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  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I'm not much of a drinker and it's been maybe 40 years ago that I last bought some, but seems I remember Captain Morgan used to be a bargain priced Rum. Am I wrong about that?
  3. Build Log Photography

    I use an "Old School" Sony Ericson mobile phone as its portable - gets in tight spots - has macro and has a fairly decent lens despite its age. OC.
  4. Build Log Photography

    I use my Iphone. Quick and easy. The pictures come out plenty good for forum discussions. Tom
  5. Check out this link Maybe you will find some ideas . Good Luck Derek
  6. Build Log Photography

    The thing I like about my iPhone is 30 sec after I take a picture it is synching up with my desktop through the cloud.
  7. Build Log Photography

    Being a former techie and now a luddite... no IPhone for me. But yes, the phones are possibly even better than a camera for many things as the manufacturers add memory, improve the lenses and even tweak their software for consistency. Some have excellent flashes built in.
  8. Just like in school!

    Thank you for the info on lumber sourcing. Will hopefully not need to use it just yet. I will be starting the Blue Shadow after the Holidays along with my build log. For now the plans are laid out and I'm reviewing them over a desk lamp and a glass of Scotch. I find that Scotch removes any hesitation I may have about the project, though I won't be drinking while building. I believe that's a punishable offense!
  9. Build Log Photography

    I read somewhere two years ago that the best selling camera in the world was an Iphone. Not Nikon, not Canon but a cell phone. And now a days, they have just as good resolution as your best DSLR camera. Plus you can now get add on lenses for your cell phone.
  10. Build Log Photography

    Just the phone. I do have a DSLR but my new computer doesn't have any stick readers and haven't figured out how to direct connect with a usb yet.
  11. Before I had a room to take over, I built on the kitchen table. I stored the model in a safe place (high shelf in den or one in our bedroom. My wood was in the box and tools in a tackle box. This worked well and served for most of my Bluenose build.
  12. Build Log Photography

    I just use my old (10 years or so) SLR Fuji digital camera. Nothing fancy, ambient light.
  13. http://goo.gl/6n6h1a

  14. Build Log Photography

    One more for the cell phone crowd Samsung S7
  15. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Saturdays I make my weekly run to the local big chain booze pusher and pickup a half gallon of Admiral Nelsons spiced rum and a few bottle of wine for the admiral. Cops in the line next to me grabbing some smokes. I said, "My wife doesn't want to see me drinking tonight so I'll have to consume all this on the way home". Cop says, "I know where you live Adams". Incidentally, Captain Morgans = $25 to $30. Admiral Nelson = $12 to $14.
  16. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Sounds like home to me. On the corner of the busiest intersection they put up a skate park. One month after they finished the park, they tore up the road for 3 weeks. No one could use the corner at all and I can't see what they did. Now, one other thing they did when they put in the park was to narrow a 4 lane to 2. 4 ways in and out of this town. Each one, 4 lanes go down to 2. I live 4 miles from my pharmacy (not that I'm on drugs or anything) and it takes me no less than 12 minutes. Supposed to be a quaint town. With kmart, fast food, grocers... Looks like any other arm pit with 20,000 people.
  17. Monogram 1/132 Bonhomme Richard

    Yes but, in the case of the Bonhomme Richard, there are two beautiful models in the US Naval Academy Museum that are considered to be very close in appearance to the actual ship. If they were used as a pattern a model ship manufacturer, either plastic or wooden, would have a very fine, believable kit of a very important ship in US history.
  18. Build Log Photography

    Here is my set up. It's able to be set up at all times. Makes it simple to walk from the work bench to the photo area and take any number of photos and go back to modeling. It's an old Speedotron brown line studio strobe system (400 Watt seconds) with a large head inside the overhead soft box and smaller heads flanking the desk. As there isn't (to my knowledge) any sort of interface from my newer digital Canon DSLR to the Speedotron, I use an off camera flash to trigger a remote on the Speedotron power unit. The high voltage of the Speedotron unit can fry the circuits on digital cameras w/o some sort of isolation. I get photos with very soft shadows using these lights with the diffusion material softening the light. Kurt
  19. I will not claim that you can't get cut, but the 15 TPI on an 1/8" are not near as aggressive as the 3 TPI on a resaw blade. Neither intimidates me as much as the 10" table saw.
  20. Monogram 1/132 Bonhomme Richard

    I think the main problem, is like HMS Beagle, historians are not sure what she really looked like. Both were converted merchantmen, and no plans were ever made of the ships.
  21. Build Log Photography

    I just use my I phone camera, I don’t know if I would want to use a fancy camera I’m afraid of what it will show
  22. Build Log Photography

    Looks great, I have a Nikon dslr but as you do I use my iphone usually as it is handier and needs less light
  23. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Here in Aiken, they have spent many bucks renovating the downtown. Modern "old fashion" street lights, center of the road (median strip) parking, and sidewalks, building improvements, etc., but they still have 4 axle busting half sunk sewer drain gratings going down the middle of main street, that have been there for longer than the 25 years I've lived in the area. (the streets have always been split 4 lane type, with a wide median).
  24. Yesterday
  25. Build Log Photography

    14 Mega pixel camera, the type that most people use. For real close up shots I shoot through one of the old style magnifying lamps with the circular flouresent bulbs. I have 3 of the 15 inch kitchen lamps over my workbench, about 2 foot above the surface.
  26. Knots for iron stropped blocks

    Thank you. Best, J.
  27. Knots for iron stropped blocks

    I just take a brass or copper wire of suitable diameter and punch it flat at two points with a round, flat punch. I then lightly mark the centre in the flats and drill. The wire is then bent to the shackle shape around a pin nailed into a piece of wood. The shackle now can be cut off from the wire and both flat ends shaped with a fine grindstone in the hand-held electrical drill.
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