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Dutch 17th century workhorses


Dutch 17th century workhorses
Ab Hoving
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Ab Hoving
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Here is a small collection of 17th century Dutch vessels. Some are for inshore use, some for coast traffic, some really crossed the seas. They all have in common that there is no showing off. They were just tools and that's how they were used. The yacht is the only exception in this row of models.

Nevertheless they can be held responsible for most of the trading success the Dutch achieved in the 17th and 18th century.


The models were made of paper and card after data I found in contemporary literature. Paper allows the model builder to build remarkably fast. These models were all made within two years (and there are more). They are all in the same scale: 1/77.


This is a 'smalschip'. Inshorevessel, about 70 feet long


A Galjoot (galliot) small trader


A Hoeker, Fishing vessel for cod and haddock


A 'buis' (buss) for catching herring


A Kaag for transport of people.


A 'waterschip', a fishing vessel for the 'Zuiderzee'.


A 'wijdschip' (wide ship). Same type as the smalschip (narrow ship), but too wide to pass the Dordrecht locks, so it had to sail 'outside the dunes'.


a small fluit, based on footage of a wreck in the Baltics at 120 meters deep.


A whaling fluit, reconstructed after literature.


a 'pinas', an armed trader.


A yacht, used by officials.


A beautiful fleet Ab.....


I like the crew members of ships, did you use existing figurines by alterating them ? ( positions and clothing )



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Those are all very beautiful models and they share an interesting story. Thanks for the display, Ab!


Why are some of the sails black?





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Thank you both.


Mirabell61: the crew members were purchased at an English web-shop: 1001modelkits,co.uk. Here is the link:https://www.1001modelkits.co.uk/172-scale-figures/233926-red-box-rb72081-english-sailors-16-17th-century--4820316720814.html

Of course these are English sailors, which don't look too much like Dutch ones, so I had to alter them by cutting off weapons and parts of the clothing. Not my favorite activity, but much faster than making them all myself.:-)

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Radek: The sails are not black but dark red/brownish, due to the fact that they were tanned. The tanning process was done to prevent rot with sails that were not used on a daily basis. Many fishermen tanned their sails.

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Ab, very impressed with your skills and the fleet. I am most impressed with the statement these ships were built with paper and card! I would certainly like to learn a bit on how you performed this feat. I have intentions to recreate a Norse (read Viking) fleet. I currently have a series of models in different styles, wood, plastic and MDF to create this ad hoc fleet of mine. I already possess the "Great Heathen Army" in 28mm, perhaps 280 painted Danes, Norse, Vikings. Now I just need the fleet to accompany the mass of Lads as the go a Viking. You're work is supreme! 

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