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  1. Helllo James

    I was told to write to you about correcting my username . I mistakenly used my email address in place of my name on the registration form when applying for this forum . So can you please correct it to Louie M .


    Thank you 


  2. I have to post another reminder to members and ask them to stop using the Contact Us form for general site questions, questions regarding modelling and other such stuff. Use the forum ONLY for issues concerning LOGGING-IN PROBLEMS!! Any other questions, POST THEM ON THE FORUM!!
  3. Was this the site you remember? If so, YES....we are the same site!!!
  4. Ok, is now whitelisted. Give it 30 mins to fix.
  5. Welcome to MSW. Your craftsmanship is exceptional. Can't wait to see more of your work. MSW is 11yrs old now, and I still find is amazing that modellers are still only just finding out about us and deciding to join us and share their skills. It makes everything more than worthwhile.
  6. Does this count?
  7. I'm a UK-based admin. Had no issues that have ever been time specific or otherwise. We use secondary DNS, so route issues shouldn't be a problem. If you have something on screen, can you capture it and post it here?
  8. Do you mean the banners? Dirk is right, this is custom text that is added through a widget. This is called PHP & TXT Widget, available from the IPS Marketplace. You must create the text through an HTML program, such as Kompozer etc, and then paste the HTML into the custom text field. https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7337-txt-php-widget/
  9. I see that as positive if you are starting to receive them. It may mean our issues with mail on AOL accounts is over. Of course, you can change the settings to suit your own tastes.
  10. Do you run a dedicated, managed server with major amounts of bandwidth? At that price, it sounds like you probably operate a VPN, which is what we once did, and the costs were roughly what you indicate. Are you paying to use a cloud proxy with a company that provides 24/7 malware and hacker scanners? This site costs over $3000/year to keep open, and believe me, we got a great deal with our server!
  11. I did look for a donation bar like was used on the previous version, but it doesn't seem to be currently available. This was the only version we could find for this new software. That doesn't mean there won't be one in the future, and if there is, then I'll replace this one. For info, the target goal is what it was on the previous site, at $3000, so we have a little over $750 dollars left.
  12. I don't think this is a feature which is available on a smartphone. I'm not even sure if it can be added. I'm so used to flipping a glass screen that I admit to not even noticing its absence.