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Renardl One

Renardl One

Cutters, I was surprised to learn, have a bowsprit that can be run in and out. All the lines- even the standing rigging for the bowsprit- have to run. Its a very busy spar with a lot of gear at the tip and a bowsprit traveler too. Being crew on a small fast dangerously overcanvased ship like this must have been a challenge and probably pretty uncomfortable even in the best of circumstances.

From the album:

Le Renard, St malo

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Hi Frankie, a beautiful model.


I don't know what it is about cutters, but I'm starting to really love the look of these small ships. And, I really love the way the sails hang on their spars. You've done a really great job on the sails too.


I'll definitely be back to this gallery in the future for inspiration.



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Thanks Clare. I am always trying to advocate for ( rabble rouse?) sails on ship models. I hate bare poles. On a cutter or a schooner the sails are so much a part of the visual impression of the actual ship underway that I can't imagine NOT including them. From across the room, a ship model with sails can grab your eye while the same model, bare polled, is nearly invisible above deck level.

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I agree well done.  I too agree with including sails on ships most especially on cutters.  The visual lines from the main mast and all the jibs are so impressive it's a shame to leave them out.  Your ship looks incredible.  Great work.  

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If you like cutters, take a look at the rig (in-process just now) of Jim Lads little cutter Stag.  I think she'll carry more sail than HMS Victory!!


Nice work Frankie.

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Great work Frankie.  I couldn't agree more on the sails, especially for a ship like a cutter.  I added furled sails on my first build, which to me really added to the model (bare poles take the essence out of these magnificent ships - they are called "sailing ships" for a reason).

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