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  1. Kurt; I don't know if this would help, but try contacting Joe Fugate, of Model Railroad Hobbyist (modelrailroadhobbyist.com). He has been producing a major digital model railroad magazine for several years. His mag is adverizer supported (free to public), but he may have good info, on the digital publishing aspects that might help you. As far as the extra cost of digital subscriptions. You are already doing the paper version, and I'm sure that it is done on computers, so the digital version already exists, for you to send out
  2. Building a 16th century Spanish ship

    Bought and read the complete book series on this ship. Great to see them building a replica!
  3. Apprentice, great explanation, thanks!
  4. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    This morning I got up early and got the floor sill plates installed in the unfinished section of the shop. At 10 I had to come in as it was getting too hot in there. I could have gotten more done, but I had to move a lot of stuff under the shelves in that area to open up enough space to crawl around under them. I'm double studding and double insulating the walls to save on cooling/heating costs. I had a moment of brilliance, and said to myself "Self, why are you planning to use 2X4s for the inner non load bearing wall? You could use 2X3s spaced 1" out, and save $1.10 per stud." So 2X3s are what I'm using. The insulation will be 2 layers of R-13 (3.5" thick), giving me R26 walls. The roof will get the same 2 layers of insulation. The rafters are 2X6s (1.5X5.5 actual), that I have added 1.5" inches to. I ripped 2X4s in half to get the 2x2 (1.5" actual) that I've screwed to the rafters. Tuesday I should be able to get more done, and I have some repair work Sunday, for some extra 2X3 money.
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    The noise on a record is one of the reasons I'm going to digitize mine. The "Audacity" program has some filters to eliminate pops and hiss.
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Brian; Sorry to hear about your sister!
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I have (had?) an album of Humpback Whale songs, That I found out a couple years ago, drove my Mother crazy! She never mentioned it at the time. I just loved listening to them.
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I just recently bought a USB turntable so I can record my old albums onto the computer, assuming they are still good after several decades of storage.
  9. What have you received today?

    rtwpsom2 - The Dalgren looks close for what pictures I can find for it. It will at least be close enough to look good.
  10. How Realistic Can One Make Sails?

    Kevin - Thanks for the great videos! Druxey - Great Idea for making the seams!
  11. What have you received today?

    Got the 1/16th Verlinden Dalgren 11" pivot canon today! This will make a large model, look at the tape measure by the barrel.
  12. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    A good instructional series is on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/mrpete222 He uses full size equipment, but you can learn the technques from his videos. I would recommend getting a cheap set of carbide insert cutters for the lathe, 1/4 or 3/8". Get the 3/8, if your lathe will hold them. Travers tools carries them, look for them on sale. https://www.travers.com/terra-carbide-5-piece-turning-sets-with-additional-inserts/p/641346/?keyword=carbide indexable turning set&lite=true&pricelistname=SITE https://www.travers.com/terra-carbide-5-piece-turning-sets-with-additional-inserts/p/641346/?keyword=carbide indexable turning set&lite=true&pricelistname=SITE Go for the cheaper set. Other suppliers carry them also, so do an internet search. Each insert gives you 3 cutting points, and should last you a while.
  13. See my thread on Going From A 2D Drawing To A 3D Printed Part Tutorial using SketchUp For how I created various ship fittings, that might help. Having said that, I'm not sure the advisabliity of using plastic for blocks, I'm thinking long term creep or flow of the plastic under rigging tension.
  14. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today I finally got the last piece of sub-floor in in the unfinished section of the shop! Due to former mods and carpenter ant damage, there are now 3 layers in that area. tomorrow I put in the sill plates for the inner wall of what will end up a double studded double insulated wall. I was going to buy the rest of the material needed to finish, but the Admiral has decided that we are going to a Casino this weekend, then Florida in the middle of the month, so there goes my building money.

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