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  2. Charles I am so sorry, just this afternoon did I see that you replied regarding the book, Anatomy of the Ship Captain Cook's Endeavour by Karl Heinz Marquardt. Thank you so very much for the information.........Keith
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  4. I remember that the subdeck on my AVS did not match the plans. I was concerned about this. The openings for the hatches were off center and the notches for the bulkhead extensions had to be opened up to fit properly. The subdeck is going to be planked over and everything worked out just fine for me.
  5. Congratulations on completing your Granado. This is one of my favorite ships and your build log will be an inspiration to future builders of this ship model. I really like the display base that you made.
  6. Thank you Jason for your always kind comments and support.
  7. Yes, I agree Druxey, but more specifically parallel with the sheer of the quarter galleries, as opposed to the top sheer, which is much more pronounced. The drawing of the lyre is close, but whispers of a hair out of whack. I am confident that I can correct these discrepancies with the tools.
  8. Hi Will - I'm looking forward to your build log. (Also looking forward to meeting you next Tuesday)
  9. Congratulations on finishing a fine model - she looks superb on that display base - what a great idea!
  10. Thanks Carl. It has been a very educational build for me, and I'm glad others have benefited as well.
  11. Looking good Keith, good to see you back at the workbench Regards Paul
  12. I just added some photos of my Skipjack Kathryn build. I had named each file using a sequence number, assuming that the photos would be shown in that sequence. The photos are shown in reverse order - last in first out. I've tried sorting the album by Caption, and I see the album in the proper sequence, but the Gallery still shows the original sequence. Is there a way to resequenced the album in the Gallery?
  13. Your work is gorgeous I admire your craftsmanship a lot. My best regards, Alexander.
  14. The Kathryn model is based on the HAER drawings, and is at 1:32 scale.
  15. Surgery in May kept me out of the shipyard till a couple of weeks ago. For the most part the rigging is finished. The main purpose of taking on this project was to get some rigging experience having never done any before. Did I make mistakes, many. But I learned a lot and the fear of rigging is gone. Do I have a lot yet to learn, much.
  16. Very nice choice for a build! I did a plastic version a long while back. I see how much nicer the larger, wooden models are. This is on my list for future builds, I'll watch your progress with interest!
  17. After a lot of thinking … I think I have found the problem , if you will look carefully you will see the piece 373 came bigger , here is a 2 pictures for comparing (my build and the Calder craft build ) The caldercraft piece finished with the line of the first gun ports pattern blue arrow and mine finish about 2.5 mm Downstairs red arrow so the best solution it’s to cut the end off part 373 and bring it to the same line of the first gun ports pattern anyway it will not make any changes for the finishing panel ( even if I will need to take off from the panel. Because that panel will be painted black without any decoration here is a picture from caldercraft of a finishing model)
  18. Interestingly: the feature seems to have been added at some point in time. it is notvisible i this picture of the Duke Jan
  19. Nice camouflage! I remember making a tank model as a teen but I have no recollection of the brand.
  20. There aren't really any clear photos of Marlborough's stern, but there's a fantastic one of Duke of Wellington. I see nothing similar there. I have to assume that it was an experimental fitting of some kind (and the more I loo at it, the more it looks like a projecting feature from the hull, rather than simply an open hatch). Everyone's theories/guesses seem plausible... I'll just have to interpret it as best I can! and keep looking for more photos. Surprising how many there are from that time (good ones, too!)
  21. More work done: While waiting for MS to send me the proper thickness basswood sheet to construct the cap rails, I went ahead with the windlass and handles, locker hinges, lift rings, rudder and tiller. I guess now I'll just continue along with the mast, gaff and bowsprit. That should keep me busy for a while...
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