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  1. I assume from your note that you have tried it in the bath !! She looks brilliant, well done indeed Sir !
  2. Pictures of the finished hull before and after painting. Just a white line to add between the red and the blue when it's dry and then I can put all the little bits and pieces on. I am finding it very hard not to fiddle with it before the paint is properly dry but I must resist !!
  3. Oh yes, much, much better and I just love the lifeboats. Looking at the state of your Chaperon I can see them being needed!!!
  4. I know the trials and tribulations that you have gone through with this build. For what it is worth I think you have done magnificently for a first build and you should be very proud of your labours. Well done Sir!!
  5. Oh goodness, it's so tidy!!! Stacks look much better from the distance shot.
  6. I am now in the process of painting the hull which has given me time in between drying to make all the bits and pieces for the deck. I modified the pilot house to have an opening door at the back so that the interior could be seen. I also added brass portholes instead of the horrid black things in the kit. The little companion way was an interesting challenge as the door was supposed to hinge with some very peculiar idea from AL who then forgot to put the bits in the kit so I made my own hinges !! Other pictures are of all the fish boxes and the guard thing they will rest against, the engine, winch, trawl doors, engine house cover, ladder and front hatch. Once the hull painting is finished they will all have somewhere to go. I can't quite understand some of the scaling on this model. Either the pilot house is too large or the companionway too small. If people could get into the companionway there is no way they could lift a full fish box!!
  7. If it were me I would make the stacks a bit blacker, they look like weathered white which has had a nasty attack by seagulls!
  8. Thanks for that Brian, Wales or rubbing strakes and stantions done !!
  9. The bulwarks are now on. Quite a struggle to do those even after soaking but I won on the end. I put on the stem and keel but found I had sanded a bit too much off the bulwarks at the prow and had to put a small filler on the stem at the top but I don't think it shows. Also planked the insides of the bulwarks and put in the waterways. I put the propeller on, just a loose fit at the moment but I don't want to do the rudder yet - too easy to knock it off at the moment. I added a bit more filler to smooth the bulwarks and did a wee bit more sanding and I think the hull is just about done. Next step is the stantions. I still can't decide what colour scheme to paint the hull.
  10. We are filled, sanded and smoothed and ready for the addition of the bulwarks. Fingers crossed!!
  11. HOF, the wheel is 20mm, fiddly to put together but well worth it. It was from a company I think called Model's parts shop and they sell loads of equally brilliant brass bits and pieces including wonderful portholes and all manner of bits and bobs I could spend a fortune! Anyway, being a sad person (!!!!) here it is in situ. The idea is that the base with the seat, dashboard and wheel will go on the deck and the removeable (!!!!) pilot house will sit on top. Whilst I am here I will ask for some opinions. Would it be a good idea to put the stem on the hull before trying to put the bulwarks on rather than do it after as the destructions suggest?
  12. I really thought you should see this ! The kit does not come with any 'furniture' for the pilot house, not even a wheel. So I bought one from ebay and it is just a wonderful piece of engineering in my humble opinion. There is even an extra spoke is case of losing one which, having put it together would be easy to do. At £3.41 I am well pleased.
  13. I didn't notice either about the wheel!! The problem is that whilst mine does indeed go round the crank arms or whatever they are called will not slide in and out of the engine room hence I have had to fix mine to stop those arms from repeatedly coming off.
  14. Thank you for that, I suspected that might be the case. I reckon the scuppers should be fine. The destructions say to put the side bulwarks on first which seems like a good idea and I hope will make the fitting of the stern easier. I'm not sure that I am going to follow the rules about the planking of them though. I think I shall leave that until they are fitted or bending them will be a nightmare. Anyway I have a fair bit of sanding, filling and more sanding to do first.
  15. Yes HOF I had thought about that Bulwark and I think it's going to be tricky. I didn't want to cut too much away to start with, I am not quite sure whether the gap should be the same as the sides? Anyway, thanks for the comment about the planking, I am blushing!!