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Duchess of Kingston by James H - 1:64 - Vanguard Models

Duchess of Kingston by James H - 1:64 - Vanguard Models
James H
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James H
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Here is my prototype of Vanguard Models' 1:64 Royal Yacht 'Duchess of Kingston', now complete. The photos are being used for the manual and box artwork. Deck is laser-engraved maple, and the exterior planking is in pearwood.


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    • A screw can pass through the underside of the case up into the post.  #4 1 1/2”.  Cheers.
    • Hi Andre, thank you for your comments. I am glad you like the case! Because I mill my own lumber i mill the bottom of the glass frame so that it fits into the glass trough of the base and the glass goes into the glass trough of the frame (I hope I am not confusing you). You cannot see it from the photos but when the top of the case (cover) is removed the top "stringers" of the case are flush with the out side edge of the vertical stringers glass trough so the glass can be inserted/removed by sliding it up or down. I use mirror clips to hole the top of the glass to the top stringers and when top cover is screwed in place it locks every thing in place. It really works well. If you build your own cases I would be happy to get some photos to you to help explain. Just let me know. Thanks again.......Mike AKA Shipshaper
    • Dave
      Bit of a long shot here but do you still have the English instructions,  just started this build and mine came with French ones. If you do would you be able to scan me a copy?
    • Impressive case!
      And so it happens: I will be needing to make one myself very soon.
      What I wonder: do the glass panels go through the horiontal wooden frame parts into the grooves in the base? Or are your horizontal frame parts equipped with extending part to fit into the groove of the base?
    • Thanks Charles for the likes!
      It is Walnut that I milled myself. The base is Mahogany with a Walnut border. The vertical corners are not attached to the base. The entire glass frame is made to fit in the glass trough in the base (you can see the in the pics of the base). The frame is all mortise and tenon construction so I did not need either screws or nails, just glue 9Except for the top, that is screwed to the corners). Just sits snug as a bug in the glass trough 🙂..............Shipshaper.
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