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Ship Photo

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1/700 HMS Victory by Meridian Trafalgar

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Amazing workmanship!  I can not fathom working at this scale - my fat fingers and bumbling toes would bulox it all up!!!

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Whoa. When I first glanced at the photo I thought-"that's a nice background texture for this model; now how did he get that cloud-like, fuzzy texture?" Once I realized the ship's scale, then it became clear that the background is a face cloth. Holy....uh...sh**. This is some NICE work. I love the ship. I love the water/diorama. I love the frame. Well lit, pictures too.


Sir, allow me to add my 2 cents: your work is superb.



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Thanks for your compliments. TRIPPWJ!!! We may have found a barrier to your ongoing progress as a modeler--- DO NOT USE YOUR FEET!! Even if you had a fully opposable big toe, work done with your toes is bound to be of inferior quality--- learn to play violin instead....

Thanks again, Ms Anja and the ineffable Dafnoid


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