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PT-61, 1941 Elco 77 foot US PT Boat; 3D Printed

PT-61, 1941 Elco 77 foot US PT Boat; 3D Printed
Patrick Matthews
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PT-61 was one of the final group of Elco 77 foot PTs built. The design featured a more streamlined cabin than previous models, and this group was fitted with two Mk-18 torpedo tubes instead of four; the aft tubes were replaced with eight depth charges. PT-61 operated at Guadalcanal in the "slot", and was famous for taking a shell from a Japanese destroyer through the bow, yet coming home to be repaired and to fight again.

The model is in 1:24... large enough for R/C, but this is a display model. The hull is dual-diagonal planked in basswood over laser cut plywood frames. The cabin and almost all detail parts are 3D printed in acrylic plastics, using both "multijet modeling" and "stereolithography" printers. The model is displayed on an Elco A-frame cradle, used when shipping the boats to theater as deck cargo.

Primary design sources are original Elco drawings and innumerable photos from available books and web sites.

A complete build log is posted at RC Groups: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2217225 ... showing the wood hull construction as well as how the 3D Printed parts were used.


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