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  1. Sorry, I did not receive a notification in time. I postponed this project, I was busy, but now I want to return to it There are no original drawings. I used the drawings of HMS PEREGRINE GALLEY. The rest of the information from original model
  2. I was asked to make drawings on a scale of 1:20. The full dimensions of the model 370 X 120 X 340 mm were obtained. Only 8 sheets of A2 format in PDF format for self-printing in copy center. Preview sheets and a full-size drawing fragment for quality assessment is attached. Who are interested - write in a personal.
  3. 3D model of botik (boat) St.Nicolas ( boat of Tsar Peter 1st) are finished. Accurate reconstruction from dimensional drawings and photos of real botik from Maritime Museum in St. Petersburg. Drawings are ready.
  4. sp001

    Thanks for nice feedback
  5. A set of decor for model HMS Enterprize 1774 ( drawings from SHIPYARD ) Original drawing Sketch samples 3D models Result in wood
  6. Probably every modeller wants to build a model in the Navy Board style. In 2004 I started to model the American privateer Oliver Cromwell in 1/48 ( original built in 1776). Model is built on drawing from Harold Hahn's book "Ships of the American Revolution and their models". The model is not completed at this time.
  7. Hi , Doris! Your model is superb. I long admired her and your other works.
  8. HMS Lizard was a 24-gun sixth rate launched in 1697. 3D reconstruction based on the photo of original model from Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The work is not finished (in progress)
  9. Swedish privateer

    Full hull model , fully rigged with sails . It is Author's reconstruction from album of famous Swedish shipbuilder Chapman ┬źArchitectura navalis mercatoria┬╗. Model is in 1:36 scale, full size 130x110x50 cm. Style execution of model simulates naturally aged model of the XVIII century.