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  1. I found the clasp to my wife's ankle bracelet last week using the foot method. Worked like a charm...
  2. Thanks guys. The ship will be finished, don't worry about that. I have already started preparing the spot it will be displayed in.
  3. Great tip, Dave. It also keeps the template from slipping out of position, I'll bet.
  4. An "update" of sorts. The Connie model is still in its crate in the storage room, but with only 4 more weeks of the rental season I have been starting to put the workshop together in my head. Right after Labor Day I will get going on that. I am currently sitting outside looking at the lake having coffee, reading all your great build logs and jonesing to get back to work on mine.
  5. Been there, done that, glad I did...
  6. Absolutely beautiful, Albert. And that base just sets it off so nicely. Well done.
  7. Dave, you will be surprised how fast those ratlines go when you get into a groove. I did all lower masts at the same time because I found that it was harder for me to come back to them rather then just do them all at the same time. Either way works though, so see what works best for you.
  8. Really nice job, Fernando. Can't wait to see it with the sails.
  9. Thanks so much Dave. I stopped using the instructions long ago, and I was also spoiled by Chuck's. The rigging is a bit complicated and a few anchor points are not clear on the plans, but after I stared at them for a long time I was able to figure out where they should go. Good luck and I am still around to ask questions. I moved the crate with my Constitution to the storage unit yesterday. I am not sure how well it survived the move, but I won't know until Sept. when I can move it to our new location. Hopefully any damage will be minor and fixable.
  10. The above Constitution model is in the 1812 era.
  11. Jim, the hull looks great. I look forward to following your progress, especially to see the differences between the Blue Jacket and MS models.
  12. Thanks Dave. It is really a semi-retirement, as I may be doing some part time work for my current employer after the summer. We shall see. I think the next model will be the Dumas Cris Craft. I have been wanting to build it for some time, and there is no rigging to deal with.
  13. Hi all. Just an update on the state of the move of my completed four models - one went to my daughter's condo, one to my son's apartment, and two to our NH home. My daughter's (Sultana) fit into the back seat of the truck no problem in the case, so that move went well. My son's (Beagle) was a different story. The case was too big to fit into the back seat, so I took the top off and took the model out. I placed the model on the front seat with some padding around it and it made it to his apartment with no problem. Luckily it was only about 10 miles away. The other two (Santisima Trinidad Cross Section and Dapper Tom) both fit in the back seat at the same time, so I only had to make one trip. We have a signed Purchase and Sale on our house, so we should close at the beginning of July. Only this week and next of work until I retire.

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