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  1. Yes CA gel will actually be called gel on the bottle. It works great for gluing live coral as well!
  2. OcCre Bounty with cut-away section

    The owner of OcCre worked for AL for 20 some odd years designing their kits so it is probably almost identical. Looks like there is already a similar answer posted, I'm a slow typer.
  3. I built the Revell USS Constitution back when I was 15-16 years old. I wish I had an airbrush for a better paint job but other than that it wasn't really a very difficult build. The rigging was the hardest part as some of the mast parts get pretty thin and easily flex with the slightest line tension. My parents kept it for many years until it met up with an unfortunate dog accident. I would give it a go, you can always stop and try again later if it proves to be needing a little more experience with models.
  4. I'm sure if this what you are after but staining the sails in tea give them a more weathered, natural appearance.
  5. Nice review, I do a lot of scrolling myself just never for model ships. My saw is getting close to 10 years old now and I have yet to use the guard. I even let my 11 year old daughter, who is a little clumsy, use it when she wants. I've hit the blade with my fingers a number of times and it doesn't even leave a scratch. The hole on your table is a little large for small pieces. My table has a pretty small hole but for really tiny piece I took a piece of plexi glass and drilled the smallest hole I could that let the blade through and then clamped it to my table with c-clamps. Plex or acrylic sheet is pretty cheap and the wood glides over it smoothly. Enjoy your new toy! I guess I should also mention that I only use pinless blades so the hole can be very small.
  6. I think I will pick it up then. The image and sound quality are all I really had to go on as the clips they showed didn't really provide any techniques or insight as I would imagine they want to keep those for paying customers. The photos in the PDF on the web site were truely inspiring and I think even if people don't buy the DVD it is worth stopping in to see the free photos!
  7. I just watched a 10 minute promotional video of it on-line. Does the actual DVD have good resolution or does it really look and sound like it was shot with an old VHS camcorder?
  8. I started out working as a project accountant for a large construction company for 8 years. As life moved on and I got married and had two children being away from the family so much was starting to become a real problem. I ended up changing careers and became a millwright. I love my job as it usually entails coming up with some creative solutions and machining parts to keep the machines running.
  9. A number of people use lego bricks clamped to the keel and then the bulkheads clamped to the bricks to achieve perfectly aligned bulkheads. It's a simple but effective method.
  10. I am still waiting for my first wooden ship model to show up in the mail so I have been reading a lot of build threads on this web site to gain some insight. I see that most people when painting the hull and whales use 20-30 thin passes with a paint brush so that the brush marks are not visible. Is there any reason that this preferable over using an airbrush with just a couple passes? I build military models so I already have the gear but I am guessing that the lack of owning an airbrush is not the only reason to not use one.
  11. A variable speed dremel is about the only power tool I've ever used on a model (and very rarely) but I've been eying up a mini chop saw with stops to do really quick planks of equal length.
  12. Hi there. Looking for advice

    I am pretty much in the same boat as you. Having done a lot of research I ended up ordering the Model Shipways Mayflower. It touches on everything that a much more elaborate model would encompass, contains some of the best instructions out there, good quality parts and not so complicated that beginner would actually finish it. The fact that it was on sale for $89 also was great. If you look the model up on Model Expo's website you can click on the documents tab and see the instructions for yourself, I was impressed.
  13. We'll I tried my pens on a couple of planks to see the results and Danny was spot on. The brush tip was much easier to control on the side of a thin plank and by doing just one side of two boards butted up to each other a very scale appearance of caulking is produced.
  14. Thanks Danny, that is the same pen I found. I wasn't sure about the size to get so I got a couple tip sizes plus the brush tip.
  15. Thanks for the info! I found a set of different widths made by Sakura at Michaels tonight. They are pH neutral and bleed free so I'll see how they look.