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Flying Fish clippers.


Flying Fish clippers.
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My model is scaled up to measure 1.5 meters in lenght. Al wooden materials in hull and deck are in oak. My building times has bean 1.5 years for this ship. Im starting this hobby then i was 12 years old and now i had 6 ships in my fleet. I wish al shipsmates good luck with this great hobby.

Cinserly Leif Helge from Norway.




This is fantastic! What a splendid model of a very beautiful ship.

Thank you!

Could you add some photos of the whole model, with coppering complete?

Also more details of the rigging? Your photos could then be a helpful reference for many others.

Thank you!


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Cinserly:  Great job!  In 1963 I got a solid-hull version from my dad, who got it from a neighbor.  After having built 3 other ships on a card table, my dad decided he had enough and let me have it "for when I retire", which happened two years ago.  I'm about 300 hour into it and was just about to rig the masts when I found this site and your posting.  Your work has inspired me to add more details from the 1980 plans, and your photos have resolved some questions I've had (some of which are still fixable. ;>).   It's my first kit so I'm not planning to make it "museum quality" like yours.  I wanted to thank you for posting and say congratulations.

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Tim Curtis and JimInKY

Thank you very much for fine words about my flying fish model. I greatly appreciate it and I am delighted that it can provide inspiration for new construction of ships. good luck and have many pleasant hours with the hobby. will try to add new pictures of my model.

Cinserly Leif Helge

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