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  1. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today I bought a poster frame, and cut it apart! I cut the plastic used for the "glass" to fit the front of my computer monitor, then I taped it onto the front of the monitor. Why, you ask? because it is cold out and the "outside" cats are inside, and one of them takes particular joy in peeing on my monitor! (That's why they are normally outside cats). So far I'm on monitor number 4, and now it should be the last one! Yes, I'm too kind to my cats, and my wife is softer on them than me.
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Been working on a drawing to use to kitbash a DL-109 locomotive "B" unit in HO scale. The DL-109 was a passenger diesel locomotive that came out just before WWII. Production was stopped so that efforts could be made to produce equipment for the military. A "B" unit is a locomotive without a cab, it was connected to the cab unit and run from there. This meant that only one crew was needed for however many locos. Not many railroads bought the B units and unfortunately the one I model was one of them. Only one company has ever produced the B unit, as it was so rare, and that is a brass model that, when you can find one, runs into several hundred dollars. A company recently came out with the A unit models, so I've bought two of them, and will kitbash the shells. There is also almost no info available, including drawings, for the B units, so I have to go from pictures of models of the B units. The top photo is the HO scale A unit that is made, the lower is of an O scale model. I'm not going to try to repaint the involved A unit scheme, so the extra window in front of the front grill, will stay. I can't find any good info on whether the Santa Fe had any three window As, so will just go with "Close Enough". The bottom line drawing, is from a Santa Fe standards book, and shows 3 windows. The first drawing is a scan of the HO A unit model, the O scale B unit, a drawing I found of a Santa Fe A unit, and the bottom line drawing, is from a Santa Fe standards book, and shows 3 windows. The second is my CAD drawing of the cuts needed. I'm still working on on this, as you can see the left end still needs the grill and windows removed, and other cut shell sections added. The upper drawing is for the right hand finished shell, and the lower for the left side.
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Last weekend we went to FL for Christmas. I work at Walmart, so that was the closest I could get to actually going anywhere for more than 1 day until next year. My wife and step-daughter are really evil! They took me into an antique clock shop, when I didn't have any money!! After the end of the year, Walmart and I will part ways. I've developed several foot and leg problems while working there.
  4. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I have a cat named "Dodger", after the Artful Dodger (a young pickpocket) in Oliver Twist. Can get your food off the plate before you can move your hand. Its a girl cat, confuses even the vet, keeps calling her "him". I have another kitten, who used to jump onto the plate! She's calmed down some. I do my modeling in my cat free shop. In the house I can never sit down without a cat appearing on my lap, chest, or head. They like to help with typing too.
  5. Many historic buildings in the US are required to be painted with "historic" paint mixtures. These are expensive, and have a much shorter life than modern paints. Several years ago I worked with an Engineer who owned a farm with Historically Registered buildings. When it came time to repaint, he found it cheaper to sell the farm, and buy another, that had more modern structures!
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Been busy all weekend, at Walmart, but I did get to go to my son's for Turkey Day! Got to see him, my Daughter-in-Law and Granddaughter. My son fried the turkey, man was it juicy! (You have to be very careful, mistakes can set the fryer and/or your house on fire). Also had the family tradition "Pink Stuff"! I haven't been able to make this in the last few years, as my grinder broke, and that darn old "Round To It" has prevented me from getting another. Plus reasonably priced heavy duty grinders have fallen out of fashion to food processors. You need a heavy duty one, as the cranberries have to be mostly frozen to grind them. Freeze them, then let them sit out for 10 or so minutes. Grinding completely frozen ones would take a rock crusher! "Pink Stuff" is a combination of ground fresh cranberries, sugar, whipped cream, crushed pineapple, and mini marsh mellows. Very good for you! Dairy, fruit, and marsh mellows have no cholesteral. :-) When I was a child (and dinosaurs roamed the land), we went to my Aunt's parents in Kansas one summer. Her mother served the "Pink Stuff", and its been our Thanksgiving and Christmas meal tradition since.
  7. Build Log Photography

    The Nov 2017 Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine had an interesting article on using a phone for model picture taking. An advantage for MRR pictures, is that you can get the center of the lense much closer to the track, so the picture looks like you are taking one of a real train. Had a good discussion on software available to merge several shots taken at various focal lengths (Without moving camera) so that you get a completely focused picture through the full depth of the shot. The software can be used with any camera the you can change the depth of field on. The discusion was mostly about using an I-Phone, but with info on how to do the same with Android phones, and a regular SLR camera. To get the back issue (presently the Dec is current) you will have to subscribe, but subscription is free, and they have been publishing for several years. http://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/
  8. Monogram 1/132 Bonhomme Richard

    I think the main problem, is like HMS Beagle, historians are not sure what she really looked like. Both were converted merchantmen, and no plans were ever made of the ships.
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Here in Aiken, they have spent many bucks renovating the downtown. Modern "old fashion" street lights, center of the road (median strip) parking, and sidewalks, building improvements, etc., but they still have 4 axle busting half sunk sewer drain gratings going down the middle of main street, that have been there for longer than the 25 years I've lived in the area. (the streets have always been split 4 lane type, with a wide median).
  10. Build Log Photography

    14 Mega pixel camera, the type that most people use. For real close up shots I shoot through one of the old style magnifying lamps with the circular flouresent bulbs. I have 3 of the 15 inch kitchen lamps over my workbench, about 2 foot above the surface.
  11. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Well they are Hot dogs. Easier to eat with guac than like this! (scroll down 3 or 4 posts). http://gatorchatter.com/threads/these-are-going-to-be-handed-out-to-all-the-fans-tomorrow.5359/
  12. Tiny Hem in Sails

    You might want to consider getting Phospur-bronze wire, from a model RR supplier. Stiff, and doesn't corrode, solders easily. While at you freainda age, the corrosion is not a big deal, his family may want to keep the models after he passes.
  13. Tiny Hem in Sails

    Pull some of the wire out, cut lengths generously longer than needed. Attach one end to a shelf, or other high surface. Tie a heavy weight to the other end, and let it hang for a few days. That should give you lengths of straight wire.
  14. Revell B-17 G

    Sci Fi Fighting Robot, popularized in Japan. Think "Pacific Rim" or "Robotech". Yea, I'm a geek.