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  2. RKWZ and Sea Hoss: thank you very much for the great compliments. Building is twice as much fun with you! Thank you! -Heinz-
  3. Does your admiral give you that look and utter those words "if its going wrong and you are not enjoying it - why do it"? OC.
  4. Yeah. It was great fun while it lasted. Hardly a "daily driver," but great fun for a Sunday drive or special occasions. I bought it on a "too good a deal to pass up" impulse when it was offered to me by the widow of a friend. I played with it for a couple of years and put it in a car show where it won the "People's Choice" Award, which was sort of embarrassing because it was a 7/8ths scale replica car, not the real deal, and the show was full of beautiful restorations and hot rods. A guy walked up and offered me four times what I paid for it right in front of my wife... so you know the name of
  5. I got one of those masks with a full set of teeth - suddenly I'm smiling again.😁 OC.
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  7. Thanks for the kind words Bill! I don’t really know what happened with Y.T. All I know is one day he was here and then he wasn’t.
  8. I need some brief advice. A few years ago I inherited an unfinished 1980s model of the Constitution from my grandfather, and without any prior ship-building experience, I endeavored to finish what remained of the masts and rigging. I have now put together everything except for the studding sails, but I'm at a slight impasse. My confusion involves the studding sail yards. Unless I am misunderstanding the situation, the instructions say "When not in use, the spare studding sail yards parts 29 through 35 were usually lashed to the gun deck as shown." And indeed my grandfather did appear to place
  9. Hi Harvey, another warm welcome from the UK. OC.
  10. What a beauty! I understand sometimes the money is just stupid!!
  11. this was a tedious task.......there were many cuss words uttered. I have a flashlight on my desk.......dropping this thing to the floor.....well, I can safely say I got my exercises at the same time! as mentioned, I had a pair of plastic triangular pieces, but even if I knew where they were, they'd likely be out of scale. so I have these six pieces of PE......I will have tie them together. I'm trying to use macro with the new camera....this is how they come out with poor lighting and flash. after trying a few times to join them with tweezers and the wire........I even tried
  12. There’s no problem, the pilori is next to the pond. The problem is where is the pissoir near the pub? However the pond would eliminate the need to queue up. But I guess the pilori would have a queue. Do you know Ekis has to give the final approval on everything concerning the Notre-Dame reconstruction. Everything must be perfect! So they’re choice was obvious! Kurt
  13. Your doing some fine work there mate despite the hurdles - you always come out ontop. OC.
  14. Oh, I completely understand, and agree. Pick a color, white/grey plastic is best and teach people about proper primer coating....
  15. I owned a '69 Chevelle that was painted in the same shade of silver.
  16. This is from the Bluejacket monthly newsletter:
  17. Now you know why I primered it in black, but I thought you would have picked that up earlier. Black is the correct primer for any silver finish. The plastic looked horrible before paint. Green plastic could not hide the ugly of the imperfections in the plastic. Green plastic only makes it more difficult to cover it with primer unless you do it it black primer. That dark green plastic would have required a lot of primer to do it in white. I am not a big fan of colored plastic for that reason.
  18. Sounds good to me - i'll bring the dinghy.........."Wait - did they have inflateables back then"?😊 OC.
  19. Actually no, that ship is doing at least 37kts the roostertail will always be there when pushing that much water, the transom flap is installed to reduce the vortex drag off the sharp chined transom, same principle as winglets on the wings of 747's....
  20. Holy cow Yves.......the sub looks awesome! .......and a great log to follow to boot! very well done on both counts so much detail......you've really outdone yourself superb job my friend ...and congratz!
  21. Nice Color.... Sharp lookin car.... And an even better one.... There's your car, (except it's in dark green) Now you know why it was molded in Green.....
  22. Looked like you were going for the Green Hornet Black Beauty look for a while there. Interesting choice of colors.
  23. The town has an ordnance, "no skinnydippin when drunk" The town would have to build a much much bigger Gaol....
  24. Made a lot of progress this last week. I got one of the grates done as well as the coaming with the ladder at the front of the main deck. The ladder was a bugger but I got it in there. Only dropped it below deck once while dry fitting 🙃. Just a mild heart attack. I applied wipe on poly on Wednesday, allowed it to cure until Thursday night then finally got the main wales on. Today I taped everything up to a degree the CDC should use as an instructional video and painted them black. Next came the blue for under the PE parts. overall I’m very happy with the
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