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  1. Do you run a dedicated, managed server with major amounts of bandwidth? At that price, it sounds like you probably operate a VPN, which is what we once did, and the costs were roughly what you indicate. Are you paying to use a cloud proxy with a company that provides 24/7 malware and hacker scanners? This site costs over $3000/year to keep open, and believe me, we got a great deal with our server!
  2. I did look for a donation bar like was used on the previous version, but it doesn't seem to be currently available. This was the only version we could find for this new software. That doesn't mean there won't be one in the future, and if there is, then I'll replace this one. For info, the target goal is what it was on the previous site, at $3000, so we have a little over $750 dollars left.
  3. I don't think this is a feature which is available on a smartphone. I'm not even sure if it can be added. I'm so used to flipping a glass screen that I admit to not even noticing its absence.
  4. MSW's costs aren't simply for hosting. This is what we need, in terms of services, to keep us going: Hosting costs for a managed server Software package and licence renewal costs, including forum and gallery Website themes, plus renewal and support costs Full security suite (malware scanner etc) and cloud-based firewall to prevent hacking etc. This is done by a professional security company who notify us immediately they find something, and then sort it. Domain name renewal Secondary DNS services to make sure our traffic isn't disturbed. That comes to a pretty penny per year, and we are certainly grateful for all member contributions, no matter how small. Now that I no longer own MSW, donation funds are dealt with by Chuck/NRG. I can tell you that it was always an uphill battle to keep the war funds high, and it's still something I would like to see maintained at a healthy level. So, as I'm no longer an owner here, but here to administer the tech stuff, I feel I can now say... Please give what you can, no matter how little. It helps the site enormously. Thank you in kind anticipation! Cheers! Jim
  5. This one has been explained many, many times. You will be able to see your NRG number, and staff can see your NRG number. Other members cannot.
  6. I split this topic and created a new one. Please can you give me a link?
  7. Hi all, Since the upgrade, I've had a wave of members asking me for technical assistance via email. Please can members not use the either the contact form of PM to ask for this? If you have a question to ask, please ask it here in the support forum. The reasons for this are that you may well have the same issue as someone else, and that person could benefit from your post. Your answer could also be given by a member who has solved the problem and thus take the pressure of our team in getting to your question. Remember, our staff aren't manning a help desk 24/7 and can only get to you sporadically. We have some helpful members here too that will no doubt jump in and help if they can. Where we don't mind direct contact is when a member is unable to post in here to ask a question, through some account problem. Lastly, I have also had a request for me to amend the personal file details (address) for NRG records. I cannot help with this. This sort of enquiry must be directly made to the NRG, and not to MSW admins. Many thanks.
  8. What? MSW is owned by the NRG. It is in the NRG's interests to increase its membership anyway it can, to promote this hobby, and as MSW is a part of their operations, then I can't see why it would be unusual to have this displayed under their avatar. Whilst you don't need, and never will need to be a member of NRG to access this site, please remember the fact that you can post here today is because of the commitment of the NRG in both financial terms and man-hours in administering. Unlike some hobby sites, MSW doesn't have in-your-face advertising and pop-ups to distract your visit. In the bigger scheme of things, advertising that a member is a part of the NRG is a simple way to let members know that you can indeed become an NRG member, as well as a member of this site. It does not imply that being a guild member makes you a better modeller. That is pretty absurd.
  9. Mu condolences. I know how hard this is.
  10. The Amati loom-a-line is fantastic! Fantastic as a wedge to keep your workshop door open.
  11. Whilst we don't have this feature, many browsers themselves are capable of this, or have a plug-in to make them do it.
  12. I must admit that in the years of using this software, I'd never heard of anyone being compelled to make more posts just so that they don't appear to be an apparent novice. The post count system here is as it was on the previous incarnation of this software, and isn't able to be removed at all.
  13. This one has been explained several times. You and the staff will be able to see your own NRG number. Others cannot. The reason that visibility of your number is restricted is for data protection, plus the use of the number can gain discounts or other advantages for someone, should it be used incorrectly.