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Artem Glushkov

Hello everyone, my name is Artem. I'm from St. Petersburg (Russia). Since 2011 I have been keen on assembling models of sailboats from the sets, and now also by building models on archival drawings.

Immediately I apologize for my English - it is no. The translation was made using Google translator. But I will try to answer your questions to the extent possible.

Let me introduce one of the sets of the Russian manufacturer Melania (Master-Korabel) - the schooner "Polotsk" in 1788. Scale 1:72.
This schooner is more a collective image, because drawings of this particular schooner, unfortunately, did not survive. Nevertheless, the manufacturer tried to take into account as much as possible all the elements characteristic for this period.

Also, at once I make a reservation that I have introduced many additions / improvements to the set.
For example:
1. practical things (90%) from a pear;
2. All the decor is made of wood;
3. ropes themselves - two-color (dark gray and gray);
4. decking of the pear deck (also available from other material);
5. No sails. Percal is enclosed. Sewed with the help of his wife;
6. trial innovation: imitation of nailing barhouts, outer sides and bulwarks. Barhouts will be divided into 2 (which is correct);
7. Also a trial innovation: imitation of joints of skin and barhouts. On the sides an ordinary joint, on the barrows locks (as on the waterwheels);
8. Another bundle of guns. I will do not only trousers, but also small 2-pulley blocks.
9. Instead of brass nagels (they are, by the way, very cute), they will be wooden. I'll finish them myself;
10 possible material: pear.

I assembled the model in April 2016 for 15 months. She took part in 3 prestigious competitions in Russia (2 gold and 1 silver medal). And it was sold.

From the album:

Schooner Polotsk

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