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  1. usedtosail

    Wooden yard question

    Those parrels are tiny compared to the yards. I have to start using smaller beads.
  2. Thanks Steve. I really enjoyed documenting the build with this log, as it made me really think critically about what I was doing. I think the model came out better because of that, as well as the great advice I received along the way. A couple of final pictures for now. This is the dust cover I made from corrugated cardboard poster boards. That front cover can be opened as it is hinged at the top so I still have access to the model if I need to take measurements or show it off (ha ha). The ship will stay in here until the actual case is made in the Spring. In the mean time I am in the process of designing the case and will start a new model soon - the Panart Santa Lucia Sicilian barge. I'll start a build log for that shortly.
  3. usedtosail

    Wooden yard question

    When I made those fittings for the yards that Henry shows I used strips of basswood that I filed the shapes into, then cut them to length and just glued them to the yards with some spots of medium CA in between areas of wood glue. Some final filing after the glue dried and they were fine.
  4. usedtosail

    DSC_0022 (2).jpg

    Thank you very much.
  5. usedtosail

    DSC_0032 (2).jpg

    Thank you; The scale is 1:76.
  6. Thanks again. I have taken some better pictures and put them in the gallery. Here is one of them.
  7. Model Shipways kit with some modifications, like a partial gun deck and lower bulwarks, depicting the ship in the 1812 era.
  8. Thank you very much Chris, Michael, Steve, Fright, Geoff, Popeye, Henry, Captain Steve, Rob, Jay, Maturin, Kenneth, Tom, KMart, and Bill, and those who hit the like button. I really appreciate the comments. I have not had time yet to take good pictures but I am hoping to be able to do that this week.
  9. Get used to doing everything with tweezers soon. Get yourself some long ones to reach through the rigging once you start on the running rigging. Your shrouds look great.
  10. I am glad that worked for you Lou. I love that sign too but can't show it to my wife, ha ha. The arches look great.
  11. After nearly 5 years, my Constitution model is completed. I will have some better pictures in the gallery sometime soon.
  12. After nearly 5 years and many hours in the workshop, my Constitution is completed. In the course of building her I lost my brother and my father, so this build has been dedicated to them. I hope they were following along wherever they are. I really had fun building this kit and for $300 or so that I spent on it I sure got my money's worth. I am going to leave this build log open, as I plan to take some glamor shots of the model soon, as well as build a case for it when the weather warms up again next year. In the mean time I will build a poster board cover to keep the dust off it. Here are some quick shots I took of the completed model. I really appreciate those of you who have been following this build, especially the comments and advice. I could not have built this without the logs of those who came before me or started after me and finished before me (yes, I'm talking to you Ken). I hope this build log will be helpful for current and future builders of this great kit. Thank you all.
  13. Thanks Popeye. I really enjoyed the rigging as there was so much to do, but it was very satisfying. Overall I am very happy with how she came out. The davits are all rigged and the anchors are all attached, so the last step was to make and install the flags. I am putting a large US flag from 1812 on the flag halyard on the mizzen gaff, and a blue commodore's pennant on the main mast flag halyard. I made these using white tissue wrapping paper (the kind inside present boxes) which I printed on using an ink jet printer. This is the method that Chuck uses and it works really well. After shaping them I tied them to the halyards. You can also see that I finally took the model out of the ugly but effective working stand and put it on the display stand I made a few years ago, I think. It has been stored in a plastic bag to keep the dust off it.
  14. Thanks Captain and Jon and the likes. It will be 5 years in January that I have been working on this model and I am ready to complete it and move on to a new one. It is a good thing that there are others like you Jon that are continuing to build this great model. There will always be new challenges or new ways to solve old ones. Captain I just found your barge log and will be following along with it. I was able to re-strop both boom topping lift lines and the sheet block on the boom, so no need to replace any of those lines. I do have to replace the spanker outhaul since it ended up underneath the topping lift loops around the boom. I glued the metal brackets on the starboard quarter davits and it looks like they are holding well just being glued on. The rest of the rigging on the davits hold them pretty well so they don't move hardly at all. I just have to not knock into them as I finish things up.

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