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    Restoring old cars, music, reading, computers, cooking and of course modelling. I also run a web site for our City, Oakdale, California. (Sorry it's private) it uses the same software this site does, and exists as a place for the people of Oakdale to let loose and play around. It's a lot of fun.

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  1. Therapy for Shipaholics

    Dr. Sundays are my day to clean the man cave. As you can see I'm looking for any communication I can get from MSW. I just can't get motivated.
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I was hoping to have my mid life crises when I reached 100.
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    It's California. There's probably a tax on vanilla beans.
  4. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Thanks! Now if I could just stay at 55. Pains getting worse, eye site gone, fat... Can you imagine having a midlife crises for the rest of your life? Would you consider that good or bad?
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Here in California anyway, yeah, Captain Morgans is way over priced. I like Nelsons better anyway. Smoother even the the Captains.
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I dunno. How old are ya?
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Saturdays I make my weekly run to the local big chain booze pusher and pickup a half gallon of Admiral Nelsons spiced rum and a few bottle of wine for the admiral. Cops in the line next to me grabbing some smokes. I said, "My wife doesn't want to see me drinking tonight so I'll have to consume all this on the way home". Cop says, "I know where you live Adams". Incidentally, Captain Morgans = $25 to $30. Admiral Nelson = $12 to $14.
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Sounds like home to me. On the corner of the busiest intersection they put up a skate park. One month after they finished the park, they tore up the road for 3 weeks. No one could use the corner at all and I can't see what they did. Now, one other thing they did when they put in the park was to narrow a 4 lane to 2. 4 ways in and out of this town. Each one, 4 lanes go down to 2. I live 4 miles from my pharmacy (not that I'm on drugs or anything) and it takes me no less than 12 minutes. Supposed to be a quaint town. With kmart, fast food, grocers... Looks like any other arm pit with 20,000 people.
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today I got a ticket for parking too far from the curb. I live in one of these "elite" neighborhoods where our taxes go to maintaining mow strips, parks, bike paths, dog parks...etc. Serious home organization associations. (HOA) I live on a cul-de-sac. Unless both front and rear tires are touching the curb, the center of the truck will always be more than 3' from the curve. More than 3'? OMG! 2nd time. Today I went to the banks and ordered 3,500 pennies. Just bought a burlap sack. I don't care how long it takes, I'm taking them out of their rolls and giving them one big burlap bag. I hope it breaks the counter when I set it down. Seriously, Brian? Darn tooten'! Last summer I got 4 warnings that I can't leave my truck in one spot more than 72 hours. I can't go 16 hours without driving my truck. Do they use chalk? No... Mind you we live at 100' above sea level. Like, the lowest part of the central valley in California. They kept seeing cobwebs. I had one living in my hitch receptacle. Do you think that spider wasted any time rebuilding as soon as I parked? You complain about dust? I complain about cob webs.
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I had an uncle that was a magician. We'd be walking down the street then POOF, he'd turn into a bar.
  11. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Did he chew with his mouth open? I HATE that! That and snapping gum.
  12. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I should have known that, I went to cooking school.
  13. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Those that rely on Necromancy as the root of their cult.
  14. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Don't forget the chicken by-products.
  15. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Armored hot dogs. The dogs your kids won't bite.