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  1. The only two forces greater than Murphy's Law, are God and Gravity, and we're not too sure about gravity!
  2. A great achievement indeed!
  3. As a continuation of the discussion earlier in this thread. I just ordered the Hagasawa 1/16th Camel kit. I'll post on the comparison of the details in the plastic and Model Airways metal parts when it arrives, some time next month. I already have the MA Camel.
  4. 1/24th, I built one.
  5. Le Rhone and Clerget Hagasawa 1/8th scale engine builds. you'll have to copy and paste two of them.
  6. Liquid plastic cement.
  7. I got the two Hagasawa engine kits. The detailing looks good, at least good enough for me. The Le Rhone 110HP The Clerget 130HP A close up of the cylinder and vale rocker arm parts.
  8. Over the last two days I received both of the Hagasawa 1/8th scale WWI rotary aircraft engines I ordered. One is a 110HP Le Rhone, to display with my 1/16th scale Model Expo DR.1 Fokker Triplane kit, the other is a 130HP Clerget, for display with a 1/16th Sopwith Camel kit. The Germans used a clone of the Le Rhone for the Triplane. The kit is the German version. The 110HP Le Rhone The Clerget I had originally purchased a 1/6th scale 80HP Le Rhone engine to display with the DR.1, but found out later that the two engines looked much different, the 80HP has the push rods in front of the cylinders, and the 110HP had them at the back, ditto the exhaust manifold. The 80HP Le Rhone
  9. I too, am a Moldholic! I recently cataloged my ship kits, and decided I have to reach about the age of 110, to even come close to building them all, and that is just the nautical subject models!
  10. Is that the AK 259 REALISTIC WOOD EFFECTS , book?
  11. One source I found, said that the Germans would reuse Le Rhones in the DR.1, if they captured any. Similar to your post.
  12. I broke down and bought one the Hagasawa Le Rhones. Should be here next week. Haven't decided whether to keep or resell the Williams Brothers 80HP model. When the 110HP arrives, I'll post some pictures of the parts. I also bought one of there Camel engines, its coming from Canada.
  13. Enjoy your vacation!
  14. Cats are the perfect embodiment of the saying "It is better to beg forgiveness, that risk being denied permission." Of course, it is beneath their dignity to actually beg, its the thought that counts.
  15. vossiewulf No worry about the 80 vs 110. I did the drawings based on the 110. Your info helped a lot! All the existing 3D renderings are of the 80HP, except one that I found. Even then the drafter based it on crude drawings in the manual. Got enough info though to decide that the tech is not quite there yet. Yes, your right about the multi-mode. We just worked on the display though, other groups did design on the rest. An interesting note. Westinghouse was known as the "Late, Great Westinghouse". We hardly ever got the projects done on time, but the military/goverment was generally quite happy with what we delivered. Just after the Falkland's War, Britain sent us one of our ground control radars, for repair. It had been shot up, by the British! It was a system we had sold to the Argentinians, and they had captured it. They wanted it repaired so they could study it. They said it was the only one of the radars they couldn't jam.
  16. Why I didn't receive this recently. I did find it today while going through some boxes. What the heck is that, you ask? It is a model of the first Radar Display I worked on as an engineer, in the late 70s! It was called the Multi-Mode Display. It was a military radar display, that had among other innovations, the first 25" touch screen. The model was one of several made buy the company I was working for, and given to the engineers who worked on the project, at its completion. I have the desk/keyboard for this somewhere, it broke off several years ago, and I'll attach it when I find it. Over the years, I worked on a couple more military displays, and two of the major FAA Air Traffic Control displays. The last of which, I also designed the factory production test bed, and test software for.
  17. Made a box to hold the 12 round parts containers I got from Amazon last week. I was digging around the shop for a box that would fit them, or one I could modify. Looked in the trash and saw a USPS Small Flat Rate Box, that I had misaddressed, and tried it out. By cutting 1 5/8" off one side, it folded into a nice box for them! I turned it inside out, to hide the address, and lined it with a sheet of paper, so that the parts would be more noticeable. Not bad for a recycle job. The containers are 20ml cosmetics "jars". They are about 1 3/4" in diameter and 1" deep.
  18. Received the 1/6th Le Rhone 80HP engine model kit. Unfortunatly the 80HP has the valve pushrods at the front of the crankcase, and the 110HP has them at the rear! Did not notice the difference until after the kit arrived. May have to find a Hagasawa 1/8 Le Rhone kit.
  19. Received the Le Rhone 80HP kit in the mail. I was planning to display it with my Fokker Triplane when its finished, to show a better model of the engine. The Model Shipways Le Rhone/UR2 110HP castings are not well detailed. Then I noticed a problem. The Le Rhone 80HP has the pushrods at the front of the engine, and the 110HP has them in the rear! I'm now debating spending the extra money to buy the Hagasawa 1/8th Le Rhone. If I do, I'll probably build this one as a separate display. I'll also picked up a wall picture for my shop. I'm sure that the Brit members, at least, will recognize the subject matter. Yes, I'm a geek.
  20. Following this build. As a note, both sparkplug wires should run between the gear and crankcase. The way you have them running, they would be cut when the engine rotates.
  21. Its a nogo on 3D printing the cylinders, for the Le Rhone/UR2 engines. There are 33 fins in a actual 22CM length, and the minimum thickness for the Shapeways detail plastic is ~.5CM for a supported wall/fin, and ~1CM for an unsupported wall, AKA a fin. This is for a cylinder scaled to 1/16th. A built up PE stack might do it. You would need some combination that comes out to .0163" or .0164" thick for each fin and spacer(s) combination. It comes out to .666 real CM from top of one fin to the bottom of the "gap".
  22. Its in the Micro-Mark catalog.
  23. Maybe you could do your own PE. Here in the US, you can buy complete kits for do it yourself PE. Should be able to get them in the EU.
  24. Where did you get the 1.5mm blocks?
  25. Yes it is the Le Rhone engine is the Williams Brothers kit, can't quite afford the Hagasawa kits right now. Does anyone know of a dimensioned drawing of the Le Rhone or Clerget engines? I might try to come up with a 3D printed version for 1/16th scale.