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  1. G'day Sjors, just catching up on you Sots, she is looking great, nice close up pics, she looks huge, you must have a Mansion to keep all these models in, enjoy my friend, give my regards to Anja, best regards John.
  2. Bitter Feud
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  4. I have painted and attached the sampson posts, I then decided to make the davits. I actually had to buy some brass rod to make these items, the first one bent to shape, I used the same technique that I used for bending the towing rails. I decided to drill a hole through the capping rail and down through the deck, to take a brass tube that would hold the davit. The tube in place and painted holding the davit. I drilled a 1mm hole through the top of the davit and soldered an eye bolt that will hold the tackle blocks, also Ca glued a small piece of tube to the davit to hold it at the required height. then I drilled a 2mm hole through the davit to hold the cleat, I bent a piece of 1mm brass wire in half and soldered it in place, then bent the wires to form the cleat. the two davits finished, just need painting and to have the tackle attached. The two davits in place, though only one will be placed here and the other on the after end.
  5. Thanks guys for all the comments and likes, best regards John.
  6. Then I made the Sampson posts. I just turned them out of wood and drilled the tops for the bar to go through. with the bars fitted. testing for fit. all the posts in place and measuring for the support brackets that will hold them in place. the bow posts being test fitted. close up of the bow post. close up pic. the stern post. Had the crew figures turn up today, they will need a little bit of tweaking. The guy sitting down comes with his two arms off and you can position them. They come in various poses and I will manipulate the arms to different positions.
  7. Finishing off the after structure. Have made and attached the sliding hatches, also attached the resin hatch covers. After painting. Next up were the tow rope rails, I had some BBQ Skewers in my scrap box and decided to use them for the rails. view of the rails from aft. I cut a piece of wood to the shape of the rails and used it to bend the BBQ Skewers to the shape I needed, I found it easier to hold the skewer and wood in the vice while bending them. The results of the first bending. The first two rails in place. The plan shows the rails going down and attached to the deck, this would be a problem when I needed to remove the structure to access the motors, so I used some alluminium tube to go across through the whole width of the cabin, I had drilled holes through the rails at two different heights, I cut the tube to fit snugly between the rails and then CA glued a dress makers pin through the hole and into the tube. All the rails in place, in this pic you can see what I meant about the pins going into the tubing, when finishing it was amazing how strong everything was.
  8. Next up were the bulwark support stanchions. The forward stanchions in place. These curtain clips are what I used for the stanchions, just the right length and diameter. I cut a small block of wood to use as a spacer. I drilled through the rail and the deck, then CA glued them in place. Looking aft along the deck. Overall view of the deck.
  9. Finally getting round to catching up on things. These are some resin castings I bought off ebay, I just wanted the doors without the surround so I trimmed them back. I will attach them later on. I needed some hawse rings, I had a spare one so I pressed it in some plasticene a few times to make some moulds. Then I filled the holes with some fine car bog filler. This is what they looked like when I pulled them from the mould, a bit rough. and this is after a clean up. Shows the part sitting on the plan, this car bog filler is ideal for parts that do not have any stress.
  10. G'day Mark, just been catching up on your build, I see you have are challenging yourself, and making her a better ship, you gotta do what makes you happy, and I think you should be happy with the way your going, she gonna be a lovely Lady, talking of Ladies, give my regards to your good Lady, I hope she is better at the moment, best regards John.
  11. Coming along nicely Mr Seinfeld, they say, slowly slowly catch the monkey, come to think of it, I'm not going too fast myself, enjoy, best regards John.
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