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'Azov' Russian pr.775 Ropucha Class. 1/350


'Azov' Russian pr.775 Ropucha Class. 1/350
Oscar Ballesteros
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Oscar Ballesteros
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A model of Russian landing ship 'Azov' pr.775 Ropucha class.

Designed as a Ro-Ro with capability for beach landings. They can carry up to 450t cargo.


The hull is built with wood and styrene while the superestructure is made of styrene and lots of photoetched details from diferent brands, most of them remains from other projects taken from my spare box.


While building I've wrote a Build log in a spanish-speaking forum, for those who may be interested you may have a look here:




19 hours ago, Mirabell61 said:

Beautiful Build Oscar,


can the front and stern ramp doors be opened ?...



Thank you Nils @Mirabell61 for your kind comments! 

No, unfortunately stern and bow doors cannot be opened. When at the build I thought to do so, but I realized that

 It will complicate too much the project. 

For next one maybe


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