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  1. I bought mine - WoodRiver - for 169.00 from Woodcraft - I use it all of the time. Just make sure to get the finest sleeves available - most of them will fit any of the machines mentioned in this thread.
  2. Hey Group, Ive got my Jim Saw up and running as I wind down my Confederacy and gear up for my next up build. What an incredible piece of hardware - more than capable of ripping boards up to 3/8 thick which should be the limit I will need for the 74 in 1/48th scale after I get the material milled down professionally. For my Confederacy build I used a Preac exclusively and milled strips/sheets from Hobby Mill which were at most 3/16th thick. I need to order new blades for both saws and am wondering if I should order any new ones for the Preac ? The Jim Saw with fine cutting blades seems to be able to handle most of the uses of the Preac. Just wondering if anyone out there uses both machines and what might be specific uses for Preac at this larger scale - maybe for very fine cuts using thin kerf blades for thin stock ? Or making gratings ? Any ideas here are appreciated. Chris
  3. I recently purchased my Swiss Pear from Bob Putnam at this website - I am very happy with his service, pricing and the product !
  4. You are right ! I do have the carbide blade that came with the Jim Saw and it cuts 3/4 like butter! For my 74 build - the largest dimension in the plans is 3/8 thick @ 1/48 scale - which is what I was referring to not the saws capabilities. Thanks for the heads up on Thurston - talk about quick turn around - I ordered the blades Tues and they arrived Friday
  5. Yup - you're right Greg. New blades from Thurston arrived - adjusted the fence - the Preac cuts like a champ again. I am glad I'm keeping it. Now just need to plan for my next purchases - a Lathe and possibly a Mill (I want to see if I can get by as long as possible without that one....)
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone - I went ahead and ordered a couple of blades from Thurston for the Preac along with some for my Jim Saw. With some new blades and a fence adjustment - Im sure it may come in handy. I've owned it since 2003 and it has served me well.
  7. Hey Group, I have contractors finishing my shop next week - its approximately 24 feet long by 9 feet wide. I've attached a pic - they will be installing a drop ceiling as well as lighting. I intend on installing a work bench on the wall below the window - and thats where I will place my Jim Saw, Jim Thickness Sander, Scroll Saw and Spindle Sander. What sort of dust collection system will I need ? Rusty has given me some ideas. Any recos on workbenches for this space as well are appreciated. My next project will be a fully framed build - and I do intend on buying dimensioned timber from Jason at Crown. Im still going to need to thickness sand. I talked to a sales person at Rockler today and he was selling me on a freestanding JET 1 Horsepower system - it seems like overkill. I do need to install some sort of system to hook to my tools for dust extraction - just not sure which one. I was also considering the JET Air Filtration system hung from the ceiling. Any ideas ? I've never set up a proper shop until now. On the left hand side of the space will be my main workstation (new table will be moved down from my office and the one in the pic is getting trashed) and Ill place my Jim Sander and Preac there that don't throw out as much dust that get heavy use. I can just use my shop vac there to clean up. Thanks for any input, Chris
  8. This seriously sucks Chuck - sorry to hear the one of the "good guys" advancing the craft is getting ripped off.
  9. Hey Dave, I think thats what I have in my workshop - it was already here when we bought the house - its gray concrete slab with an epoxy coating on the floor - its semi gloss and moving my tools are easy (most tools have stands or are on tables with rollers). So far its been easy to clean and parts show up easily.
  10. Thanks for the feedback and compliments everyone. I have to say the luxury of a workshop makes all the difference - needless to say I'm really enjoying it - and look forward to the numerous additions I will be making in the future. As far as a build log - I'm working on finishing the Confederacy - hoping to have some updated pics in the next couple weeks when I finish the headrails.
  11. Hey Bruce, Pick up this book - I purchased it back in 1994 when I was getting into the hobby - and successfully built an AL Harvey, POB as my first ship model. You can find a Harvey on Ebay - very simple hull lines and rig. While not entirely accurate - its an easy fun build to get your feet wet. Mastini references this build along with the Blue Nose in the text of his book.
  12. Thanks for the replies ! As far as my power tool setup on the bench - these tools are simply stored this way - when in operation they will get reconfigured - again they are on a table with coasters - so I will push the bench away from the wall when in use (thickness sander, Byrnes table saw etc). As far as the table saw - just buying a 745 portable Dewalt which will enable me to rip down a board to usuable stock for the Byrnes tools. The planer also will make life much easier than relying on the Byrnes Thickness sander - which is a precision tool. For now - finishing the Confederacy - almost there ! Chris
  13. Gents - here are some progress shots of my workshop - notice 2 out of 3 tables are on rollers for maximum efficiency. Also they are height adjustable. I installed the JET Air Filtration system as well. Next up - on order - 10 inch table saw and 13 inch planer to break down a swiss pear board for my next build.
  14. Hey Group As I'm winding down Confederacy I'm gearing up for my next build. I already own all of Jim Byrnes tools and a spindle sander. On the list is a mill - would love suggestions as to accessories (I understand Sherline may be the way to go), a lathe, and possibly a drill press (but won't mills have that capability?). I'm building in 1/48 or 1/36 scale - thanks !
  15. Thanks for the lively discussion here - a bit of an update - I bought 2 tables from Home Depot for 200 a piece - I like them because they are on wheels/mobile and are height adjustable - perfect for my Jim Brynes tools - since I typically stand while using them. Im buying this desk as my main workstation My dust collection system - again thinking mobile is best - waiting for the holiday sales to purchase these And hung from the ceiling
  16. Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone - here are pics of the shop finished. They installed 4 bars of lights on two panels - the lightening is terrific. Again - Im trashing that desk, and will be bringing one that is height adjustable. Im running another work bench with all of the major dust makers and still deciding on dust retrieval - you given me some great ideas. Rockler sales will be good for equipment thru the end of the year.
  17. Thanks for the feedback everyone - here are some progress photos - should be done by Wednesday (I used left over Benjamin Moore Paint Revere Pewter Paint from our living room rehab). The drop ceiling and lighting will be installed tomorrow. I could have the contractors drill a hole in either wall on the HVAC side or the Water Heater side for hoses to install the dust collection/shop vac system away from the shop behind the doors. Would that make sense ? Also do I need a ceiling mounted unit to clean the air as well ?
  18. Look what showed up last night - these tools are so well crafted and balanced - can't wait to get them sharpened/honed
  19. My wife bought me the Lie Nielsen chisels at 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 for my birthday along with a leather roll to store them ! I'll purchase the Veritas Sharpening System myself - maybe I won't need a mill for a while....
  20. Agree with Doc Blake here - my dyed Pear with Fiebings on Confederacy has looked great for its 7 years - its all top coated with Danish Oil. I cant even comprehend the thought of trying to plank a bluff bowed ship like the Morgan with Ebony....
  21. Hi Group, I've been playing around with my typical finish -3 Coats Pure Tung Oil (first one cut 50 percent by mineral spirits) and I've added Bitumen to the top coat and here are the results - thanks to Dimitry on the Russian forums for giving me this tip to age wood. No simulated caulking added here - just wood sanded to 600 and then finish applied This is the finish I will apply to my next build - La Jacinthe in 1/36th. Ive added some photos to compare this new technique to my usual on Confederacy. Your thoughts as always are appreciated, Chris
  22. Those are the brands I'm looking at Toni - I like Lie Nielsen and Stanleys as the cheaper option since they're both in Imperial - the Two Cherries are nice too
  23. Hey Greg, My Delta does have a tilting table - so one less tool to buy...
  24. Thanks for the advice everyone - after sleeping on it - I may hold off on the mill for now. I think a smarter investment is a high end set of chisels and a sharpening system. I've got my Byrnes Sanders/Table saw, a Preac Saw, a Wood River Spindle Sander and a Delta Scroll Saw. Eventually I will need to buy a lathe
  25. Thanks for the input - actually the difference in price between the Microlux and Sherline is not that significant for me. I'm new to Mills and have never used one. I do notice that many people use them on fully framed builds - and I plan on being active in this hobby for awhile (Im 46). What would really be helpful is to understand which accessories I will need to get started. The first parts I will be building will be the keel and the frames. I will also buy some high quality chisels and a sharpening system which can do the work of a mill by hand. It does seem to me that a mill will offer me more precision. Thanks Chris