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  1. We will miss you Captain Bob.

  2. What have you received today?

    I was like a kid at Christmas last night...Sherline lathe with milling column and a few other accessories... I can't wait to actually use it to make stuff, hee hee.
  3. Joe, before you pull the trigger with another seller, try calling Kat at Sherline. I just got a 15% "senior" discount on a lathe package with milling column, although I am only 62. It should arrive Wed. next week.
  4. DSCI5490.JPG

    The amount of detail is just fantastic, Nils.
  5. What a great gift. Very nice job on the canoe.
  6. IMG 2086

    That is a very beautiful ship you have made.
  7. CIMG2721

    Great job on this ship. I love the sails
  8. ChrisCraft 3

    Great job on this boat Bob. This kit is on my Christmas list this year.
  9. P1020271

    This is a fantastic model. If I didn't know, I would have thought this was a real ship run aground on the beach.
  10. CIMG3050

    What a lovely model. You must have had mixed emotions while building her.
  11. Bounty Launch by Usedtosail

    This is the Model Expo kit, built with a few modifications and additions.
  12. Triton cross section

    Very nice! That case looks spectacular, too.
  13. IMG 0012

    Beautiful work on the deck and rigging
  14. Beagle - Mamoli

    A kit bashed version of the Beagle, started from the Mamoli kit, based on the Anatomy of the Ship Beagle book. The hull could be much closer to the book, but the rest is as close as I could get it.