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  1. Not at all, but we would very much like to see your work on here too. You should be able to press CTRL and C to copy your log posts, and CTRL and V to paste into a window here. If you are on a Mac, those keys are CMD and C, and CMD and V.
  2. I agree. Mamoli will be able to send you a copy at cost, or maybe electronically.
  3. Cheers Pat. It looked good on paper, but it practice it was bloody awful.
  4. I also just changed the LIKE button to a 'thumbs up' too. Better than a trophy!!
  5. Not really digging how this thing is working. I'll revert it for the foreseeable.
  6. This formats being trialled to see how it works, along with quirks. Feedback is respected.
  7. It's a trial to see how the 'Questions' format to this area works. It's something we haven't trialled since the major upgrade.
  8. I think a lot of this has to do with the software revision. I know that one upgrade added the ability to leave your text in the type box until you posted it....even if that was days later, so I suspect that this is an intermittent bug in the software. I've had this happen on another Invision-based site since the upgrade. Just make sure you delete any text that is left in that box, should it occur.
  9. A simple way to check if the site is down is www.isup.me We run secondary DNS which means that if any global path is down for MSW traffic, others will ensure you still get access.
  10. On way home from holidays. Give me a few hours and I'll fix this. Many thanks.