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  1. Hello from UK

    Welcome to MSW, John. Yorkshire is my favourite county. I visit York several times per year,
  2. Hi all, Welcome back to MSW after our downtime. Hopefully, we'll feel the benefit of the improvements with the upgraded infrastructure. This has been a trying time for our staff, with many New Year's Eve and Day spent in ticketing and making tech changes. As for me, I'm having an hour off and opening a beer.
  3. Never apologise for showing a StuG! Brutal piece of armour. Glad things appear to be working ok for you. These last few hours, access has been pretty zippy, so I'm hoping this continues.
  4. None of this is to do with our server, but the traffic both to and from it, due to the infrastructure work that our host has been carrying out.
  5. I understand your frustration folks, but I really can't fix this. The works at the weekend weren't an upgrade as such, but a major expansion to one of the biggest data centres in the US. This has caused traffic routing issues and all manner of fallout that was largely inevitable, and will take time for them to iron out. Millions, if not 10's of millions of sites will be affected by this, and not just us. If you try to get access and things are slow, go make some coffee and get some bench time. Things will straighten out.
  6. Ok, it does indeed look like we have gremlins at our host, but again, these are out of our control. I didn't encounter any issues yesterday, and my visits today appear to have been at a time when things were working fine. We'll all just have to sit tight and keep on checking back in.
  7. Just to reiterate that any service issues occurred only over Friday/Saturday, and these were entirely due to infrastructure changes at our host. These were nothing to do with traffic to MSW, Santa, hardware or the Russians.
  8. Woke this morning to MSW offline again, but 30mins later, we are back. Our host tells me there were some issues left over from yesterday and they are still looking at them. If we go offline again, this is what it will be.
  9. Sorry guys and gals, We have no other way of communicating this to you. Today's outage was planned and scheduled maintenance by our host and it took over 10hrs to complete. This took hundreds of thousands of websites offline for the period. This sort of stuff is beyond our control.
  10. Ok, I should also ask if this is something which has only just manifested, or has been causing a problem for a while? I ask as no system changes or template amendments have been made.
  11. Not seen that before. Can you try loading a different site theme and tell me if it's still there? If not, switch back and tell me if the problem is cleared.
  12. I am in the same boat as Eddie(?) concerning no validation message on my new membership  Understand it requires a manual input you.  Thanks


  13. Not at all, but we would very much like to see your work on here too. You should be able to press CTRL and C to copy your log posts, and CTRL and V to paste into a window here. If you are on a Mac, those keys are CMD and C, and CMD and V.