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  1. More interesting prices on and direct ordering and delivery.
  2. I've bougth and used one. It's scrap. You'd better save your money for something else.
  3. Hi Freek, I'm rather new to this forum and not quite operating yet. This is my first post. The picture above of the (mini) dockyard triggered me. I know this one in Vlissingen/Flushing in The Netherland; my place of birth. About 40 years ago it was of no use anymore (financially) and it was dumped full of sand and in this way disappeared underground. Recently it was restored and repaired to fully operational, including the praticularly formed dockdoor. If you are interested, I can search for some information and pictures about this restoration-project and itss results. If so, just PM me. Greets, Flip (or Phil (= more international)).