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  2. Thanks. The first landing have 2 bar railings so I’ll use individual stanchions as they still look better. The Infini doors look so much better
  3. I guess the laminated plank stock is thin enough to take the bending without too much fuzz. Otherwise I would be hesitant to use laminated wood, since it will be stiffer than solid. Can't wait to see the inside when planking is finished 😉
  4. The planking in the last picture looks really good! Well done Jim!
  5. I started with the gunport lids. That is more difficult as I thougt. First of all I made the wooden lids, it took me some time to make a tight fit. Then I started with the hinges from brass. So far for now. Matthias
  6. Unfortunately, I have to postpone this for an undetermined time. I was measuring and thinking about it for 2 weeks now and the only way to make it work is to re-do lots of frames. One third of fore frames are shorter, A- frame is 4 mm shorter. Aft ones are not wide enough, some of them; I spotted one which I cut, but also there is one I didn't. The transom is too wide, but I measured it against the plan and is correct. If I take into account frames which are not wide enough and the inside carving, which is far from what is shown in the book (it can be seen that is closing on EE frame - last on
  7. Today
  8. Sorry. Yes it's actually short for gasoline not the stomach kind that smells up the place. Budgie smugglers? Learn something new here on MSW every day.
  9. Hello, The installation of the anchor is not correct, the davit would never support the weight of the anchor, it is intended to raise the anchor buoy. See this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYxrbtuyNG0 GD
  10. The model is almost ready, some details need to be added like chains etc. I also re-did the base....again!
  11. My first attempt at a kit build I’ve used PVA glue with a dot of CA for clamping. Matt clear acrylic to the deck, masking the places where superstructures will be glued Gesso to the areas to be painted, preparatory to acrylic colours
  12. The Takasebune is a large cargo river boat, of which there were various types across Japan. The Tonegawa Takasebune were just one of many types of boats that plied the intricate network of the Tone river, but it was among the largest, measuring up to around 27 meters in length and was said to have a carrying capacity of up to 900 bushels of rice, or about 54 tons. My model is a 1/72-scale build of a 60-foot, with a carrying capacity of about 500 bushels of rice, or about 30 tons. I’ve been interested in these boats for some time, and have been gathering what information I could fin
  13. At least you call them Speedos, not "a Speedo". (BTW, the brand was developed in Australia - where they are commonly known as budgie smugglers. Think about it . . . ) Steven
  14. And dont laugh - I brought some Speedo's - I am slow and we dont have a pool. OC.
  15. Oh, now I understand. GAS! American for PETROL! Steven
  16. If your having a bad day Tell yourself - not your fault for buying that lawnmower for your paved patio. OC.
  17. Have a look in the forum area. https://modelshipworld.com/forum/47-how-to-use-the-msw-forum/
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