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  1. I saved the life of a drunk friend on the rapids of the Stanislause River. He's the one that did not understand the gravity - of drinking while white water rafting. FWIW, he went into rehab for 60 days. Doing great now. Oh yeah! When I got hold of him well enough to pull him into the raft, he says, "Wait a minuted. I'm peeing."
  2. Never. I'm not conceded, I'm convinced. Feeling a tad manic today.
  3. Don't pee in my pool and I won't swim in your toilet.
  4. If I can't fix it I'll fix it so no one else can.
  5. I told my son he was catching up to my age and explained it as that. He was born when I was 15 (step son). When I was 30 he was 15. Now he's 41 but I'm not 82.
  6. A deaf aid. Is that like a admiral mitigation?
  7. In today's news... A man wondered where he'd seen a topic concerning model expo, because he wants to visit it. The conversation was about the problems after the owner retired, a new web site coming soon... Here's what I've notices on MANY occasion. During no ongoing sale I found the bluenose for $169. Today I saw an add for a sale. Sweet, what's the current price of the ship? Before discount, $300. After discount, $229. But if I wait for the sale to end, I'll get a discount? I'm not comfortable with that way of doing business.
  8. This one's for you Carl. Today I met a 91 year old WWII vet. GREAT GUY! Navy. HATES the Marines and makes no bone about it. In fact he makes little bones about anything. Anyway, he asked me what nationality I am. I said, American. No, he says, where are you from? I say Grand Rapids, Michigan. He says, okay, where are your parents from? I say New York. He says, what's Adams, that's English right? I said some of my ancestors were English.
  9. Today We lost power for almost 10 hours. This was "planned". Wednesday we got notice that our power company needed to make some big repair to be done from 6 am to 6 pm. We checked out mail Friday. Tuesdays and Fridays. Got the notification last evening. I have battery backups that kept the tv, cable, pc's and internet live for about 3 hours, then it got boring. Played cards for a few hours, Sat on the porch and wished we had coffee. Glad we had each other, the wife and I!
  10. My wife and I got into an argument about... Drum roll please... Money. She complained that I spent too much on beer. I'm like; you spend too much on make up. She says it's because she's trying to get me to notice her. ??? I said I've been drinking so you'd look good. Bunk mate anyone?
  11. Damn European sense of humor. Didn't get that at all:)
  12. Here's what I do know. Cold is the absence of heat. I know it's easier to insulate cold from heat. I know heat is extracted from cold.
  13. July, That's legal here. Common practice in the &*%^#@ tract homes. Ran into the exact same think when I remodeled my kitchen. This house is only 6 years old. Now, there's a GFI on the same wall as the oven. Exactly across is a counter where the coffee pot and phone stand is at. To the right is the fridge with this tiny counter, 18" wide. One day the coffee pot stopped working. Alas, so did the dish washer. Dishwasher in one plug, disposal in the other. You'd think the GFI near the stove would control the coffee pot, but after checking every breaker and GFI, well... We keep our kitchen aid on the counter next to the fridge. Behind it is a GFI. THAT worked.
  14. Carl, I was thinking the same thing. You'd get some kind of loop. When I can, I get the shaker out of the freezer. The vodka is always cold. All other items except the celery salt are at a constant 37 degrees in the fridge. I fear heat transfer, so I drink straight from the shaker. Then it takes me an hour to drink it. Not much ice left in 110 degrees. In the shade.
  15. If I were to install a freezer and an oven next to each other with no insulation, just a thin gauge wall between them, one side must be stronger. Either the cold draws heat from the oven, or the oven draws heat from the freezer. I don't think this applies. But then I'm asking the question because I don't know. I think of these things as I sit on the porch for an hour every evening with my bloody mary and watch the kids in the park across the street. (We live on Parkside Way)