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  2. I have been installing some items on the deck. I installed the handrails around the ladders. I also added some chain to the capstan. I'm not a fan of it being around the main mast but it is what it is. I also installed the ships wheel and bell. I also installed the Syrens around the stern. I have been working on the ships boat. It was a fun little project.
  3. Nope, probably the worst beer in Oz, universally hated. It’s Vile. I think the Northern European version is different to the Australian concoction.
  4. Hello everyone, I got my COVID vaccine yesterday (the first shot) and I finished my kitchen this weekend so talk about sore! I’m very happy with the progress I have made over the last two days. I have all the frames assembled and half of them glued to the keel, I thought these would take longer but once I got the hang of their construction the frames were pretty easy to get together. There are 1 piece and 2 piece frames on this model, the one piece frames are really easy to install I just cleaned up the part that will glue to the keel and the build board where the tabs si
  5. The basic kit is from Trumpeter. I customized it using the following: Eduard photo-etch Black Cat Model's 20mm, 40mm and 3"/50 cal anti-aircraft guns Miscellaneous fittings from Black Cat Models Master Model's 14-inch gun barrels Master Model's whip antennas North Star Model's floater nets Radars from Infini Model's USN World War II radar set Kingfisher floatplanes from L'Arsenal I painted the ship as she appeared during Operation Overlord with the Measure 22 schema. Measure 22 used Navy blue low on the hull, below
  6. Thank you all for the great comments!! Really motivates me to do better 🙂 Thanks Desalgu! I just saw your finished Syren, she really is a beauty! A few months ago I did not know what serving was either, until I found out they were used to prevent wear on the lines from rubbing on each other and from the sails rubbing on them. I am using "Superior MicroQuilter 100wt Polyester Thread" and the color is "Dark Brown #7029" to match the rope color. I purchased a couple spools from from Red Rock Threads. And to serve it I am using the Syren Serv-o-Matic machine, but there a
  7. Thanks Chuck. I’ve become a big fan of Weathering Powder, it gave such a very different and much nicer look to the carronades. Thanks for sharing that in the monograph. I am happy to have rounded my last axel for a while.
  8. Wow! Went back to The New Bedford Whaleboat today. Opened My Build Log and saw it has been 3 months since I last worked on her. Where does the time go. I’ve been finishing the Charles W Morgan for 3 Months! 😆 So I made progress today on the Whaleboat. Started adding details in the stern. Standing cleats in the stern installed. Foot brace installed. Cleats installed...
  9. Not sure what that lesson would be. I enjoy the use of all tools, including those with or without power. I don’t think something is better or worse based on the tool used. Look at the incredible work of Marslav who uses CNC with his mill. That’s also art.
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  11. Great job! A lot of love and skill in that model.
  12. Congrats Desalgu!! She's gorgeous! The flags look realistic as well 🙂
  13. It looks like you're in a lot of trouble, there. Next you'll have to walk the plank! They look excellent, Glenn.
  14. Just joined today and read this thread first. Was fascinated with the responses and will be using many of the tips and guidance therein going forward. Thank you drjeckl for posing this question/discussion point! Am building a Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack that I started 20 years ago and shelved until the COVID Era.
  15. I am fortunate to have several sizes of “Cuttyhunk” hard twisted linen line. I used it to rig my 1:32 scale longboat model. I first made a table of all lines, standing and running on the boat and the diameter of each line required. Where necessary I converted from circumference. I then measured the sizes that I had available using the system of counting the number of turns wrapped around a known distance on a dowel and matched these up with required sizes as closely as possible. It’s better to rig with lines slightly smaller than too large. Where necessary for smaller sizes I
  16. I can only echo others, fantastic! I sure wish I'd discovered these build logs a lot sooner. Your photos are great! Very impressed with how you served shrouds around masts. Until this forum I wasn't sure what serving meant. Chuck called it seizing a line, but it looks all the same to me. What kind of thread did you use? It looks a lot thinner or finer than what I used, and it looks a lot better than what I did. The ones around masts are very realistic. Your rope eyes are also excellent. I had a hard time with them, especially at first. In my case, I wrapped t
  17. Good work again, Glenn. Interesting about the use of mills and lathes and things. I don't know if you know the work of Doris Obrucova. Her Royal Katherine is in my opinion an outstanding work of art. She has said many times that she works with simple tools (knives, sandpaper) and owns no power tools. A lesson to us all perhaps. John
  18. You know, when you can find one, even the 1:24 scale model of the McLaren F1 street version is $100+. The race cars are less, but the street version is hard to find and expensive, like the 1:1 car.
  19. Thank you for the examples Gregory. In my opinion this is a better option for displaying by taking up less room but still looks good. The bow work is coming along and looking better, in my opinion.
  20. Safely encased in it’s custom built case! Included “Plymouth Rock”. Like to keep my ships in cases to prevent dust collection and possible damage from little fingers. I like to include a remote controlled LED light as well for evening illumination.
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