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  2. I am coming to a close on my first build and am starting to think about my next kit. I have a chance to pick up the above mentioned kit for $75.00. I figure for the money I cannot go wrong. I understand that it might not be the most accurate representation out there and that there are those that simply don't like this kit. My question it this. I have noticed two different boxes for this kit and I am wondering are the kits themselves different? Is one older than the other, different materials, better or worse? The kit I an looking at comes in this box. The other box looks like this. Thanks for any thoughts you might have.
  3. A friend of mine retrieved a stash of ship models from the estate of a fellow modeller in central Florida. He came by today and showed me what he had. I had a couple of HO steam locomotives that he has wanted for a while so we worked out a trade. I ended up with the Corel HMS Unicorn with the hull already built (a pretty decent job) and all the fittings, the Billing Boats Lilla Dan a modern (1950's) topsail schooner, the Model Shipways Bluenose (hull already planked, another good job), the Mamoli Rattlesnake (hull nearly complete and well done), and finally the Revell Thermopylae in the original 1960's box complete kit. Also two large boxes of planking of various sizes and types of wood. I think I got a goooood deal.
  4. Moxis It makes up into quite a nice and interesting model. The pistons are double acting which mean it self starts. The valve allows the steam and exhaust ports to be reversed which means the engine can be reversed. The valve also allows the engine speed to be adjusted between dead slow and very fast. Have fun - a build log would be good as I am sure you will get a lot of interest.
  5. Them Old Jokes

    What's worse than lifting the toilet seat and finding someone else toilet paper and poop?
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  7. Welcome from Belgium. And good luck with the the build
  8. Welcome from Belgium
  9. Hi Ron: I've been test driving TurboCAD over the weekend and there is, indeed, a learning curve. I've been using Sketchup and so I'm having to both learn and unlearn at the same time! As an experiment I've started with a relatively simple example - the Monk "Curlew" centreboard sloop. I'm trying to model it in 1:12 scale and initially just determining how to set the scale was a challenge. Now I've reproduced (in 2D) the line drawings as well as a corrected transom and sketched the shape and taper of mast and boom. I have not made any attempts yet to experiment in 3D, but will work my way up there once I feel comfortable with 2D drawing - I'll read through the tutorial you link to above! hamilton
  10. Well said, Imagna, it's not about laziness but about efficiency. Yes, if you only need one calculation, it's quite easy to do the math. But at the scale of a full build, there's nothing wrong with setting up a more efficient way to do the work. Or should we all hand-cut every bit of railing rather than using a stopper to automate the cuts?
  11. I have the same problem my friend ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Last week my teacher want to learn me a few songs from Neil Diamond. Holly holy and beautiful noise. When we are playing together it sounds great but when i play alone....... Sjors
  12. You are welcome to come play it any time you like my friend. My learning is coming along but I'm not ready to let you guys here me.
  13. Hello wefalck I think what is going on here is not so much that the people cannot do the math, but that sometimes it is easier to use a โ€œcheat sheetโ€ or other assisting tool to do whatever mathematical conversion is needed. I cannot think of an area of human endeavor where people who work or indulge in that area do not at some point or another create some kind of mathematical shortcut to assist in their work. Why should modeling be any different? We convert sizes, change back and forth between imperial and metric measurements, work in decimals, fractions and number drills and many other mathematical disciplines. Why not take or create a shortcut to save having to do repetitive calculations or having to commit conversions to memory? Lou
  14. NMM at Greenwich

    Hello, I'm just back from London and the NMM. They have changed the displays and most sad, the hall with all those fantastic models I have seen there 4 years ago. It looks now this way, WWI ships. There are still models in the other wings, but only a few here and there. But they rebuild a new wing over three floors, it shall open 2018 with more models then ever as Geoff Lee told me. We will see. I also have bee at Chatham. The staff there don't allow to take fotos in the Smithery NO1 exhibition. The models there belong to the NMM and not to the Chatham museum, so they could not allow taking pictures! It is also so dark there, I could hardly see anything. I had an appointment there with a man from the NMM and got the pictures from the ships I wanted, with good light! In this case my visit was a success.
  15. Send it to me and i will send you a recording ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Sjors
  16. You have built a nice machine Keith. And thanks for the link, I must study it carefully.
  17. The control software may be windows only but you usually can interface other CAM software like Fusion 360 you do most of the work on your Mac and use Windows to run the program. One option is to use virtualization software from your mac to run Windows. We we use Oracle VirtualBox at work as it's free and open source. See http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/virtualbox/overview/index.html. There are good commercial software options as well (Parallels, VMWare Fusion) but virtualbox has been good enough for my uses. Microsoft offers free downloadable images of Windows for testing browsers they just expire in 90 days. https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ Another option is to use Boot Camp that is built into OSX that lets you run Windows by rebooting.
  18. Hi Jolly Roger Just took a look at the router you are buying. It looks pretty good, quite sturdy. Sizes are maybe a bit limited but price is good. Maybe you could give us some feedback once you have had a chance to run it through it's paces? Thanks Nick
  19. Hi hjx Thanks for the feedback. That is some very nice work you have been doing there. I use 3D CAD in my day job so that side is OK. I would need to find a translation into the Router machine code though. Nick
  20. Grant, We know now its not a mousetrap, looking more like a sandal?? I'll stick with you to the end on this one, going to be very interesting!
  21. You seem to progress nicely with your torture machine .. watch out for your fingers
  22. Never too old to start moving again

    Nice iaito, I like the hamon. Hmm, a shinken ... better wait till you are up to 3rd or 4th dan. At least you have a few years to save up, and buy a good one. Both dojo are a bit far to go to after work (each is 50+ km from me) I taught beginners in R'dam for a few years as my sensei had messed up knees from karate and had a hard time doing the ground work. Watch where you stick your kissaki
  23. Without meaning to be offensive, but somehow I don't get the fuzz about this . These are calculations one learns in primary school ... ok, if you are Imperial you have to handle different units (feet, inches, 'thou', ...), but this is just one more division/multiplication.
  24. Thanks again i like the conversion table and thanks imagna now it's deck time.
  25. Moxis You can find all the instructions here:- http://www.machinistblog.com/bogstandards-paddleduck-engine-plans/
  26. So far so good mate, I'm liking what I see. Are you sure it's a flying machine ? could be a mouse trap but I think it might be an Oriental snow shoe. Be Good mobbsie
  27. Moxis - I dont think you need to be as good as 1/100 mm. Half that is fine 1/1000 inch in my way of working. Bores can be finished with a reamer which easily gives this accuracy. Here is one I did earlier:-
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