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  2. The battery pops out of the mower for charging. My battery overwintered in the house.
  3. I am glad to see a skilled person is rejoining the site. I have little experience but I watch You Tube for instruction and inspiration. Bending planks is a block for me.
  4. What did I do in my Garden today .......... simply enjoyed it. B.E.
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  6. I will definitely go self-propelled. I need all the help I can get these days!
  7. Hey howya goin Thomas mate, welcome.
  8. Hello all I was a member on the old site. I have taken 7 years off from the shipyard and my Santa Ana build, RL got busy. I am in the process of setting the shipyard backup this week. Took the Santa Ana out of storage and she is just like I left her 7 years ago. Will start a build log later in the week. Don't have any of the hull build pictures anymore but will show some new ones Thank you Thomas
  9. In my boat, a straight strip near the keel is way off the shape of the hull, whereas near the sheer is almost right following the curve of the hull. Now probably the sheer is the most important line as it defines the shape of the boat. Also, it is non flexible in shape. So the sheer plank needs to have a certain shape no matter what the planking plan will be and at least the next few planks also will not be very flexible in shape either, as they follow the sheer and probably will be very straight with little spilling needed. Now, if the planks near the sheer are left last, maybe they will need to be squeezed into shapes that will be unpleasing to the eye so maybe this is why they need to be done first. The shape of the planks mid hull have much less of a visual impact. I have very little experience in planking though so may be completely wrong
  10. I looked at that African black wood not bad at all, looks good thanks mate.
  11. The trouble with all these 'cancer' studies is that it extremely difficult to eliminate so-called 'confounding' factors. We never know the whole exposure history of the individuals concerned, they may have been smokers, they may have had other exposure histories, there may be a mix of substances, etc. etc. So it is almost impossible to pin down a single substance as cause.
  12. Born and raised in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Spent most of my days back then out on skiffs fishing and crabbing the Chesapeake Bay, Susquehanna River and many different rivers of Marylands Eastern Shore. Joined the US Air Force in 1983 as a Security Policeman. After 2 years at Clark Air Base in the Philippines, I was tranferred to a German Air Base near a town called Memmingen in southern Bavaria. I got out of the Air Force in 1993 and decided to stay in Memmingen. I am still here today. My ancestory is from the northern coast of Germany. (Friesland) they travelled to America sometime in the mid 1800's. They have always been fisherman as far back as I can find info. Could have even been shipbuilders. Still trying to connect that.Mothers side is Scottish ancestory but have been in Maryland since around 1650 in Cecil County. One of them, Callender Patterson, was aboard the USS Insurgent (1800) when it went down off the North Carolina coast. He was my GGG (whatever) Uncle. They were also involved in the defense of North Point durng the attack on Ft McHenry.
  13. Bill, Why didn't you go fo the "robot"?
  14. Ha, we got the same size lot. The EGO makes two models one is not self propelled and has a smaller battery also about $150 cheaper. The EGO company also makes a string trimmer, several leaf blowers and a hedge clipper not to mention a snow blower that all work on the same battery. Probably a good Idea to store the batteryin in a protected place. They don't have much tolerance for extremes. The battery is easily detached for charging.. I have a heated garage so I'll probably keep it there as its also my shipyard.
  15. Somebody mentions to me that it is a good idea to store these units in a basement rather than garage over the winter to avoid harming the battery - thoughts?
  16. Ugh. I hate when this happens. I was wrong about at least one of my above assertions: I just googled "sawdust causes cancer" and found that there ARE documented instances where prolonged exposure to sawdust of oak and few other species CAN cause various types of cancer. But the article I read said these were cases found in the industrial furniture manufacturing industry. So presumably this happens only after (I'm guessing) longtime exposure to huge amounts of dust. hopefully this means not all oak should be considered a cancer danger or were all in big trouble.
  17. I bought one last year when my riding mower engine block cracked. I don't exactly have a manicured lawn but this mower handled it well. I've never got along with gas powered small engines so I'm really happy to have a battery powered mower that actually works well. And best of all I get more exercise than I did riding.
  18. Ainars, I'm not sure of the question. The full-build has the plans for those parts (mast, etc.). Are you needing a reference book? I'd suggest using the full build plans and for the details just reference the build photos where those parts are added.
  19. Somewhat prepared to deal with many cases of dropsey, be they magnetic or organic. Find spotting the wayward part often to be harder than finding a way to pick it up!
  20. With all the “technological gadgetry” to keep them on an “even keel” why do they always look “bow down”?
  21. I'm impressed that this unit is self-propelled, a step up from my gas powered unit I've had for 15 years. I have a ryobi cordless trimmer that is a hybrid in that you can operate it as a corded unit. I usually have enough juice to complete my 80x140 lot on one charge. But sometimes I get caught short if I forget to do a full charge ahead of time (my own fault).
  22. My neighbor across the street bought one which prompted me,that and the fact that my gas mower is having drive wheel problems again. My front yard is on a little slope and that makes it difficult.I shouldn't have to take a Nitro pill just to get the yard mowed.
  23. Hi Bill, I'm looking forward to your update on the ego lawnmower. I've been looking at it for a while as I search for a replacement for my old craftsman gas unit that always gives me grief trying to get it going in the Spring. I'm worried about the battery duration/life of the ego but the consumers reports suggest it is a good unit. Scott
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  25. Amazed my brown thumb grows anything... The dogs promptly went and dug a bunch of holes and spread everything around right after I planted it so I added a bit of wire to keep em out. This is pretty much a test planting this year to see what will do well around here and for me to learn stuff with the kids.
  26. It's in the hobbit hole.
  27. If it was yours ,then where's mine? Speaking of Forida, I met a guy from West Palm Beach at a college baseball tournament Friday night . Had fun watching them get beat.
  28. Didn't know where to put this for sure. But, since it doesn't have anything to do with ship models other than save a little time for model building I'll put it here. It, the mower is battery powered. It has a 56 V battery that charges in about a half hour. Its not entirely quiet but more so than a gas mower, Its all plastic so we'll see how it holds up. Its also self propelled. I'll let you know next week how it works. I bought it after I mowed today hoping to catch a memorial day sale but it wasn't the case. Was $581 at Home Depot.
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