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18th Century Armed Longboat 1:24


18th Century Armed Longboat 1:24
Dr PS - Paul Schulze
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Dr PS - Paul Schulze
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18th Century Armed Longboat - Model Shipways - Started build March 17, 2019 and finished July 14, 2019 . The kit was modified using ideas from the Medway Longboat (1742) plank on frame group project started by Chuck Passaro.  This build was POB.


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    • Thanks, Bill.  I will check out that video.
    • Yeaup they were stored there to be used out of the sweep ports. 
      Thanks again for the generous comments!! 😁 
    • Well I like the coils, and it is similar to the video of a guy using two metal disks with holes in the middle around a pin in a vice grip with a spring shoving the disks together, and I can get some hard clear plastic as you suggested.  Good advice, and again those are great pics you have here of an awesome build.  I would love to have that in my home.  It is beautiful.  The long oars under the launch, are those oars stowed there, and then used out of the sweep ports?  
    • Thanks!! I coiled the rope sandwiched between two plastic sheets after it was soaked in dilute white glue. You can check out the details here: 
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