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  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Gary - and all those others who've hit the 'like' button. John
  3. But you don't need to feel limited to bears and Kangaroos. https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/best-funny-animal-break-in-home/
  4. The World Is Not Enough - Garbage (From the soundtrack of the James Bond film of the same name.)1999
  5. In our part of the world this guy is more likely.
  6. I finally have some nice files, a set of cut 2 and cut 0 from contenti along with a riffler file. Does anyone have any recommendations for file organization? Or a good way to tell what cut each file is (aside from the sticker on the bag which will disappear when I take the files out of the individual bags)? Thanks!
  7. Patton would be proud of your work. As usual.... the craft was obvious back then...Moab
  8. When I want better photos it looks like this… but most of my production photos is just with my mobile.
  9. As per Murphy's Law, after being unable to locate my jig saw blades when I needed them (way back on post #2) for this project, I found them today while looking for something else.
  10. Wife got met this for x-mas. She also got me the steam engine, but I figured I'd start with what should be easier to get the swing of building from the instructions.
  11. Thats just a shot with my mobile. The lamp was on and full daylight from the window so I am not surprised that the whitebalance is off. I will do studioshots with my profoto flashes and Nikon D500 once the deck and 2nd planking are complete.
  12. Yesterday
  13. How heavy do you think she will be once completed? There's a lot of timber in that build.
  14. Enough Is Enough - Donna Summer And Barbara Streisand
  15. Should be second nature to you now Phil 🤪 Victory is looking fantastic
  16. Better there than suddenly in front of the headlights!
  17. Yes - regular as clockwork for a cuppa and a bit of knitting . . . Steven
  18. I did. I found them on clearance, lol. Seriously, though, thank you very much!
  19. After day of work. Today has arrived parcel with fluorescent powder, I'm going to do some light lamps. At first I thought about led light but don't want have a deal with wires, batteries etc, so will do lights using chemistry power
  20. Did you pick those carriages up at ikea 😉? Everything is looking really nice; I’m still staring at the carved cannons, very well done!
  21. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson (Released a a single in 1979) This song earned him his first solo Grammy Award in 1980, winning Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. I have it on HIStory: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1.
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