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  1. Jet or Dewalt scroll saw

    Yeah I love my Dewalt too ! Its on its own stand and cuts vibration free. Way better than the crappy Delta i used to own to build my Confederacy....
  2. I bought this product off Ebay and have a couple of jars of it - to me it works very similar to a sepia oil paint thinned wash. Some of the Russians mix it with Tung Oil as a finish. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pentart-Liquid-Patina-30ml-Bitumen-for-Antiquing-Decoupage-/202061449669?epid=1565589069&hash=item2f0bcd09c5:g:xf0AAOSw7NpZw7GT
  3. Band or Scroll saw

    My vote is for a scroll saw as well - but dont skimp on the cost. I owned a table top Delta unit I paid 100 USD on ebay - the vibration was so terrible it was almost impossible to use and broke many blades. My new DeWalt mounted on a stand made a world of difference - it cost me close to 500 USD but is a dream to use - its extremely accurate and i can cut curves closely to plan lines easily. I will be using this saw quite a bit cutting out frame pieces for my next fully framed build.
  4. Thickness sander

    Hi Michael, This is very helpful - I too have wondered about Thickness Sanders vs a Planer. I have an operation near where I live that mills my flitch of Pear to billets of standard dimensions - 1/4 or 3/8 thick by 2 inches wide by 24 inches long - I have no desire to do the heavy lifting here. I do want the best tool for precision work for final dimensions. It sounds like if I can get a hang of it - the Byrnes tool is the right one for my purposes. Best, Chris
  5. Thickness sander

    Hey Group, I too am wondering how to use this tool - I've only used it a few times - but soon I will need to reduce some 1/4 inch thick blanks to 7/32nds thick and I want consistent results. I hope Kurt doesn't mind me jumping on this thread - but I think his question is similar to mine. What is the step by step way to carry out this operation ? A tutorial for using this sander if you will - that will address amongst other things - how much do you take off per pass to get to close to final dimension before using the finishing side of the drum. Also I read somewhere on this site the sander feeds better if you rest the front of the machine on a 2x4 so the table is more horizontal. Thanks Chris
  6. Boomkin Question

    Thanks Dave - Ill probably just end up mounting it 2/3rd's up the stem unless any other concrete info comes to light. Chris
  7. Boomkin Question

    Hey Group, I am about to mount the boomkins to the stem of my Confederacy and have been trying to find some information as to how high on the stem they would have been mounted. I have seen photos showing them mounted anywhere from resting on the beakhead deck to almost the top of the stem itself. These are spars curve downward so changing the height they at which they are mounted on the stem changes their appearance. I don't own Lees Masting and Rigging - maybe there is some info there ? Any info is appreciated. Chris
  8. Is Crown Timberyard still open for business?

    These guys are the best - I bought a flitch of Pearwood from them this past spring - I had it milled here in Chicago into 70 planks 24 x 2 x 1/4 and 6 planks 24 x 2 x 3/8. And thats only half of my supply - the rest is on pallets. All in for wood/shipping and milling it cost me 700 dollars. http://www.rarewoodsusa.com/
  9. Hey Group, I saw this guy at a TED Talk a few weeks ago and was blown away. He builds his miniatures using miniature tools based on those that actually crafted these pieces 100-200 years ago. Every object at this small scale works as designed.... http://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/Robertson.htm