" and "how to join the group" info are post
  4. Chuck. Just read your Carving build log. Is the carving group still active. If so how is one able to get the carving banks you mentioned? I went to the NRG store but couldn't locate them.
  5. Joop, nice log and good carving discoveries Balsa cement gives a strong fixing to a wood backing, bur releases immediately with acetone.
  6. I have one of these in my stash of models and you've inspired me to move it up in my build list. Not sure I could come close to your carving skill though
  7. Don't forget the cloth polishing brushes. I've found that a CLEAN brush lightly applied at medium speed smoothies rough spots sometimes.
  8. This group as well as all of the others are perpetually open. So feel free to jump into any of them for a nice project with your peers. I have plenty of carving blanks available at Syren. This is a great introduction to carving those little elements for your ship model.!!!!
  9. great help the mini lathe using drimmel and really like the instructions on how to do things! thanks for the link
  10. Druxey, I have ordered a handful of Dockyard mini chisels to play with (or more accurately, to see if I can sharpen and then play with them!) Thanks Chuck, druxey, reklein, and everyone else again for taking the time to take a peek and comments!
  11. Nicely done, Eric; particularly with the comparatively large tools you are using. If you are serious about miniature carving, you might consider acquiring some miniature carving tools. It will make a difficult job much easier.
  12. I covered the carving with several coats of water based polyurethane, which ‘smoothed out” the texture of the cut wood, making it look much better, than it actually is!
  13. I undercut the flowers slightly and the carving looked ok enough for the time spent so far. I popped the carving off and wet the paper and rubbed most of it off quickly. The rest yielded to the X-acto blade with a couple quick scapes. I noticed a couple of my cuts didn’t cut all to the base so I scraped that as well. I thought I would need to scrape or sand at this point, but I’m happy enough with the exercise as is. Beyond the the sawing, the cutting (and grinding) took two 15 minutes sessions (plus a bit more for photos). I assume this would quicker with practice. I
  14. I ground down a bit of brass tube to make a circle-shaped ‘punch’ for the center of the flower and I ground down a X-acto blade for scraping the previously described inside curves. It was quick to do and they worked ok.
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