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    I've decided to take a short break from the shipyard and turned it into a hangar. Currently building the Wright Flyer.

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  1. pythagoras

    Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    Glad to hear this, Phil, I hope for the same success for your other eye. Pythagoras (Tom)
  2. pythagoras

    How many model ships working on at the same time?

    Just ordered Chucks Royal Barge, Syren can wait, I can't !!! Pythagoras (Tom)
  3. pythagoras

    What have you received today?

    Hey Ron, I misread your earlier post about the vise your admiral bought for you and thought you had a vice admiral too. Sorry I misinterpreted. Pythagoras (Tom)
  4. pythagoras

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    This is not what I did today, but what I tried to do. Boy Scout training said "do a good deed every day" It's been a long time, but today I followed an elderly lady out of the grocery store. She was pushing a cart with a medium sized cardboard box in it and a cane hanging over the push handle. I came along side of her and said "Could I help you put that box in your car? She looked up at me with a puzzled look and said, "It's empty". Oh well, I tried!! Pythagoras (Tom)
  5. pythagoras

    What have you received today?

    Jack, Pythagoras here!! We always bring a supply of Zweigles back to Florida when we leave NY. We love them. Tom Edit, Jack, Wegmans, our favorite grocery store, also has a "knockoff" Zweigles and they are great!!! Tom, again!
  6. pythagoras

    Hello from Upstate NY

    Shean, As a former upstate New Yorker (Mohawk Valley and the Rochester area) please accept my warm welcome to this forum. To repeat others, you can't find a more knowledgeable group of folks willing to share. I hope you do a build log on Chaperon. I have finished my Chaperon, but am not computer savvy enough to do a log. Have fun, Pythagoras(Tom)
  7. pythagoras

    Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    Phil, I have no experience or knowledge in this area. I can only send my best wishes for a very successful outcome. Pythagoras (Tom)
  8. pythagoras

    Ugears tram

    Hi Sjors, I also saw the ugears video on Model expos site and was also intriqued by all the action created by the engineering of the drive components. The U-9 Grand Prix car arrived last Thursday and I'm looking forward to assembling it. The wood seems a good quality ply and the laser cuts look perfect. The assembly manual is in 11 different languages and instructions are basic sentences accompanied by clever diagrams of each part showing the direction of the motion witch joins part to part. Enjoy your tram, Pythagoras (Tom)
  9. pythagoras

    Used Model Machines tools

    Jim, I saw that ad. They are in California and will not ship. Must arrange for pick up. Great price if condition is good. Pythagoras (Tom)
  10. Correction!!! 12 # WP8501 "Always proof read before the send button" Pythagoras (Tom)
  11. Jim, MS part # for 12 pounder gun barrel WP8502 9 WP8502 swivel gun with yoke WP8503 Cradles were laser cut sheet #PA5 Hope this helps. Did you get my e-mail ? Pythagoras (Tom)
  12. pythagoras

    What have you received today?

    Jim, Please pm me with your e-mail address and I will send photos and describe the water process Thanks. Pythagoras (Tom)
  13. pythagoras

    What have you received today?

    Hello Art, Good to hear from you. A couple of months ago, I was wondering where to display the Chaperon, which is now finished. Later I moved it to clean up the shipyard bench and just set it atop the Niagara case and turned back to the bench. Hmmm!! "Now why didn't I think of this before??" I contacted Ron at Grandpas Cabinets, with whom I've done business, and about 10 days later, this was "What have you received today?" I'm very pleased and like the double-decker approach to the display. Now I am onto MS Wright Flyer, a very different experience, but am enjoying it. I'm trying to think "outside the box" to its display. Might try hanging it from the base of one of Ron's cases and hang that from the ceiling upside down. Now that will be a whole new world of display area to open up. Just caught up with your posts about getting some members together. Glad you are doing this and I will try to join you fellows in the future. Regards' Pythagoras (Tom)
  14. pythagoras

    What have you received today?

    Good on you!!!! Enjoy this build. Pythagoras (Tom)

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