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HMAT Bounty
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Amati 1:60 Timber kit modified to "Anatomy of the Ship" by John McKay


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    • This "pourable" resin (not an epoxy) is available from Woodland Scenics and I wanted to try it for this diorama. It makes for quite convincing water. The company makes a range of materials that are primarily targeted at model train hobbyists. I've learned a lot about creating dioramas from train buddies in my clubs. This resin worked well but only for 'flat" scenarios. I've recently been experimenting with creating large, undulating ocean surfaces which require different materials and painting techniques to be convincing.
    • I'm intrigued by the bottle of "realistic water"!
    • Good morning,
      would it be possible to send me some additional photos? I would like to build my own ship and your is so great that I would like to see more details to help me.
      Best regards,
    • Good evening. Do you have the plans of this wonderful ship?
    • Oh haha, misread it 😂, sure she does need a nice one, and I can make that soon. 
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