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  1. What's happened to your build Eddie ? Did you see the Sopwith ?
  2. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Thanks John for you comment and also for your invaluable help without which I don't think I could have done it.
  3. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Thank you John, I also have the Albatross in my stash waiting and am thinking of getting the triplane. Did you do the model expo or the Artesania Fokker ?
  4. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Well folks, the beast is finished ! The ailerons have proved to be a disaster as somewhere my tensioning went wrong despite triple checking it. Never mind, who is going to fly it anyway and as long as it stays still it will be fine. I have put my excuse for a propeller on for the time being in the absence of a better one. Whilst the cabling hasn't worked out at all well it is all there and I must admit I have enjoyed making this a lot more than some models. So, view for yourselves. Next build for me is another tram. Much easier !!
  5. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    John, how did you tie off your aileron cables after tensioning ?
  6. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    The half of the wings that I was going to cover are now covered, painted and varnished. Tricky enough dodging the aileron cables so I am really glad I did it before the strut bracing which is the next thing to do.
  7. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    The cabane struts are on and I have made and fixed the inter-wing struts as well. I did use epoxy in the end as the CA was just not strong enough. The rigging for the ailerons is also done though it hardly shows. I have not tied it off yet as, like John, the thread needs time to settle and stretch. Having said that there is no way that anyone could get to the control stick now unless they happen to be a micropilot !!! Therefore, whether the ailerons actually work or not with their very complicated and fiddly rigging is fairly pointless. Why do we do this stuff to ourselves ?! Because I am covering half the plane I figure that will be my next job as it will be easier to do before I put on the strut bracing so I am getting there and it does now look like a proper bi-plane. Nice to have you along Popeye. Some pics for all.
  8. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Smashing little model. I hope mine looks a bit like that in the end !
  9. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Hooray, my bits have arrived from Model Airways so on we go I have done the undercarriage framework although I have to admit to doing the rigging three times because I was being a numpty ! I have also drilled the holes and fitted the eye bolts to the cabane struts. I am very glad I am lucky enough to have a proxxon drill press as drilling those holes would have been a real headache by hand. Now of course I have to try and fit them on !! John - did you use epoxy for the struts ?
  10. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    I am still waiting for the parts I need from model airways but, in the meantime I have made a start on my 'half' covering of the plane. I can only do so much because otherwise I will not be able to do the cabling that runs though the wings for the ailerons. Anyway I thought you might like to see how far I have got. he final colour scheme is going to that of 209 squadron RAF from WW1 as flown by Arthur Roy Brown who was credited to an extent with shooting down the Red Baron !
  11. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Thanks John. Not heard from Model Expo yet. I thought soldering would be a problem. I also thought I could at least get on with the wing struts but from what you say, since I don't have the right cabane struts I can't do that either so I really am stuck!
  12. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    John, when you made your wooden wing struts, did you take your measurements from the plans or the instructions ? There is quite a big discrepancy between the two.
  13. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Well now I have a problem !! The undercarriage struts require left and right parts and I have two the same !! The cabane struts have 4 struts and I only have 3. So, I am stuck. I have emailed modelexpo but as yet no reply. What to do? I wonder with the undercarriage struts whether I can cut the tops off, turn them round and stick them back on. Does anyone know if you can solder brittania metal or does it just melt? I might be able to use epoxy but it won't make a very strong joint. Ideas people, ideas ?
  14. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    I have been a busy boy ! I did try gluing just one place on the cables but alas it didn't work. I think I know what the problem is - where the cables wrap round the rudder bar they just get stuck so there is nowhere for the rest of the cable to go. Never mind, I tried. Anyway I tried to take some pics of the cables but the poor camera didn't know what it was supposed to focus on but at least it shows that I did put them on. I have also cut my lower wing in half (nervous or what?) then rejoined it with the necessary angle and finally glued it on. The beasty is really beginning to look like an aeroplane at last.
  15. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Thanks for that, seems I need the gap so I will stick to the instructions.