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HMS Triton is a wonderful opportunity to learn or develop new skills, and is suitable for both newcomer and seasoned modeler. This Cross section model will encompass the same sort of construction as the real vessel. The full hull version can be built as a fully framed model or as a plank on bulkhead model.

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MSW Online Group Project
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  2. Many thanks for the info. I have a Dremel, so I think I will invest in some saws for it. I may also make a jig which will hold the Dremel like a table saw! I got additional saw blades for the Proxxon from Axminster Tools, they have a reasonable range. I look forward to more logs from you. Lynn
  3. I think the blade you may be thinking of is the one I have for the Proxxon mini drill. These are made by a variety of manufacturers and easily available on Amazon and eBay. They are for any drill that can hold a shaft of 3.15mm (e.g. Dremel), and are 22mm in diameter. They are not at all expensive. The smallest one I have for the Proxxon table saw is 0.5mm kerf, (0.02in) which I obtained from MicroMark in the US, together with an adapter for the Proxxon. I hope that helps. Tony
  4. Hi Tony, I think you mentioned somewhere in your log that you have a 0.3mm blade for your Proxxon table saw. Can I ask where you got it from? cheers, Lynn
  5. Beautiful work, Jorge. The date on the photos isn't a problem. We all have that problem at some time or another.
  6. Hello, I've ordered and paid for the Triton plans on 1st of july, but I didnt recive any pm or noitiffication about how to download the plans... and i dont know where to find them Please let me know how i can get them.. Thank you Matei
  7. Hello, I am in the final details, My camera has the date wrongly configured, the photos are from yesterday, I hope everyone is fine with the pandemic.
  8. Hi to everyone. Today I finished the building Jig. The building board (bottom piece) is 17-3/4” x 28-3/4” x 3/4”MDF, and the Jig board is 17-3/4” x 28-1/2” x 1/8” Pressboard. I would have liked to have the MDF in 1/2” because now it is too heavy but I had both pieces in the shop at the time and so I used them. The distance between the top of the building board to the top of the Jig board is 3-1/8”. The supporting studs are a mixture of 1/4” and 5/16” threaded rods. Most of them I had them and did not even had to cut them to length. I don’t think it matters that so
  9. In the plan views the top row represents the keelson scarphs, the middle row the keel scarphs and the bottom row the false keel joints. Compare them to the side view above them.
  10. Hi Nicholas, It's a while since I have been able to get near by own build of the Triton, but from memory I think you will find that these rectangles show the position of the scarf joints that join the various pieces. If you look at the central one on the plan view labelled 4 (keel) the view shows the type of joint from the side. The rectangles on 1 and 5 (keelson and false keel) are the same joint but viewed from above. The aim is to have the orientation of the joints on each separate assembly alternating for additional strength. The same joints appear on the side view but the other way r
  11. My progress has been very slow on this projects but today I printed to scale the keel and hull plans. After studying the keel plan, I have a question for someone with experience. In the attached pictures I have pointed with red arrows to some rectangles appearing on the Keelson and the False Keel. I would like to know what these rectangles represent plus on the side view there are 4 shown but on the plan view there are 5. Thank you
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