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  1. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Well they are Hot dogs. Easier to eat with guac than like this! (scroll down 3 or 4 posts). http://gatorchatter.com/threads/these-are-going-to-be-handed-out-to-all-the-fans-tomorrow.5359/
  2. Tiny Hem in Sails

    You might want to consider getting Phospur-bronze wire, from a model RR supplier. Stiff, and doesn't corrode, solders easily. While at you freainda age, the corrosion is not a big deal, his family may want to keep the models after he passes.
  3. Tiny Hem in Sails

    Pull some of the wire out, cut lengths generously longer than needed. Attach one end to a shelf, or other high surface. Tie a heavy weight to the other end, and let it hang for a few days. That should give you lengths of straight wire.
  4. Revell B-17 G

    Sci Fi Fighting Robot, popularized in Japan. Think "Pacific Rim" or "Robotech". Yea, I'm a geek.
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    He knows about all the damage, I pointed it out. Whether he does anything about it, is to be seen. I suspect he'll have it fixed, if he falls through the floor, and not before.
  6. Latest pieces off my drawing board

    You have a great talent!
  7. I'm building a MS Smoothbore cannon model, and I have a question about the "rigging" used to raise the gun port cover/lid. The kit supplies chain for the external and through the bulworks portion of the rigging. This goes to the first block, and then line is used for the rest of the assembly. I looked at several AOT ship books and they show Lanyards (I assume rope) used for this. I'd think chains would wear away the paint and chew into the wood. So, finally, were chains ever used, or were rope leads more common?
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Took a side job. A guy I've done work for in the past, called and asked me to fix the plumbing under his sink, which was "Broken". I got there and it was indeed broken, broken out of the wall and laying on the floor! It had also been leaking for years, as the wall floor and floor joists were dry rotted! OK, I told him I could fix the pipes, but not the dry rot (I could fix that too, but his AC unit was right in front of the rotted section, so he’ll have to find someone else for that. I went under the house, and at every joint between the sink and the main sewer pipe, the pipe was broken, and the crawl space was well soaked all along the wall with nasty stuff. Any way got the pies replaced, it took about 5 hours. Then he wanted the facet replaced, another 3 hours. Getting the old one out took a while. Made some money, and bought a couple new tools, and a new drain pipe for my bathroom sink, with part of it.
  9. A Potential Tool for Card Modeling?

    What version of the Cricut software did you use? All the DXF files I tried to import came out with strange shapes.
  10. A Potential Tool for Card Modeling?

    I think it is accurate enough, the problem lies in inputting the existing pages. With the Cricut you have to scan in the pages, reprint them with alignment marks added by the Cricut software, then cut the prints, not the original pages. In addition their software uses the web browser as the drawing pallet, limiting the size of the print, to smaller than a sheet of standard paper. If I remember correctly about 8 1/2 by 6! They have released a new version of "Design Space", their software, but I have not had a chance to see if they have corrected this. So far with not being able to go from CAD to the machines format, and the limited Scan to Print function, I've been disapointed. I have about 100 HO scale high photo quality detailing building kit files, that I was planning to use this machine to cut out the parts for, but they are 8 1/2 by 11 sheets and printing them, scanning, then reprinting with the alignment marks will seriously degraded the details.
  11. Maybe they are shipping it on an actual ship! One that has a bad compass. :-)
  12. A Potential Tool for Card Modeling?

    I have a Cricut machine. The problem they both have, is that they are setup to cut image files, not CAD drawings. I have yet to be able to go from my CADs to a format that I can cut. Something simple like a building (all straight lines), can be drawn with several graphics programs, frames, decks and bulkheads, not so much so. The machine has been sitting for several months, as I've been to busy to get back to it. This fall/winter, I will try again.
  13. What have you received today?

    She wouldn't listen to any other plan.
  14. What have you received today?

    Several years ago we remodeled. The house had originally been setup for the washer/dryer to be put in the hall, by the bathroom. Much to my, and our handyman's horror, the Admiral insisted that they go in the bathroom!! This left no room for the sink, in said bathroom, but she was adamant! We had to replace some of the subfloor, so out came the wall, in went the equipment, and up went the wall. Now the sink is in the hallway! And everything had to be replumbed accordingly. I could, with a lot of work, get the stuff out, but I want the original setup. I also never taped the wall board, for just this case, so the removal of that wall section will not be too bad. This time everything will revert to the original setup!
  15. Just don't make the mistake I did on mine. " Sharpie Permanent Marker" will run when exposed to Elmer's, in a laminating situation. I had to strip off a good portion of my decking, after I used it to create the caulking lines, before I glued down the decking.
  16. What have you received today?

    Our washer died a week ago, and we've been hunting for another (used) one. Yesterday my wife found a washer and dryer set that the couple was giving away free! Nice side load washer and dryer, with electronic controls. They are presently sitting in the living room, as I have to remove part of the bathroom wall to get the old ones out. I'm going to replumb them to go into the adjacent hallway, which is wide enough to hold them and still get to the back bedroom.
  17. What have you received today?

    Nice buy on the mics!
  18. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    After years of having a hodge-podge of automobile tools, went out and bought a nice 254 piece socket set from Sears, with blow mold 3 drawer case. Only thing I didn't like about it was a dirth of 1/2" drive sockets, they filled in the smaller sizes (9/16 and under) with 3/8 drive sockets. This was true of all the sets of similar size from all the good quality home tool makers (Kobalt, Sears, and Husky). All of them also have only 12 point 1/2 drive sockets, I prefer the 6 point ones. I had two regular 6 point sets from Harbor Freight and added a set of 6 point deep well metric sockets from the same. Not as durable, but they have been serving me for years. Sad thing is that most of the new 1/2 drive HF sockets are also 12 point! I'll post pictures later.
  19. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Sounds like a table I'd like to see built!
  20. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Ah,yes, but do you have enough parts to build a Cadillac? (Per singer Johnny Cash)
  21. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    Great looking model!
  22. What have you received today?

    Got a few things over the last week, four books, and more parts containers. First, the boat related items. A nice book on Chesapeake Bay sailing craft, and 40 small "Eye Shadow" jars with a fitted box. I bought the jars as a fill-in to get the free shipping. They will be quite useful, and they only cost me $5 after the regular shipping charges are subtracted. A plus, was the box they came in. When I bought some larger jars a few months ago, for the same reason, I had to make a box. The other three books are for another passion of mine Dinosaurs! It has been quite a while since I purchased any books on this subject for monitary reasons, so I'm planning on enjoying them! Now if only someone would publish a new book on Carnivorous dinos, or bird/dino evolution (that I could afford). I also purchased a "4TB" external drive that was on sale at Best Buy. Glad it was on sale, as it only actually holds 3.6TB! It is fast with the USB 3 port, though.
  23. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Brian; Love your signature quote!
  24. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Last night I replaced an older 400GB laptop drive I've been using in my desktop, with a 1TB 3.5" drive. Much faster! That make 5.5TB (about 60% filled) in that desktop! I keep way too much of the data I've collected over the years, but you never know when you might need it! A lot of it is back up storage, so that all the critical data (Plans, articles, letters, etc.) is copied onto 2 different physical drives. I have it all the critical and "only useful" data also backed up on external drives. In the past I've lost many "things" to hard drive crashes, so I probably go a little overboard with the backing up of files. In fact I've had to replace 2 newer drives that should have lasted many more years, recently. Luckily I found the problems, before they got so bad, the data was lost. I can recommend Sea Tools from Seagate, as a good program to regularly test your drives. The tests are more comprehensive for their own drives, but many of the tests will work with all drives The laptop drive will get a new home in my shop computer whose very old 200GB system drive is getting senile. The shop computer is fairly new (a used server motherboard with 2.5Ghz quad core, and 8GB ram), but when I built it, that was the only free drive I had.
  25. Speaking of mahogany racing boats. When I was a kid (around time of dinosaurs, Agh.), there was a Chris Craft dealer, near my Grandfathers camp. He died suddenly one day, leaving his personal boat outside. For years people tried to buy it from his widow, who refused, because it had to many memories. No one could convince her to move it into the barn either. It was sad to pass it and watch it slowly decay, over the years!