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HMS Triton is a wonderful opportunity to learn or develop new skills, and is suitable for both newcomer and seasoned modeler. This Cross section model will encompass the same sort of construction as the real vessel. The full hull version can be built as a fully framed model or as a plank on bulkhead model.

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MSW Online Group Project
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  2. Todos pueden hacerlo,esta pagina se traduce automaticamente.Estoy en español y al leerlos a ustedes se cambia a ingles enseguida. Gracias y feliz año
  3. Jorge, Could you please use Google Translate or some other translator? MSW is an English language site and you'll get more comments, etc. if you use English. ¿Podría utilizar el Traductor de Google o algún otro traductor? MSW es un sitio en inglés y obtendrá más comentarios, etc. si usa inglés.
  4. The rigging looks great. Well, I hope that is a New Year's wish that is not to be held to. Happy New Year! Happy modelling! Stay safe from COVID! (We have a friend aged 60 who was begged by her daughter to come over for Christmas as she'd cooked so much food. The daughter on the day said her food tasted weird, so didn't eat much. The daughter then had a raging temperature and it turns out she had COVID. Our friend rang this morning to say she herself had just been tested positive. I am pretty sure that there will be stories from all over the UK that will be similar)
  5. Hi all. I decided make quick update about my cross section last time this year. I done rigging for gun carriages. Looks good for me. But next model i definitely will be made without any rigging:) Thanks to anyone. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  6. Thanks Chad The idea about initial block was taken from "tkay11" Triton cross section build. Thanks to him for that. I just do it a little changes. I make it a little longer and with 3 carriages in one time. The principle is quite simply. I pre cut all parts by sizes and right mitre. After glue them together. Only I use glue on ends of parts/Red line/ When all milling,sawing and preparing works was done I simply cut off glued parts/Green line/. In my opinion it worked quite well. Only I'm not sure if I'd do
  7. Beautiful work as usual! I love your idea for making carriages! Could you go into a little more detail about how you made the initial block in the first photo? Thanks! Chad
  8. Hola,sobre el papel se usa el BOND PARA PLOTERS,lo hice en mi trabajo a 1/48,poniendo IMPRESION AL 100%,resulta sin problemas.En cuanto al libro ANATOMY OF THE SHIP del HMS Pandora,no son similares,se pueden rescatar algunos detalles,pero no son iguales,el HMS Triton es mas grande.Seria mejor referencia el HMS Diana.Exito en su construccion,llevo dos años y medio en el mio y sin velas.
  9. The last set I had done was on the #20 paper and that was just fine. I've also done the mylar.
  10. found this on their website , guess i have my answer , thank you for the referral its perfect BOND PRINTING PAPER Bond printing paper is the common, slightly rough surfaced paper used for writing, printing, and drawing, etc. Bond paper derives its name from the original use of this tough paper for the printing of government bonds. We offer several grades of bond paper for printing: 20# white, 20# Colored (the paper is colored pink, blue, yellow, and green), 24# white, and 32# white bond. The grade of bond paper is important to how your print looks. For specs and regular bluep
  11. I had my Winchelsea plans done on normal plan paper, the sort they use for architectural drawings, but I don't know what you'd call it over there🙂
  12. What are the choices? I had mine printed on plain white paper but, my apartment is pretty stable in the temperature/humidity department.
  13. i printed the largest ones and although the first page i printed didn't have a scale on it , the next couple did and the measurements are perfect, its just the 3 middle ones i have to figure out , and thank you for the link i will give them a try
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