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During the 19th century and the first half of the 20th it was easy to find, both in the eastern Mediterranean, on the coasts of Anatolia, Syria and Egypt, as well as in the Black Sea and the Adriatic this type of vessel with its unmistakable sails, whose main component was a large spritsail

The model is made from the plans that, based on those of Admiral Paris, are found in the book "Vele italiane della costa occidentale dal medioevo al novecento", as well as from the observation of photos of other models of this type of vessel present in internet.

The goods carried by these ships were mainly grains and skins from the Black Sea, cotton from Egypt and salt, almonds, olives, wine and oil from the Greek islands. In the sacolevas, the maneuvering of the spritsail was very easy, since it was provided with some rings on the luff that slid over on a rope and allowed the sail to be released and collected as if it were a curtain.

The name of this boat as a sacoleva given by Admiral Paris seems to obey more to its rigging (since sacoleva is the modern Greek name for the spritsail) than to the peculiar shape of its hull, which is actually that of a tserniki , a type of boat that appeared rigged in different ways. Possibly it would be more appropriate to call it "tserniki-sacoleva".

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