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  1. What is the connection between this topic and model ship building? None I suppose.
  2. Hi Flip, you made a comment on my O-1 buildlog in 2014, indicaties you live in Vlissingen and might be able to fine Some images of het "dokje van Perry". 


    Ive built a stand and bought a transport case for the O-1, and now I'm interested in mounting a 40x70cm photo behind the model of the dockyard. Ideally it would be an early 1900s foto - I've seen many on internet but no high-resolution ones. 


    If if you happen to come across something like this or know where I could find it let me know!  Appreciate it!



    1. Sparks


      Hello Freek,


      I've been looking around on the web as well, but probably found the same pics as you did.

      In any way no high resolution ones.

      Succes on your search.


      Greetings, Flip.

  3. More interesting prices on voelkner.de and direct ordering and delivery.
  4. I've bougth and used one. It's scrap. You'd better save your money for something else.