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  1. Looks really good - this was a very difficult part of my build so I know what you're feeling here. The only suggestion I would make is to either carve the filagree decorations or use some gesso to thicken them up - in my opinion the photo etch is way too flat and looks awkward compared to the 3D stern carvings and mouldings.
  2. Hey Group, Ive got my Jim Saw up and running as I wind down my Confederacy and gear up for my next up build. What an incredible piece of hardware - more than capable of ripping boards up to 3/8 thick which should be the limit I will need for the 74 in 1/48th scale after I get the material milled down professionally. For my Confederacy build I used a Preac exclusively and milled strips/sheets from Hobby Mill which were at most 3/16th thick. I need to order new blades for both saws and am wondering if I should order any new ones for the Preac ? The Jim Saw with fine cutting blades seems to be able to handle most of the uses of the Preac. Just wondering if anyone out there uses both machines and what might be specific uses for Preac at this larger scale - maybe for very fine cuts using thin kerf blades for thin stock ? Or making gratings ? Any ideas here are appreciated. Chris
  3. I recently purchased my Swiss Pear from Bob Putnam at this website - I am very happy with his service, pricing and the product !
  4. Hey Group, I am very excited to introduce my next project - which has been a life long dream of mine. Confederacy should be wrapped up by the end of March and I was going to wait to announce this one until she is finished. However in the past two days I have come across wood worthy of this project. It is from a tree that was felled by a big storm in 2000 in France. Here is an article that references the event: Whether this wood is actually from the Estate of Versailles can not be confirmed - it is however from this region. I have a facility near me that will be assisting me - milling it to spec for my build. I've attached some photos of the flitch as is before shipping. You can see he ran a planer across the boards to show the beauty underneath. I am very flattered to be assisted by an esteemed modeler who I have long admired - you can probably guess his name - he's building this same ship for a fourth time in a much larger scale...
  5. Thanks for the comments and encouragement - to answer your question re the color - this flitch feels a lot lighter than the Swiss Pear I bought for Confederacy from Jeff Hayes. But Jeff's wood has been in my shop for years now - so it could have darkened. I've attached a photo for comparison
  6. You are right ! I do have the carbide blade that came with the Jim Saw and it cuts 3/4 like butter! For my 74 build - the largest dimension in the plans is 3/8 thick @ 1/48 scale - which is what I was referring to not the saws capabilities. Thanks for the heads up on Thurston - talk about quick turn around - I ordered the blades Tues and they arrived Friday
  7. Hi Gang, After a hiatus due to my wife and I having twins, she's dusted off and I'm hoping to recommence this build. I've attached some not so great photos from my iphone - the idea here is just to get a log started and motivate me to get back in the shipyard - for at least a few hours per week. This build was started back in November of 2009 using Chucks plans that later were used in the Model Expo kit. The woods used were swiss pear from Hobby Mill for almost exclusively with the exception of boxwood for the decks and a little bit of ebony for the false keel and checkerboard flooring in the great cabin. Im a big fan of Fiebings dyed swiss pear and used this method for all black areas with the exceptions I just mentioned. I used three finishes, pure tung oil for the hull, Watcos Danish Oil for the deck fittings and beams, and diluted sanding sealer for the deck. My goal is to at least get the 6 lb guns rigged and installed along with the ships wheel hopefully by the end of the month so i can begin the headrails this summer if the twins cooperate.... Thats it for now - by the way the photo posts looks a bit different than the old Modelship World - any tips on the best size to upload so they look more standard/fill the screen ? Chris
  8. Thanks man ! No sawdust will fly until I finish Chuck's Confederacy. If you would have asked me 7 years ago that I would source my own flitch, mill it and prepare for a fully framed 74 build - I would have laughed. Chuck's Confederacy gave me the confidence to fully embrace scratch building - and I can't wait to display his designed Confederacy completed.
  9. Back from the "butcher" - Jody was unbelievably good milling the wood and saved me a lot of trouble and sawdust. Here are the results 78 blanks - 25 inches long by 1 and 3/4 wide by 1/4 thick (he left on and extra 1/64 on each side for final finishing for all of the frames. I also have 6 boards of the same dimension but 3/8 thick for the keel and its associated parts. Based on my estimates it should be enough to fully frame a 74 in 1/48 but who knows ? I have two boards remaining on sticks for mistakes - another 12.5 board foot to be exact. All in I spent 550 for wood including shipping (100lbs of wood from my dealer in Maine), 80 dollars to mill with tip - and maybe a story re Versailles if my wood dealer is to be believed. Regardless this is beautiful wood - I hope to do her justice/respect with this build...
  10. Yup - you're right Greg. New blades from Thurston arrived - adjusted the fence - the Preac cuts like a champ again. I am glad I'm keeping it. Now just need to plan for my next purchases - a Lathe and possibly a Mill (I want to see if I can get by as long as possible without that one....)
  11. I am going to the "butcher" today with the wood - here is a photo of the lumber in my workshop pre milling. I am reserving the ones on the left for planking and other projects - the ones on the right will be used for framing. Ill post some photos later today.
  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone - I went ahead and ordered a couple of blades from Thurston for the Preac along with some for my Jim Saw. With some new blades and a fence adjustment - Im sure it may come in handy. I've owned it since 2003 and it has served me well.
  13. Thanks for the comments and encouragement everyone ! I should have more photos when the wood arrives next week before and after milling.
  14. It's a Pear Tree from the Versailles region of France. I hope I can do her justice - with my skills who knows ? But at least there are two boards - LOL
  15. Thanks guys - here's the other side - adding the last aft timber on each side tomorrow
  16. Hey Group, I have contractors finishing my shop next week - its approximately 24 feet long by 9 feet wide. I've attached a pic - they will be installing a drop ceiling as well as lighting. I intend on installing a work bench on the wall below the window - and thats where I will place my Jim Saw, Jim Thickness Sander, Scroll Saw and Spindle Sander. What sort of dust collection system will I need ? Rusty has given me some ideas. Any recos on workbenches for this space as well are appreciated. My next project will be a fully framed build - and I do intend on buying dimensioned timber from Jason at Crown. Im still going to need to thickness sand. I talked to a sales person at Rockler today and he was selling me on a freestanding JET 1 Horsepower system - it seems like overkill. I do need to install some sort of system to hook to my tools for dust extraction - just not sure which one. I was also considering the JET Air Filtration system hung from the ceiling. Any ideas ? I've never set up a proper shop until now. On the left hand side of the space will be my main workstation (new table will be moved down from my office and the one in the pic is getting trashed) and Ill place my Jim Sander and Preac there that don't throw out as much dust that get heavy use. I can just use my shop vac there to clean up. Thanks for any input, Chris
  17. Hey Gataen, I own the timbering plans (in 1/72 - I scaled them up to 1/48 in pdf) - I checked in with a builder on the Ancre Site who's building the 74. The booklet in the plan set shows some pictures of his build. He tells me that the plans are very sound - I'm sure you can offer us some feedback once you have received them. I am also curious which 74 you choose to build. Le Centaure resembles Boudriot's 74 in his 74 Gun Ship Treatise but with a Lion Figurehead vs a Greek Warrior. Le Superbe has a figurehead of a shield with the Fleurs de Lys topped wth a Crown. It looks very close to the figurehead of Le Commerce De Marseille - which according to the booklet standardization was taking place in response to a ministerial decree in 1786. The stern is less ornate than Le Centaure. Both are beautiful in my opinion. Chris
  18. Excellent Gaetan - she's sure to be a masterpiece !
  19. Thanks guys - both of your Confederacys look amazing. I've learned a ton during this build and it's given me much pleasure over the past 7 years. I'm just eager to see her mounted on brass pedestals on an ebony stained base.
  20. Hey Group, Bit of an update - Ive been plugging away on the head for the past month - this by far is the most challenging part of this build. Im very happy with my new Dewalt Scroll Saw, Spindle Sander and Byrnes Sander - it made reproducing these parts a snap and believe me I went thru a lot of scraps to get here. I could tinker with this area forever - but I really want to finish up the other side (the head timbers are installed and notched for the middle rail) and proceed with wrapping up this build. Chris
  21. Hey Gaetan, How about a large scale (1/24 or 1/36th) fully rigged version of Boudriot's Renommee ? Chris
  22. What a gorgeous model/work of art - congrats Gaetan !!!
  23. This seriously sucks Chuck - sorry to hear the one of the "good guys" advancing the craft is getting ripped off.
  24. Hey Dave, I think thats what I have in my workshop - it was already here when we bought the house - its gray concrete slab with an epoxy coating on the floor - its semi gloss and moving my tools are easy (most tools have stands or are on tables with rollers). So far its been easy to clean and parts show up easily.
  25. Thanks for the feedback and compliments everyone. I have to say the luxury of a workshop makes all the difference - needless to say I'm really enjoying it - and look forward to the numerous additions I will be making in the future. As far as a build log - I'm working on finishing the Confederacy - hoping to have some updated pics in the next couple weeks when I finish the headrails.