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  3. 1. Yes - the San Francisco 2 is/was made in Vietnam, not Spain like the original version - it features very poor timber, crappy metal fittings, and even worse instructions. Not a patch on the older type AL kits. 2. No - see above. 3. I hope not - AL went way downhill about 10 or 12 years ago. Their "HMS Supply" was so bad that it started me on the road to severe Kit Bashing and eventually Scratchbuilding, for which I'll be eternally grateful to them . Sorry to deflate you, but I don't want to see you disappointed with a sub-standard kit when you have such fond memories of the first attempt at the San Fran. Danny
  4. welcome to MSW whoever you are! All the best, Geoff
  5. Hey howya goin mate, welcome.
  6. I'm running Windows 7 and Chrome and it's working fine here. However, I did have numerous issues with IE11 which is why I switch browsers for MSW. I'm believing that in their drive to push everyone to Windows 10, they're slowly mangling IE11.
  7. Welcome aboard, Can you please tell us your real name? That is a nice little model ship you built. Thanks for sharing the video. Are you building a ship now or do you have plans building one? I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew. Regards, Anja
  8. Browser? Operating system? Have you tried dragging and dropping? I am using Windows 10 with Chrome, and the choose files works fine for me, just as a reference point.
  9. The "click to choose files" link no longer brings up a file selection window anymore. Im doing a log that has lots of photos, today i was unable to add anymore
  10. Hello Les here. I feel your pain. I have built the BB 605 St. Roch and the BB 720 Oseberg. The St. Roch required extensive research to get it right. The instructions were hard to follow. I also agree that some of the parts were not the best quality. I purchased after market to upgrade. Laser cut wooden parts can be a pain to work with. Sanding out small parts to get rid of burn marks so they can be clear coated adds to the overall work load. In the end both kits worked out well, but this company needs to do a better job with the plans so a builder isn't left guessing. Overall I would not recommend their kits to a beginner.
  11. Little more information please? What are you doing to try to add them, and what response are you seeing? There are multiple ways to add photo's now. 1) Click on the words "choose files..." to open a file selection window, select your files that way. 2) Open file explorer and find the photo's you want, and drag them to the gray area beneath the editor where is shows the paperclip image with 'Drag files here to attach'. After you do one of the above, position your cursor in your text where you want the image to appear in your post, and then when you mouse over the image below, click on the round area that has a "+" sign in it to put the image at that location in your post.
  12. Welcome to MSW Bob
  13. That is a very good point, a long with all the other windows on the stern and sides. They appear on the original plans as well. It appears McKay got the correct positions as well, with the third one on the right being slightly obscured. In these though they are depicted purely as a single square, with no inside details.
  14. I found you can get these polishing/separator strips on Amazon. The stainless steel ones appear to be spring steel coated with diamond so very promising, I ordered some yesterday. The mylar ones look good also and I ordered some of them, but they're more or less flexi-i-file pieces so they might be just a better replacement for those.
  15. well.......hello birthday boy!   just chimed in to see your name on the list!  hope you have a great day :)   



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  17. I'm not sure Mark. The book I mentioned covers construction in good detail.
  18. Thank You! have you built any models?
  19. You've got talent, and imagination.
  20. I apologize for not having a title, but I tried to edit it and the firewall would not let me. It came up with an error.
  21. Blimey, is this thread still going? OK ... Boat hook
  22. Hello, I am The Maker I recently started a youtube channel that is about different things that I have made. One of my videos is of a model ship that I made when I was in fifth grade. Since then I have build bridges and even a crossbow. I also like to build 3D objects with paper, which is called 3D origami if you would like to google it. Here is a link to my ship model video. Thank you and please comment with any questions or critiques!
  23. Ahoy Mates Had a great time at the IPMS Seattle Show yesterday. The Mary Rose cmae threw the 340 mile drive up to Seattle and back without any damage or lose lines,or any hands at the show. Came back with a couple of things to go with the Mary Rose when it goes into a case. 1st Place Ribbon for Non-Powered Ships All Scales,and Best Of Show Ship Award. Yes this was an IPMS Show and Pickels and I beat out all the sub's,battleships,freighters,destoyers and a great scratch built North Sea Anchor Tender in 1/100 scale. It was a great show with over 1,000 models entered. And they had record attendance yesterday. Check out their web site at IPMS Seattle. I think it will take a couple days or more before they have photos of the show. Here's the Mary Rose safe at home with what I brought back to share with my shipyard help-Pickels. Thanks to Wood from Jason at Crown Timberyard,Deadeyes,miniature rope From Chuck at Syren that made my build even better. Keith and Pickels from Troutdale,Oregon
  24. If it's 2AM and you're running low on clamps, try cutting rings off PVC pipe and then cut the rings to form a "C". A 10ft length will provide ~200 x 1/2" wide clamps, or many 1/4" wide clamps. You can also nibble the 'jaws' with diagonal wirecutters to a narrower profile if needed.
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