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  1. I got a more high quality photos of this model
  2. Today I saw application of my decor. I will not be modest. I like
  3. Hi Dziadeczek ! Thanks for feedback! This lion I painted step by step for about 3 years, gradually bringing to perfection. I was very much helped by advice of friends. I looked at your proposal and agreed with him. It will be better this way. Initially, the lion was correct, but after cutting out groove for stem, his back became lean. I will consider your wish. Thanks again
  4. A short video for demonstrating manual finishing of decor.
  5. Classical head figure of Lion. Suitable for sailing ships of 17-18 centuries - England, Holland (last), Spain, Sweden, Denmark and others.
  6. sp001

    Thanks for nice feedback
  7. A set of decor for model HMS Enterprize 1774 ( drawings from SHIPYARD ) Original drawing Sketch samples 3D models Result in wood
  8. Head figure of Swedish royal yacht Amphion 1778 (3D model , finished )
  9. Hello everybody! I finished 3D model rigging of the brig Mercury. Only rigging and sails
  10. Decor set for model of French corvette "L'Aurore". I show photo after CNC milling and final photo of decor on model. Model by Vadim Kuzmin