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  1. The amount of detail is just fantastic, Nils.
  2. What a great gift. Very nice job on the canoe.
  3. Lower masts rigged (mostly) and topmasts installed.
  4. Not too much yet, since I am deep into the rigging phase of the Connie, but I did use them a bit when I was making the mast tops.
  5. Sigh, I bought the Glardon-Vallorbe fiffler set a few months ago. I'll just have to augment with other files as you describe as I need them.
  6. I hear you Jeremy. Every time he posts my wish list gets longer and my wallet gets thinner.
  7. Eddie, I had to look up what a grab handler was. Now I know it is a tool for making grab handles -Duh! My wife got me for my birthday last month tickets on a Boston Harbor Cruise boat for a harbor cruise when the tall ships will be here next month. I can't wait. I also got some scalpels from China yesterday that look pretty useful.
  8. Search for Used Boat Parts in your area. Here in MA there are a number of sites and a few stores that sell old boat stuff.
  9. I do three things: 1. Set up the good backdrop and take lots of photos. 2. Take dimensions form the model and make the case for it. 3. Clean up the workshop and start the next one...
  10. Happy Birthday! Do you believe another year has gone by. Stay well and have fun my friend.

  11. More clips for rigging the Constitution. I had all the wire clips I had in use or on the bench the other day.
  12. A hour and a half to two hours every night after dinner on weekdays. Two hours Sat and Sun morning, another two hours during the day on weekends that we are home.
  13. The Model Shipways Constitution comes with dummy guns (just barrels) for the gun deck. You can buy a separate kit that is all the guns for the gun deck, but then you have to build the gun deck to hold them. I went half way and added a partial gun deck.
  14. Get well soon Michael. You will probably use this down time to think up even more cool tools to make.
  15. Excellent advise Frankie. I use that technique for all my seizings and it works great. Once I learned to do it properly rigging became a whole lot easier. One tip for you Mike, pull everything tight with the end marked a before you pull b. Otherwise you might get loops that form in the middle.