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  2. Caution! When is a model NOT the ship?

    Not really new news. Happens quite often that the kit does not show the eal stuff, or just gives some fake history. Jan
  3. Japanese plank on frame kit maker

    Look below this topic in the same forum and you will see two reviews that Jim posted....
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  5. Hey mates—Be careful with the EuroModel kit for building the Renommée frigate. It's likely the Swedish Jupiter and not a French ship at all. Take a look at www.larenommeeship.com in the "Sea Bag" for the article about EuroModel's error. Nice model, but wrong ship.
  6. Just curious if anybody here is familiar with these plank on frame kits from Japan? I think their name is Okumoto, though I am not sure. Their web site is https://ec.ship-model.net/ I would be curious if anybody has experience with them (or even knows how to purchase them). Thanks Skip
  7. help with choosing my next build

    Tiger would be Brilliant Helicopter moded version? OC.
  8. This means you commit to start a build log of this project...so we actually have a group. No lurking. We need a commitment to participate.
  9. What have you received today?

    I have that same plane also, Mr Pucko. In fact I have their complete collection of miniature planes. Love using them on models. Enjoy yours.
  10. ChuckIi have put out an e-mail to members of our group and as Tim I (a member) has responded already I too would join in. ( What have I just committed to? I await the Winne, still working on Cheerful, Essex sits on the shelf along with the long boat. I am hopelessly addicted!) Joe
  11. What you presented looks fine. First of all it is good in the sense that it will only pick up small items (dust, filings, etc) and not larger than a few mm. The disadvantage is that it has no trap for easy retrieval of accidentally sucked up items. That is why I posted a simple and small DIY trap for the workbench. In the RAAF cleanroom, where they repair delicate instruments, the dirt particles were mainly very small, but one of them could easily effect a bearing or a hairspring, for instance. The traps used were also very small, like the size of a baby food jar, and using a hose with about 3 mm inside diameter. The rule was to suck up foreign matter as soon as it was presented. The immediate work area had to be absolutely clean at all times. The point is, a small trap can be used. I figured that a modeller would need something a bit bigger, like a pickle jar, and a hose with about 6 mm (1/4 inch) inside diameter.
  12. Hello all

    Greetings from Belgium. Patrick,
  13. What have you received today?

    Feel like I'm spamming but... Another miniature plane, this time the Miniature Bench plane. Strange thing is I can't find any mention of this one on Veritas' homepage. Only missing their miniature block plane now...
  14. Hello all

    Welcome back from down under. Look forward to your build log. Cheers...... Fernando
  15. My First Build

    Now im working on the occre frigate diana 1/82 scale. It's harder but fun. Im 6 months in.
  16. Hey mate how you going For something different have you looked at fishing boats like the trotameros a leisure craft or the palamos a fishing vessel good luck
  17. I would be tempted to make one if I could find hollow tubes small enough. I think the tubes on the one I posted are too large in diameter. They look like the stir sticks you get for your coffee in restaurants you could still suck up items like belaying pins and such.
  18. help with choosing my next build

    got to go work will reply to comments later on thank you
  19. help with choosing my next build

    OC thank you i am tempted, i can get the hull in 1/96, but would possibly do Fearless, intrepid of the Tiger http://www.sirmarfittings.com/british warships.html but for this project i would like something a little different but bridging a time gap, the wife just mentioned the SS great Britain
  20. lou, that would make the container obsolete
  21. help with choosing my next build

    Do a Riverboat. Right time frame. I bet you fall in love! Cheers Chris
  22. help with choosing my next build

    Ow, my ears are burning... Kevin, 1/72-scale is not a standard ship modeling scale. Besides the Caldercraft Victory and Amati's Vanguard, the only other ship model kits in this scale I am aware of are either Dusek kits or the laser-cut paper kits from Shipyard. The Kanrin Maru kit that Chris mentioned is actually 1/75-scale. Two Woody Joe kits that are 1/72-scale are late Edo period coastal transports, the Higaki Kaisen and the Kitamae-bune. They also have a nice model of the Khufu ship (Egyptian "sun" boat) in 1/72. If you don't find something out of those kits (though I may have missed something, of course), I think you're going to have to scratch build. Clare
  23. Happy Birthday Pat. Hope you have a great day.





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