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  1. Thanks for nice feedback
  2. A set of decor for model HMS Enterprize 1774 ( drawings from SHIPYARD ) Original drawing Sketch samples 3D models Result in wood
  3. Head figure of Swedish royal yacht Amphion 1778 (3D model , finished )
  4. Hello everybody! I finished 3D model rigging of the brig Mercury. Only rigging and sails
  5. Decor set for model of French corvette "L'Aurore". I show photo after CNC milling and final photo of decor on model. Model by Vadim Kuzmin
  6. I with its model of Oliver Cromwell at the Cup of Kiev in 2013
  7. I did a lot of photos during work. 1st pfoto - test milling of pears 2nd photo shows error of combining parties in turn. I had to change machine coordinate search technique for more accurate processing 3rd photo - final figure after CNC
  8. I finished production of Juno head figure for model Oliver Cromwell in scale of 1:48 from boxtree. Technological chain of next - 3D model, then CNC milling, then hand finishing. First time I tried 4-axis milling. It was harder than I thought, but I coped
  9. Nils ! You can see Roland's works in Facebook in group Galeon Ship Model https://www.facebook.com/groups/galleon/