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    Restoring old cars, music, reading, computers, cooking and of course modelling. I also run a web site for our City, Oakdale, California. (Sorry it's private) it uses the same software this site does, and exists as a place for the people of Oakdale to let loose and play around. It's a lot of fun.

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  1. I can confirm this.
  2. Today I spent $40 at the meat counter.
  3. Must be spring somewhere. Awful quiet around here. To day I told my wife I was trying to set the little Howard Miller alarm clock to within a 10th of a second from the atomic clock. I said the best I could do was 100th of a second. No one ever gets my jokes. Spades through email. The flaw was so obvious.
  4. Thanks, Doc. Guess I'll see if I can buy it on amazon. All these smart tv's phones, I should be able to watch it somehow. Just too broke from buying all the toys to afford Starz or HBO or anything. Hulu and Netflix, Amazon...etc.
  5. Mike Tyson just shuddered.
  6. That's not actually what I meant to post, but when I started typing, I doubled over a laughed out loud. What I started to say was: Today I posted the following on my favorite forum: I had a great idea! (Well, you be the judge) The wife and I have been looking forever for some one to play a card game called spades. Here's what I'm thinking. Must be 4 people for 2 teams, thus probably a couple:) I think 2 email addresses would suffice. I've heard from many that the game requires no strategy. If you want to play you must describe a situation in which strategy is real! 35 years ago I was unbeatable. My wife has never seen a game completed. Sorry if I stepped on any messages, I think to much when I type. I really don't know much about my language, i.e. grammar, but I can fake it pretty well. Or is that good?
  7. Today I posted on my favorite forum, MSW, in a topic under Shore leave called, What have you done today?"
  8. Wonder if we can get that here? Who is the director?
  9. Nutmeg is STRONG! Be very careful!
  10. Search problems can be resolved using an *. e.g. if I want to search for abcd, but I can't remember d, I can search for abc*.
  11. We call ours, "The room we don't talk about."
  12. I see a 1 AND a 5. 15 beers? Man, I could drink you under the table in a Monday.
  13. Can't wait to go shopping soon!
  14. We're still groaning.
  15. Ever seen Boston Legal? It's a more accurate depiction. Hilarious. Imagine the real Bill... WAS the self proclaimed undefeated, best lawyer in Boston. How he's a demented old man that objectifies woman. LOVES guns!