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  2. Minor update and look what happens when I turn my back for 5 minutes. The boys thought it would look good with "racing stripes". Who would have heard of such a preposterous idea. However i really don't mid the look, a bit unconventional, but what the heck. Lets hope that is all they have in mind!! Cheers Chris
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  4. Somewhere earlier in this thread he explained he redo any and every part he is not happy with. So no, he is not an alien. but still, i would love to see his scrap pile. Must be ... i dont know. Alien hypothetis sounds reasonable too...
  5. vossiewulf

    MONTAÑES by montanes

    Yes, everyone is amazed because as far as we can tell he never, ever does anything that's not flawless. Hence my hypothesis that he's not actually human, and has multiple prehensile arms and is orbiting Saturn. It would explain a lot.
  6. I could enjoy a view like that from my front room window.
  7. Post 71 Gun Blackening. I prefer to chemically blacken my guns rather that paint them but my first job is not to start blackening but to make the cap squares to hold the trunnions in place. 6174 A simple jig is made to hold a trunnion at the right depth and some brass strip is formed over this. 6176 It is important to use a pliable not too thick brass strip for this, otherwise the bending process can prove quite difficult. I am using some 0.25mm x 1.5mm brass fret strip left over from my Pegasus build. 6173 With the set made I can leave the finishing off until later. 6207 All the necessary stuff is assembled. I am using a 29/64" long gun to work out the procedure I will use. I am particularly interested in how the GR monogram will respond to the various procedures which will determine whether they are applied pre or post treatment. 6185 A medium sized monogram is blackened and fixed to the barrel using a spot of CA. This has been pre-blackened using some USA stuff called Birchwood Casey Super Black touch up pen which works very well but seems to be rather nasty stuff to the extent that its sale is banned in California. Still I will have very short exposure to this stuff. The barrel is scrubbed in soapy water, rinsed in distilled water, dipped in acid, rinsed again, immersed in the brass black, and rinsed again. 6197 You can see the unblackened area around the monogram which is due to ca contamination. The good news is that the monogram has not been affected by any of the processes. A scalpel blade point is used to scrape away the ca overspill and the process repeated. I found it easier to put tiny spots of ca onto the barrel directly and then place the very tiny cypher and apply a little pressure. 6199 6200 So this is the effect after two 3 minute immersions in diluted Carrs Metal Black to Brass. 6198 6202 Quite happy with the way things have gone and I will now carry on to complete the full complement of ordnance. As an aside if you compare the finish Chuck obtained using paint and weathering powders, what a great job he made of 'iron' ising his guns. B.E. 19/02/2019
  8. Here is the beginning of the cockpit construction and painting. Paint colors are Tamiya RAF Cockpit Green (made by mixing Sky 3x, Green 1x, and Field Gray 1x), Flat Brown, Flat Rubber Black, and Flat Aluminum. I tried my flash on the last 3 photos and they came out rather weird looking.
  9. mtaylor

    Newbie from Ottawa

    Hi Zbip57, Interesting project to say the least. Looking good. I'd like to suggest that you move the relevant pics, etc. to the scratch build area as this area is more for introductions than build logs, etc.
  10. Thank you very much Glenn, I'm working now on the deadeye blocks , from scratch too. I'll prepare the photo set for the those blocks as i start from scratch to the end, i use Balsa wood , cut it from a Balsa Sheet , thickness of 6 mm x 6 mm , and with a sand paper I get the cylindrical shape, after completion the diameter is about 3.5 mm, then cut this into blocks, again with sand paper until i get the correct shape, I'll try to post those photos in a day or two. Thank you very much shape of
  11. Great looking planking. I look forward to getting my kit soon. Now back to working to complete my Nina build. Taking your time and getting it right is a long lasting reward when you look at it years later. Keith
  12. Once again, love those sails. That's how I like sails on a ship model, she looks like she's going to shoot off the end of the workbench at any second. Maybe you should drop a few taut anchors from her to the model base, to help explain to viewers what's stopping her from busting out of her display case.
  13. Look what is coming soon Amazing looking prices if the materials really are good and the instructions are as comprehensive as those of the gunboat.
  14. I sure hope it holds up!!! We usually get a lot of wind when we get this much snow,so most of it blows off. Not much wind this time. Now, would some of you folks down south set some really big fans outside to blow some warm air up here? Low tonight 0 to 5 below. Mark
  15. Richard Griffith

    2mm block threading

    Griphos' method also works for me. I do NOT put CA on fingers because I have glued them together several times which required me to use my scalpel. I guess it works for you, Jim, but it's too dangerous for me...Duff
  16. This was taken from our old front window. OC.
  17. That is a great picture Kurt Tug boat races! Several years ago a friend and I were invited on board the Shelly Foss for our annual tug boat race in Puget Sound. When we started out the Shelly was pretty much in front of everyone but was being closely pursued by a Crowley tug. I forgot which one but she was newer, more powerful, and faster than the Shelly and was catching us fast. For those who have never been on a tug at high speed, (Probably only 14-16 Kts but feels much faster) it becomes obvious that you are soon pushing half of the ocean in front of the boat and dragging the rest behind you with nothing in between! As the after work deck is only about a foot above the waterline anyway it looks like a tall wave is following the boat trying to swamp you. In fact if the captain was to throw the engines into reverse that would in fact happen! Just imagine a fat 85 foot ship with over 3000 HP and two six foot props trying to get on plane and you start getting the idea. The local tug people take their once a year race VERY SERIOUSLY and this race was no different. The Crowley tug was NOT going to let an old Foss tug beat her under any circumstances. We were standing by the winch looking back as the other tug kept closing the distance. We began to realize that the other tug was getting so close that she was starting to surf our wake and all of the sudden made a lunge at us! At the last minute with what seemed to be inches to spare, the tug vered off to one side, but we were certain that we were going to get a tug over the stern and in our lap! They may look small when you see them up against the side of some ship but from our view that tug was anything but small! We ran up to the bridge and told the captain what had happened and he just said in a level tone, "It happens once in a while, happened last year to one of the other tugs". I don't know if he was pulling our leg but he sounded like he was telling the truth. I would do it again, although I would probably stay on the bridge but I suspect those days are long gone for me just as my contacts so there is probably little chance.
  18. Snoepert

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    Slowly moving onwards
  19. Love the Moran tug photo. Here is one to share with the tug lovers here. It's the tug Stamford off the Portland Head Lighthouse taken from another McAllister tug on the way to the Portland Tug Race. The Portland Head Lighthouse is the most photographed place in Maine but not too often from the water. Combines two of my interests in one photo. The NRG had been at the Portland Head light just days before during a conference. I wound up running late to catch the plane back from the conference when I spent too long watching these tugs come into the harbor in Portland for the race. The USCG Eagle was also there that day. I was lamenting missing the race so the photo was sent to me by the Capt. of the Stamford. This photo is my desktop screen saver.
  20. Holy cow...that photoetched instrument panel makes me want to take up aircraft model making again! But I'd miss that Testors liquid cement with the pleasants side effects (it would craze the plastic, stick your fingers together and make you high as a kite). I'm guessing that's no longer available.
  21. HI Michael, Many thanks for the description. What is the forward-facing central light? (I can only think it's an occasional white light, for visibility assistance when approaching a mooring or jetty after dark)
  22. It's not the assembly so much that I follow. I can throw together a kit. It is watching you guys work with your painting and even more so with your shading and weathering that fascinates me. I have not done much of one, and none of the other in my years of modeling, and I pick up something in every one of your builds. Most of the time I feel like a mechanic hanging out with designers and artists. A little out of my element and possibly just a bit jealous.
  23. David Lester

    Shrimp Trawler

    Dumas has one: http://www.dumasproducts.com/product_info.php?cPath=136_59&products_id=1209 David
  24. Yep, I have seen 326 about 10 times at different airshows she always used to display that flag, still quite a sight even allowing for more exotic types, I used to have pics from my old film slr days but alas all my old film folders were destroyed years back along with all my spotting logs and folders. OC.
  25. Thanks OC! You will be my go-to guy when I need specific info on the Swordfish. I figured you might have an interest in a model of the stringbag.
  26. Just a little maybe. 😵 But to be totally honest, I don't plan on more than two weeks. We shall see. Tamiya is a shake 'n bake kit. They are so well engineered, they almost literally fall together. They are at the pinnacle of plastic scale modeling as far as quality and engineering is concerned. They are not quite as prolific as the Chinese kit makers, but far more precise. Fanatically so. This is the result of the ownership, the old man, Shunsaku Tamiya (the son of the Tamiya Corp. founder).
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