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  2. Hey Mike, (Meddo) The boats are indeed stuck to the ship. But I must say, I built them exactly to plans, and the lowering lines are hooked to rings secured to the bottom of the keel. When I rigged them to the davits, I thought I would just let them hang. Except that they kept rolling over to the side. So that begs a question - unless kept totally balance from port to starboard, how in the heck did the crew lower these guys with tipping them over? Mikiek, Great to hear from you. It has been a while. I am glad you have stopped in to urge me to the finish line. I missed your careful eye and sage advice. Sea Hoss, Thanks for the compliments. Having a forum member leave comments on my log is even better than successfully spinning a tiny oar in a cordless drill and not breaking it.
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  4. Thanks again Pat. I have loads to do on the rigging and some other issues to attend to as far as what date I have chosen to model her in. I've opted to keep her around the 1877 time frame...since she was heavily modified and updated throughout her colorful career. I hope to rig her with weather sails similar to this image of her...the only known image of her under sails. She will not be running fully sailed like the Great Republic...but her set will be surely different then what I've depicted in the past. Rob
  5. Hope everything is well with your loss and family, look foward to the completion of your build.
  6. Thank you so much, Don. It was your log that spurred me along when I was slowing down. How's your build coming along?
  7. Next step is to install the floorboards. One center plank 1/2" wide, two neighboring planks 3/8" wide and two further planks on the extreme outside 1/4" wide. Well, the extreme outside floorboards are supposed to be 1/4" wide but as I indicated in an earlier post there are simply not enough 1/4" wide included in this kit for the hull planking let alone for other applications like this here. I am using 3/16" wide strips instead. !!If you are going to do this kit buy more 1/4" x 1/16" planks in advance!! So, the center floorboard plank has to be tapered towards the bow per instructions. When the neighboring floorboards are laid down it's pretty tricky to glue them down and still maintain a 1/16" clearance evenly down the entire length of the floorboard, the strip has to be subtly curved as it's glued down. The solution is to soak the neighbor planks in hot water then edge clamp with the already tapered center floorboard until dry. Then stain and set aside. Tomorrow I'll glue them down and simulate nails. The picture shows the (wet) outside floorboards edge clamped to the center floorboard. After drying the subtle curve is maintained and it should (fingers crossed) be easier to glue down with consistent spacing between boards.
  8. A quick overhead shot of the angle needed for fairing the bulkheads towards the bow.
  9. Some wipe on Poly for the stern transom and the hull parts which won't be painted.
  10. I'm going to have to get a much smaller bottle to whack against her hull!
  11. Hello Denis Thank you also for all of that info, you are a good man. Jo.
  12. Hello all Sorry I have not posted for sometime but will be back soon. Del2, thank you for posting with the info on my little ship it is much appreciated. Unfortunately this is only my second wooden ship build, (still have not finished the first one yet ha-ha), but I don't know the names of the parts of the ships but I will learn with the help of people like yourself and others on this forum. With the dyeing of the sails, my plan was to dye them let them dry and then tie them up in a ball and re-dye them, I hope to get a weathered look. You said your hull came in two halves, I am not sure if mine is an older kit or not but I am happy with it the way it is, as for the instructions yes they are very, very BAD. I have looked for your log but cannot find it are you doing a log on your build. Jo.
  13. Finished a reconstruction of the HMS Sophie. She was the Cruizere class brog that paid a visit to Jean Lafitte the free lance businessman just prior to the battle of New Orleans. There is a sail plan at the National Maritime Museum with a markedly shorter bowsprit but it does not appear to be contemporary. I am not sure where they got their dimensions. I know all about various formula and tables of rtios, but I find it remarkable that with almost 100 copies in the water, there does not seem to be a single actual, contemporary set of spar measurements. Surely they had to order sails?
  14. This is really looking great and growing before our eyes. Issue Slim sun block before the FL sun bleaches his bones 😀 Kenneth
  15. Are you notching the keel or the bottom of the frame? If not, will be putting a wooden peg through the frame to the keel? I'm wondering about strength if relying only on glue.
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