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  2. What have you received today?

    Congratulations, Ken.
  3. I am with Jud, as an ex-navalman I am mystified with some of the over weathering of models I see (mainly plastic). I believe that through the ages, basic naval practices (cannot speak for merchant service) will be based around the same principles. I am sure that as there was not too much shore leave (fear of runners etc) one of the first things the First Lieutenant would have organised was a cleaning and painting party for the ship's sides etc. I acknowledge however, this is more difficult in such times as performing blockades etc. The ship is the sailor's home and cleanliness is paramount if you do not want a sick ship, or an angry Admiral/Squadron/Flotilla Commander. Ship's husbandry and maintaining fighting skills can be achieved together. Even in times of war, in most theatres some effort was made to keeps interiors clean, and basic ship's husbandry done on accessible parts of the upper decks and ship's equipment (especially life boats etc). Yes in times like WWII, during prolonged partols or escort duty in rough weather (Murmansk run) would have prevented any maintenance at all. That said, even during our long deployments (6-9 months) some effort was made to minimise corrosion and maintain the ship's appearance (but not at the expense of proficiency). While I am not a fan, and this is intended as a personal opinion only, I understand some modellers use weathering to display their skills - each to their own preferences and I do admire the skills required to do this level of weathering. cheers Pat
  4. Heck, I'd like to give it a shot, but I'm just south of Asheville; about 4 hours or so to Lumberton. Raleigh is about the same. A tad too far for a day trip for me.
  5. Yesterday
  6. ... that was exactly my thought, when I started reading the thread. The nearest dealer for Slovenia would be CoolTool in Mödling near Vienna (www.thecooltool.com). I did have some dealings with them during my time in Vienna actually. I was surprised to learn, however, that Sherline doesn't mind shipping directly and I bought from them back at a time, when I was an international civil servant and didn't need to pay import duties. The latter is a serious consideration when ordering in the US. Plus, the US Postal Office changed their shipping plans a few years ago and abandoned the cheaper 'surface' mail - which was good value, if you had the patience to wait for your parcel for up to three months. P.S. The CoolTool guys call the Sherline mill UniMill and the lathe UniTurn ...
  7. Color of ratlines

    The truth may be, as so often, somewhere in the middle. I gather ratlines typically would have been made from material heavily soaked with tar during the making - as pointed out above. So they would be of some greyish-brownish colour, given also the weathering and salt deposits. I would try to avoid too stark contrast to the rest of the standing rigging and blend them somewhat in. The same applies to the running rigging, I think the contrast to the standing rigging should not be too stark. The smaller the scale, the less contrast I would go for.
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I gave my Admiral a new car stereo for her old 2005 Toyota Rav4 for Christmas. Had it installed today. Huge improvement versus the stock.
  9. I got this address from druxey Mike. Hi. I should emphasize that these are for experienced miniature carvers. They are, in the small sizes, very delicate tools, easily broken if misused. However, if you are up to it, they will make a superb investment. Michail's contact info: mihail.kirsanov@mail.ru Regarding handles is a matter of prefrerance. For fine work I would prefer the palm handle version for close in work. Go to Woodcraft and handle their miniature palm set for a similar sense of that style. Joe
  10. What have you received today?

    Congratulations Ken.
  11. What have you received today?

    Actually came last evening much to my surprise was the advance copy of my second edition book with a bottle of wine included from the publisher. Here I am with both and a link to Shiffer Publishing to pre-order. Here is a picture showing the new added ship building chapter. This shows the new chapter. Here is the link to pre-order. They are on the boat inbound to conus. http://www.schifferbooks.com/model-building-with-brass-6401.html
  12. Miniature Russian carving tools

    Can someone PM me his email address? I’d love to get a set as I’d like to start carving. Just out of curiousity, any recommendations on which kind of handles to get? I assume the palm handle ones are better if you don’t have enough hand strength? I would think I would have an easier time with the ones that are more pencil like in shape, but I’ve never worked with the other type except in the case of a ball handle pin vise. Thanks!
  13. Sidenote: Sherline is available in EU, and last time I checked - the prices were very reasonable, not far off from the US prices: http://sherline.com/sherline-worldwide-dealers/
  14. Eddie seems to have left us. His last post was the one above last April. I hope it's nothing serious. Cheers, Danny
  15. finished15.jpg

    Thanks guys! If you're intrested I updated the original album details for the build log aswell!
  16. What's happened to your build Eddie ? Did you see the Sopwith ?
  17. finished15.jpg

    Outstanding model. It's like looking at the real thing! Amazin at such a scale. Congratulations on such a fine model! Peter
  18. We will be holding a raffle and have many door prizes. This years raffle will be for a brand new Byrnes saw. If you are in the market for one, definitely make a day of it and buy a bunch of raffle tickets. Winner must be present.....drive home with it that afternoon and be cutting your own wood by nightfall!!!!
  19. finished15.jpg

    Unbelievable!! I wish I could weather like that! Very well done...WOW
  20. What have you received today?

    You'll like Six Frigates. Good read.
  21. Miracles do occur

    Best wishes on your recovery. Glad it's fixed.
  22. Fantastic rendering work Greg, Nils
  23. Don't Mention The Cricket

    Made me think of the guy who wanted the Browns football team to be his pall bearers so they could "let him down one last time"
  24. finished15.jpg

    Excellent weathering job.
  25. Looks fantastic Greg! Will there be anyway to see measurements in the 3D model? I hope the Hornet contract was useful. Looking forward to getting this to help with my future Atalanta build.
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