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  1. thibaultron

    Scientific America Yacht kit

    The Midwest Skipjack is also a good option. The Bennett is a model of a traditional Skipjack, and quite detailed. The Midwest one is of an "Oyster Pirate" (what the type was actually called). They were smaller faster boat used to illeagaly harvest oysters at night. Both kits are based on the real boats, The "Willie Bennett", and "Messenger". I have kits of both. Midwest also made two other Chesapeake Bay boats the Flatie and the Crabbing Skiff. I'm not sure if the Sharpie model is an CB specific design, or just one from the East Coast area in general.
  2. Are you using the quick setting thin CA or the thicker ones? The thicker ones take a few seconds longer to set, giving you a little more time to position the door.
  3. thibaultron

    What have you received today?

    Yesterday I purchased the rest of the insulation (33 - 93" long pieces) I need to complete the shop renovation, as well as various other materials to finish that area. Should be done in the next month or so, then back to ship building!
  4. thibaultron

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    The last two weeks I got the back wall of the ship building area insulated, the electric lines in, and the bottom half sheet rocked. Today I installed the GFI for one of the 15 AMP lines and three outlets. This gives me power on both side walls, to eliminate the extension cord, that has been running through the door to the finished section. Next is dry walling the upper half of that wall, and the upper half of the shorted side wall, then spackling and painting. After all that is done, I can reinstall the shelving, and get to the rest of the walls.
  5. thibaultron

    What have you received today?

    I use both DesignCAD and Sketchup.
  6. thibaultron

    Do you have animals to 'help' you build?

    Yes, she was in a fight with another cat. I think they are family too.
  7. thibaultron

    Do you have animals to 'help' you build?

    Right now sitting here with my one eyed cat on my lap. She also lost a fight, we had to have the eye removed to save her life.
  8. thibaultron

    Laptop Question

    Western Digital has a good reputation. If the external drive will be your only backup, buy 2 smaller drives and keep copies on both drives. Then if one dies, you still have the other to fall back on. If you are going to keep a complete copy of the files on your desktop too, then one external drive is all you need. Be sure to back up often.
  9. thibaultron

    What have you received today?

  10. thibaultron

    Laptop Question

    The only way to increase the internal hard drive space on a laptop, is to replace the drive. You could, however, buy an external drive and store all your data files on it, leaving only the program files on the internal drive. Remember to xfer any files stored in your User folder too. (Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc.) Some programs also store the data they create in dedicated folders. Some graphics programs, Zip programs, Audio editors, etc. I'm surprised that a laptop with 32GB of RAM only has a 250GB hard drive. Is it possible, that there is an unconfigured partition on the drive?
  11. Nice! By the way, if you want a name for her, she is based on the "Messenger" from Chapplle's plans. She was an Oyster Pirate, a boat used to illegally dredge oysters.
  12. Well dang! Painting with the old dope got quite interesting half way through. Won't be quite so fun with the new stuff!

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